SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Another protest took place at Santa Monica College Thursday where dozens of students had been pepper sprayed earlier in the week.

This time there were no confrontations with campus police during the demonstration over proposed fee hikes.

“There’s a real buzz around the campus right now. People are upset and the size of the crowds are growing on a daily basis,” said student Donald Gray.

The voices grew louder and the crowd of student protesters grew bigger on the Santa Monica College campus, as they continued to voice concerns over campus police using pepper spray against student protestors Tuesday night.

They also voiced their opposition to the school’s decision to add extra non-subsidized classes without the students’ vote.

“They say that Sacramento is cutting our funding. We see that. But by offering two-tier programs, your absolving the state of providing and funding for education,” said Mikhail Tronilover of the Student Organizing Committee.

“Why are we blaming the board of trustees, who are educators committed to the ideals of education, when we should be blaming politicians, who fail to tax rich people,” said student David Cooper.

Thursday’s rally began on the school’s campus and led to a march along Pico Boulevard to the school’s administration building.

Santa Monica Police kept watch, but there were no reports of any incidents.

The crowd turned heads and attracted attention from local businesses.

Students Organizing Committee members said that their cause was also attracting national support.

“Getting emails and receiving letters and things from everybody around the world,” a student said.

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office said that they were looking into whether charging students more for the popular classes is legal. They have asked Santa Monica College President Chui Tsang to put the proposal on hold.

“We would like for him to not only put a hold, but to rule this program illegal,” Tronilover said.

Student protestors asked school administrators to allow a few students inside to speak with them, but their request was denied.

Students said they planned to continue their efforts after spring break.

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  1. kandles says:

    Can somebody please list examples of courses that students will have to pay premium prices to be enrolled.

    1. JJ says:

      Any Course: Math, History, Accounting, Computer Couses, English… any course. The new students that are coming from high school will be paying higher prices because they have less priority for registration. All the International students that are attending to this school will be paying less money since they are already in the system and they have been given priority registration. This is the part that gets me upset.

  2. Pedro says:

    Illegals aliens don’t have to worry about tuition fee hikes because they get free tuition in college. While these free loaders are enjoying their free tuition, U.S. citizens are being pepper sprayed by the police!

    They should bring that tough sheriff from Arizona to arrest all free loading & crime committing illegal aliens and deport them.

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