SAN DIEGO (CBS) — An investigation is under way following allegations that two Border Patrol agents engaged in a sex act in public and attacked a woman who asked the pair to stop.

The incident occurred at a Cirque du Soleil show in Del Mar on May 27.

According to San Diego sheriff’s investigators, the pair was identified as Border Patrol agents Kallie Helwig and Gerald Torello, Jr.

Witnesses allege Helwig performed oral sex on Torello as they watched the show in the audience. One witness says she asked the couple to stop and claims they got very angry.

“While I’m watching her, she’s staring at me and she’s throwing punches in the air. And you can hear the guy saying, ‘You can take her, babe. I got your back,’” the unidentified woman said.

The witness claims the male agent held her while the woman punched her in the face.

Both of the agents were reportedly off-duty at the time. They are on paid leave while Border Patrol investigates.

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