LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The divorce rate is soaring among people in their 50s — and it’s most often the wife who wants out.

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Since 1990, the divorce rate has doubled to 1 in 4 among couples over 50 years old, who are also referred to as “empty nesters.”

The trend is being called “Grey Divorce” and is outlined in a study published by Bowling Green State University.

Century City Family Divorce Attorney Marlo Von Oorschot wrote a book on the subject.

“People look at their marriages and say I could live’ til I’m 90 years old and do I wanna stay in this marriage?”

*In addition to longevity, women are sometimes more financially independent than before, there’s less social pressure to stay married and more focus on individual happiness.

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A national survey conducted by AARP finds the majority of  split ups are being initiated by women.

“Women in their 40s, 50s, 6o’s still feel very youthful and, if you’re in a marriage where your needs aren’t being met,…we have choices today,” Von Oorschot said.

That may be why dating websites catering to that generation are growing in popularity.

But Von Oorschot said while divorce is a difficult decision — at any age — it can come with more risks at a later age.

“The plans this couple had for 20, 30 years to retire at a certain age are derailed,” the attorney said.

Older couples undergoing divorce may be forced to have to start working again and losing health benefits.

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But some believe that when a person is no longer in sync with their partner it can be much more rewarding to tend to their own needs.