LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Will Smith, promoting “Men In Black III” in Moscow, smacked a frisky male reporter who he believed tried to kiss him on the lips.

The Ukranian reporter allegedly asked Smith if he could hug him, and Smith said yes. The reporter than plants a few kisses on Smith’s left and right cheeks.

Smith believed the reporter was going for his lips.

Smith breaks from the hug, pushes the reporter off and then smacked him in the face with his hand.

Video of the incident was first posted on celebrity website TMZ.com.

“Come on, man. What the hell’s your problem, buddy,” Smith says before giving the reporter a backhand slap to the face.

After walking down the red carpet, Smith says, “He tried to kiss me on my mouth. Joker’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him. Oh sorry. I said that on camera.”

TMZ.com said the reporter is known for kissing celebrities. “It’s his schtick,” they reported.