NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — To many of us athletes are on another level — idolized by millions and well paid to play their games — but like anyone else, they have responsibilities and hassles, like moving.

So when outfielder Bobby Abreu became an Angel, he needed some help and Chris Dingman was the man.

“I own a nation-wide professional athlete real estate, relocation company,” Dingman explained.

Maybe you have never heard of a job like this, but 31-year-old Dingman, owner of Dingman Group, specializes in making the process of moving simple for athletes of all sports, anywhere in the country.

“A lot of times they don’t know when relocation is going to take place. In baseball you could have to be in a different uniform the same day, walk across the field,” he said.

In professional sports, things can change fast and we all know that athlete make a lot of money. They often have a lot of assets and that is exactly where Dingman comes into play – relocating and moving high-profile athletes, often times selling their homes and doing it fast.

Back in 2003 when running back Priest Holmes lit up defenses and set some serious records, it was then offensive lineman Willie Roaf carving the path. Roaf did it so well, it landed him in the hall of fame.

Now Dingman is planning to move Roaf from his sprawling, multi-million dollar inland Orange County estate to a place closer to the beach.

Dingman is working to make sure Roaf can relax with the process, often said to be one of the most stressful in life.

Roaf says what Dingman offers, many in pro sports need.

“A lot would love a guy like Chris because a lot of them just don’t want to deal with this kind of everyday stuff. They’re rather somebody take care of that, so they can just go about their business,” Roaf said.

Dingman has helped more than 350 clients in his seven years in business. He is not alone; he is just carving out his piece of the pie in the athlete-relocation business — a growing business for Dingman group.

Dingman said that it can be a challenging process to do well, and quality is key when handling these types of assets.

“Sometimes you get guys with four cars, you know, just a brand new Porsche, brand new Ferrari, you know and whatever Range Rover. You can have a 10,000 square foot house,” Dingman said.

Big money, big time clients, and a pretty cool business — Dingman said that years ago he did the daily grind and did not like it.

He sat down and found the things he loved the most — sports and real estate. From there he followed his heart. If nothing else, this is a story about doing what you love.

“You’ve got to do some soul searching. You know, if you don’t wake up every day and feel great about who you are and what you do, figure out what that is and go after it,” he said.

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