INGLEWOOD (CBS) — Friends and loved ones are remembering a Southland man who died while shielding his son from gunfire.

Fredrick Martin was honored Friday night at a candlelight vigil — where mourners called Martin a hero.

“He lived as a hero and unfortunately, he died as a hero. He always put other things and other people first,” said Martin’s cousin, Gary Lee.

The 28-year-old father was killed Tuesday when he used his body to shield his 8-year-old son from two gunmen. The vigil was held at the shooting site on 109th Street in Inglewood.

Martin was struck multiple times but his son, Tray, suffered only a minor leg wound. Martin’s best friend, Joseph Hickman, was also wounded in the leg.

“They started shooting and the first thing he did was run for his son and covered him,” Hickman said. “He put his son on the ground and laid on top of him and made sure he was as safe as he possibly could be.”

Hickman described Martin a hardworking college grad and family man who had no gang ties.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Inglewood police.

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  1. David Ferber says:

    Where is the outrage? Where is Jessie and Al? A descent man is murdered protecting his son from thugs and the civil rights crowd is silent. Could it be that there is no money to be had from “black on black” murder?
    Mr Martin is a hero and deserves our respect and admiration for his selfless
    Rest in peace Mr Martin.

    1. randy says:

      Not much money or publicity or ego-stroking for Al and Jesse when men of color are slain while minding their own business or doing something noble. Now, had this poor fellow been attacking police officers, then there’s outrage. Gotta be selective when trying to get a payday or publicity.


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