STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Cancer survivor and motivational speaker John Sencio visited KCAL9 Thursday to discuss his new educational technique, “Thryve Water Power”.

“It’s based on the approach I used when I was recovering from chemotherapy & radiation treatment,” says Sencio, who also stars on HGTV’s Cash In The Attic. “It’s a simple, and powerful tool to get people to consume the USDA’s recommended daily allowance of H20 – which barely anyone achieves. The testimonials from our participants have been incredible. And their health has enhanced dramatically. Because young people are some of the most vulnerable victims of our “fast-food “ culture we are giving it away in high schools through our new non-profit initiative The THRYVE Foundation.”

Thryve claims to boost energy, help you lose weight, improve digestion, clear your skin, save money, and more.

For more information, visit Thryve Now.