With the temperatures rising higher in our already warm climes, there’s nothing like a little sprucing up around the house to welcome in the new season. A pretty flower here, a clean and shiny window there–any and all improvements will make you want to spend more time at home during the summer in the City of Angels.

Rug Burn

Throw rugs make for nice and cozy Southland floors in winter months, but these removable floor coverings can often seem too heavy come summer. Consider taking yours up to leave the floor bare, making the hard wood, cement, or tile underneath more inviting. No doubt your pet will be happier, too, given this newfound way to cool off. While you’re waiting for temperatures to rise, take this opportunity to have your rugs cleaned.

Blooming Crazy

Summertime is great for morning trips downtown to pick out some fresh blooms to brighten up your abode. Indigenous flowers from Southern California will be set at their lowest prices, which means tropicals are great finds. Consider selecting stalks of birds of paradise for a bold statement or go for muted tones to let the look be on the down low.

No Sweat

Nothing says fresh like a well conditioned air-conditioning system. To get yours to operate in the best way possible, consider a tune-up. There are plenty of services that will come out and make sure that your system is doing what it should be doing. If your unit is no longer working, many firms will be happy to give you an estimate for fixing whatever is broken in order to cool off your Southland home. Nobody ever has to see you sweat.

Shining Glory

Windows can get dirty and gritty in the summer when the air is at its worst in The City of Angels. Put cleaning your panes on the schedule several times a week. If you can’t reach what you look out of in your own particular manse, consider buying the right equipment that will have every window in your house sparkling.

Head to Bed

Since temperatures drastically cool down in the evening after hot summer days in Los Angeles, changing linens may not be in order. Transition into summer with a batch of fresh sheets and light coverlets that sing with hues pertinent to the season. A soft green always brings cheer as does stark white.

These L.A. area businesses can you help you get ready for summer.

Around the Clock Air Conditioning Repair and Services
7216 Varna Ave.
North Hollywood, CA
(818) 506-4400

Around the Clock fixes and installs air conditioning units and/or central air to make your system operate at peak performance. These guys have been doing their thing in Los Angeles since 1967, having become the go-to company when it comes to keeping your Southland home cool, or your money back.

Bubbles Dry Cleaners
1600 Vine St.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 461-6050

Arguably the best dry cleaner this side of the Mississippi, Bubbles also offers competitive pricing for making your old throw rugs fresh and new again. Another perk at this Hollywood mainstay: Stains on shoes can even be removed by these magical wizards who seem to make anything look like the item was just purchased yesterday.

Mr. Window Cleaner
5419 Hollywood Blvd., Suite C
Los Angeles
(213) 260-4680

Mr. Window Cleaner can give you a head start by taking on your panes and giving these glass barriers a professional shine. Call for one of this company’s many experts to come out and give you a quote, and if the price sounds right, get those dirty windows cleaner than you ever thought possible.

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