EL SERENO (CBS) — Authorities Tuesday continued their search for a gunman who shot and killed a father of three in El Sereno Sunday night.

Damian Frausto, 41, was in his car with his wife and 5-year-old daughter when he was gunned down after a Mother’s Day celebration.

Homicide detectives say the shooting, which took place as the victim parked his car in the 5200 block of Borland Road, was senseless and unprovoked.

Frausto, who has no criminal record, was likely the victim of road rage.

“The suspect continued on, flipped a U-turn just half way up the street and by that time, the victim and his family were just parking the car. Before you know it, the victim yelled at his wife, ‘Get down! Get down! Get down!’ She looked over; all she saw was a shotgun up against the window, which was closed, and there was two shotgun blasts into the victim’s upper torso,” Detective Joe Rios of the LAPD said.

Police have very few leads, but are searching for a man in a compact black car.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the LAPD.

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