LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If you feel like it’s impossible to get away from work, you’re not alone.

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But an intriguing experiment – the brainchild of Harvard Professor Leslie Perlow and author of the book, “Sleeping with Your Smartphone” – found that it may be possible to work less and get more done at the office.

The experiment: to have employees take one night off and completely un-plug from their smartphones and email.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) agreed to participate to see what would happen if its workers took one night off.

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A small team of employees were the test subject. They would cover for each other to make sure every member of the team got one night a week off.

A survey found the work to be more collaborative, efficient and effective. Job satisfaction also started to soar.

“The amazing result here is pay attention to people’s personal lives and you will get these tremendous work benefits,” said Perlow.

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BCG has an office in downtown Los Angeles and employees there also took part in the experiment.