STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Residents at a Studio City condominium complex say their street is dangerous — even more dangerous now that someone keeps painting over a red curb that was used by residents to safely exit their parking structure.

“Problem is that we can’t get out of our complex without actually crossing over the bike line, which is really dangerous. If a bicyclist is coming by we’re in trouble,” said Nancy Brown, who manages the Studio Village complex.

“I thought it was unusual  but never thought of it as anything other than — Oh, an extra place to park,” said resident James Ingram.

Residents say they think the culprit is repainting curbs to create convenient parking. The coverup includes areas around a fire hydrant. Residents and city officials say it’s a safety hazard.

“One of the cars that used to park in that space, about two months ago, was completely demolished, so, yeah, we have seen actual wrecks there,” Brown said.

The area falls into City Councilman Paul Krekorian’s jurisdiction.

“When my office asked the Department of Transportation staff to come out and paint it red the last time it was painted grey within 24 hours, so this is a determined person,” Krekorian said.

The DOT only has one crew covering Los Angeles designated to paint curbs. So far they’ve come to this area three times since January.

Now, the city is calling for backup,. The curb will be repainted and a police officer will monitor the site immediately after.

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