LANCASTER (CBS) — Sheriff’s deputies say they caught their robbery and sexual battery suspect by his shoes.

Make that his flip flops.

According to officials, Christopher Prather of Lancaster, entered the apartment of a 21-year-old female on February 11, 2012.

He reportedly stood over her bed until she awoke. She told police Prather whispered “excuse me” to her and when she yelled he groped her before fleeing.

Investigators found a pair of flip flop sandals next to the open sliding glass door to the woman’s patio.

After the victim told police the sandals did not belong to her, they were sent to the LA County Sheriff Department’s Crime Lab and processed for DNA evidence, according to authorities.

Officials say on May 29, results from the DNA test were sent to the Lancaster Sheriff’s station identifying Prather. Within three hours, they apprehended the suspect at an apartment in the 45300 block of Kirkland Avenue, Lancaster. He was taken into custody without incident.

Prather reportedly implicated himself.

He also told police he saw the woman earlier that day, followed her home and left his sandals outside the door so he wouldn’t be heard walking around the apartment.

Prather was formally charged with burglary and sexual battery. Prather is being held in custody at the Los Angeles county jail on a bail of $170,000.

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