LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow has casually revealed she has a brain tumor, but not to worry – it’s benign.

Crow, a breast cancer survivor, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she was worried about her memory, so she got an MRI, which revealed the benign tumor.

The diagnosis is actually quite common. It’s called meningioma and accounts for about a third of all brain tumors. Many experience no symptoms and go undiagnosed their entire lives.

Neurosurgeon Mark Schwartz, from St. Vincent Medical Center and The House Clinic, says this type of brain tumor grows slowly and more are being found because more MRI’s are being done.

Some of them require treatment and some don’t.

A spokeswoman for the singer says the admission was a random mention and was not meant to alarm anyone.

There’s no word on whether Crow will have surgery or seek further medical attention for the tumor.


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