REDONDO BEACH (CBS) — Residents of Redondo Beach raised concerns during a meeting with Southern California Edison, claiming that a substation in their neighborhood is producing stray voltage and making people ill.

Emotions were heated during the three-hour public forum held by Redondo Beach city leaders.

“I don’t see my daughter, son; I don’t have a house anymore. This is far from fun and games,” a resident said.

“We have a newer house. There are older houses. Everybody has had issues,” a woman added.

“California may be the most integrative standards that there are, but they’re not doing what is right by the people. The only thing that California Edison is concerned about is their butts. That’s it,” another resident said.

Residents in the Knob Hill neighborhood, next to a Southern California Edison substation, which sends out electricity to the city, were armed with questions and concerns directed at representatives from Edison, The Gas Company, and the California Public Utilities Commission.

“There’s people getting sick and there’s people dying,” a woman said at the meeting.

Monday night the residents wanted their voices heard and demanded answers.

They believe that stray voltage from the substation and electromagnetic fields from the power lines, which surround homes, a school and a church, are making families sick. It’s a story that we first reported in February.

Back then we met the Barber family, who shared their medical ailments.

“I have a 14-month-old baby girl, who was just in the hospital last month,” Lori Barber said.

Edison said Monday that it is working with The Gas Company to resolve the issues.

“As you continually upgrade and remodel, the electrical usage in your neighborhoods is going to change, we need to conform accordingly,” the Edison representative said.

While experts we spoke with said there is cause for concerns, Edison said Monday that there was no scientific information that correlates with health issues or safety concerns.

“We need, for the magnetic fields and child leukemia, we need to pay attention to this and we need to do more research,” a man said.

The Knob Hill residents we talked with said that they left the meeting feeling very confused and still very worried. But they said that they would continue to fight and lobby.

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