ENCINO (CBS) — The quest for a luscious set of lashes is leaving some women’s eyelids bare.

More women are using eyelash extensions to enhance their eyes and save time doing their makeup but some say there are downfalls.

“My eyelashes were very average eyelashes. They’re not particularly thick, they’re not overly thin,” Tiffany Howard told CBS2 reporter Sibila Vargas.

The Encino resident had heard rave reviews from friends about eyelash extensions and felt she had to try them.

“So they’re taking glue and they’re gluing on individual eyelashes to your own eyelashes,” Howard said.

She said waking up with bold lashes was worth the money.

“I have no makeup and you can see in this photo that my eyes are popping!”

She also loved the time she saved applying mascara.

But, after a few weeks, the glamor grew out.

“I could feel, when I would blink like that, I could feel the glue,” Howard said. “What I didn’t realize was that the good lashes were coming out with the extensions.”

Howard said she was left with gaps on her eyelids that had no eyelashes and it took months for her natural lashes to grow back.

A beauty insider, who chose not to be identified, said she’s witnessed the same thing.

“Eyelash extensions are the latest addiction. I’ve seen many women that have lost their eyelashes and once they stop using them, they have less eyelashes and I don’t see them coming back,” the insider said.

Dr. Wendy Lee, an eye surgeon, said her patients are mentioning this issue more often.

“The most common complaint I hear is that women end up with shorter stubbier lashes, or either no lashes when they take these off,” Lee said.

“It becomes a vicious cycle because they don’t want to stop the lashes — the lash extensions — in order to grow the lashes back,” the doctor said.

“It’s not the end of the world. They’re eyelashes but it was enough to say I will never do this again,” Howard said.

There are beauticians who say they can preserve natural lashes while providing extensions but Howard said, for now, she has just one tip for beautiful eyes: “Find a fabulous mascara and use it every day!”

In California you must be a licensed beautician to apply eyelash extensions. Customers can report a bad experience by filing a complaint through the California Board Of Barbering and Cosmetology here: https://app.dca.ca.gov/barber/complaints.asp

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  1. Mar Bal says:

    I am a Licensed esthetician and certified eyelash artist, let me tell you, your natural lashes falls all the time anyways, you lose between 3 to 5 each day, its a cycle where new lashes are growing again, that you can lose your lashes EARLIER than they supposed to, due to bad lash placement ??? YES it can happen , if you go to a cheap place, you may encounter techs without even licenses to work on you, this process is delicate , is about your eyes, paying very little Money can be an issue, only the best techs knows this job is hard, requires , knowledge and many months of training, so you can go to a tech that is not properly trained and she can put tons of adhesive on you or place very heavy lashes on your thin lashes, sometimes by request of clients, I warned them about applying super long or heavy lashes will make your lash fall earlier …they say ok , but then if you lose your lashes, what happens?? nothing, you wont lose them forever, they will grow later than they supposed to because they had a cycle you interrupted having heavy lashes, way longer lashes or had them done with a no trained technician, if you happen to live around Encino, by the way , I work in Tarzana , I have my studio , check my website 🙂 I invite you to get well informed about this high maintenance procedure,I invite you to try it, some clients ask me if they need them, well I am honest some clients don’t need them at all, is true, but is a beauty trend you can have if you want, to avoid mascara which runs out, to avoid lash lift which wont do much, to avoid to pay falsies that falls in moments that can embarrassed you ..yes lets give lashes a try , BUT with a professional 😉 http://www.beaulashes-skincare.com …Belle lashes in Tarzana

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