LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The LAPD wants to listen to audio recordings conducted with Manson Family member Tex Watson and his attorney to find out if there were other murders carried out by the Manson family back in the late 1960s.

Convicted serial killer and former Manson family member Charles Tex Watson, who is serving a life sentence, talked for about eight hours with an attorney and now the LAPD has written a letter, asking that homicide detectives be able to listen to the conversation with the attorney who died in 2009.

A bankruptcy court hearing is scheduled for next week in Texas, to determine of the audio will be turned over to the LAPD.

In jailhouse interviews, the now 66-year-old Watson has said he was so high on speed, he hardly remembered killing seven people in the Tate and La Bianca murders.

There have been rumors for years that claimed there were additional murders. LAPD commander Andrew Smith says it’s not very likely much will come of this.

“Our detectives want to be as thorough as we possibly can,” Smith said to KNX 1070’s John Brooks.


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