LONG BEACH (CBS) — Several people are recovering Sunday night from an attack by two pit bulls in Long Beach.

Police shot and killed one of the dogs.

Rachel Kim, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, talked to Good Samaritans who saved the woman and her dog during the attack.

Brenda Wilburn and her family heard screams Saturday night. They saw a pit bull attacking a woman and her dog.”The lady was beating the dog trying to get the pit bull off her dog. That was when another pit bull came out of the fence and also started attacking her.”

She says her son-in-law jumped into action. “He picked up something to hit the dog. He was able to break the dog loose and then the pit bull attacked him in the face and tore his lips off.”

Wilburn says another Good Samaritan started hitting the dogs with a crowbar.

One dog stayed on the scene and was taken into custody by Animal Control officers. “The one that attacked the lady and my son-in-law took off down the street,” said Wilburn.

Police caught up to the pit bull on Demeta Ford’s porch. First they used a stun gun but it had no effect on the dog. “This is where they killed him, right here.”

She said the dog was already covered in blood from the attacks.

“The officer said, ‘Is this your dog?’ We said no, and he said ‘Back away very slowly. We backed away and then we heard the shots.”

Officers told KCAL9 that they had no choice but to use deadly force.

Wilburn concurs. “If I would’ve had a gun, I would’ve shot it.”

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