WESTWOOD (CBS) — Hundreds of students who had been wait-listed for admission to the University of California, Los Angeles, received an email this weekend that congratulated them on being accepted to the school.

The email was to notify both admitted and wait-listed students that their estimated grant aid had been increased. However, the message congratulated both groups on their admission to UCLA, which U.S. World & News Report ranked among the top 25 national universities this year.

The UCLA Financial Aid Office sent a followup email Monday to the 894 students wait-listed that clarified the error. The email made it clear that wait-listed students were still on the wait-list — surely, an awkward situation for students who had already announced to friends and family that they had been accepted to the university.

The Financial Aid Office released a statement Tuesday explaining what happened and indicating they had apologized to the wait-listed students and their families:

“UCLA is aware that this is a particularly anxious time for students and their families and has apologized to students and parents who may have been led to believe they were admitted rather than still on the wait-list.”

UCLA clarified that they will not begin accepting wait-listed students until after May 1 and that they will notify them directly.

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