LOS ANGELES (CBS) — How safe is your car windshield?

It’s a part of every vehicle that is designed to protect you … from the elements, from a crash.

But an industry expert believes anywhere from 70-85 percent of all car windshields are installed improperly.

And because of improper installations, an accident could cost you your life.

California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair found some windshields with too much glue, not enough glue, set improperly, some that pop out with ease.

Industry standards vary but one man pushed for stricter guidelines — after his sister died in a crash when she went through her windshield — and now those rules are adopted by 10,000 installers across the country.

You can find out if your windshield meets the safety standard by taking it to a certified installer. By finding the installer closest to you, go to SafeWindshields.org.