CARSON (CBS) — The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Monday warned of a possible serial shooter on the loose, following five incidents over the the past eight days involving a shotgun.

Investigators said they have linked the five drive-by shootings that took place in and around Carson to one man.

“We’re trying to figure out just where this individual might be. It all centers right around Carson and the Harbor Freeway right by the 405 Freeway,” said Detective Shawn Young with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s Operation Safe Streets gang unit.

The string of shootings started about two weeks ago in the 21,000 block of Main Street. A woman was walking down the sidewalk when a car pulled up and someone shot her in the arm.

Days later four more shootings followed. The latest was last Thursday when a 21-year-old man was shot on the Harbor Freeway near the Torrance Street exit.

Investigates said that in all shootings a shotgun using a birdshot load — generally used to hunt birds — was used.

“It’s very serious. Birdshot, any firearm for that matter, could kill you. So this is a serious deal that we have going on here,” Young said.

Investigators also said that the shooter has been getting away due to the shock value of the shootings. They said that by the time victims realize they have been hit, the shooter is gone.

“Some people will dismiss the load bang as maybe car problems, a flat tire, or an explosion in the area. So people will drive away and then realize what they’ve been in at that point,” Young said.

In at least one of the incidents, someone got a glimpse of the man believed to be the shooter. Investigators said he was described as a heavy set male Hispanic between 20 and 30 years old. The biggest identifying factor was a tattoo on the back of his head above his neck.

But there is no clear description of the shooter’s car.

Investigators said that everyone, especially people in Carson, should keep a watchful eye.


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