GLENDORA (CBS) — Police on Thursday asked the public for help in identifying a man who impersonated a Glendora police officer in what they call a “highly unusual” case.

On May 11 at around 11:00 p.m., the suspect pulled over a male victim on the Sunflower off-ramp of the 210 freeway, according to Lt. Brian Summers of the Glendora Police Department.

He reportedly flashed his high beams, activated a white strobe light and lightly bumped the victim’s vehicle from behind in a cream-colored newer-model Ford Edge with tinted windows, chrome rims, and paper plates.

Once the victim had pulled over, the suspect approached the vehicle, flashed a shield-type badge and asked the victim to provide his driver’s license.

When the suspect discovered the victim had been drinking, he offered to cut him “a break” and drive him to his sister’s residence in Glendora, where he made contact with the victim’s sister and her husband.

He reportedly told the couple “this never happened”, released the victim and left the location.

Five days later on May 16, the suspect returned to the residence and told the woman he was there to “check on how things were going”.

When the victim’s sister turned to tend to her children, the suspect entered her home through the front door, and at one point he touched her arm and leg in an “uncomfortable” manner, according to Summers.

The suspect then began to question her about what her husband did for a living, but when she stated that her husband would be home soon, the suspect immediately left the location.

The suspect is described as a male white, approximately 40 years of age, 6’01” tall, 250 lbs., blue eyes, with gray spiked hair. He was unshaven on May 11, but he was clean-shaven on May 16. His badge described as a shield-type badge with a leather backing with blue lettering across the top and a black stripe going horizontally across.

He also reportedly had a black semi-automatic pistol in a flat black holster on his right hip.

Police warned residents that if they are pulled over by someone whom they cannot positively identify as a police officer, they should wait until they are in a well-lit area to pull over and then immediately dial 911.

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