ROSEMEAD (CBS) — Residents of a Rosemead neighborhood have cried foul over the smells coming from a poultry business, leading to orders from the city to shut it down.

The business’s owners call it discrimination, but the folks who live nearby claim that the stench is unbearable.

Dana Phu is no spring chicken when it comes to the business of birds. Phu and her husband own Cal Poultry Vikon in Rosemead — their nest egg for more than 20 years.

“This place is our life,” she said. “We have the brown chicken, guinea hens.”

For just as long as it’s been open, William Su has frequented the store to buy fresh chickens with head and feet intact for food and religious purposes.

“We, as the Buddhism or Taoism, we pray with whole chicken,” Su said.

Being the only shop of its kind in West San Gabriel Valley, the Phus sell hundreds of chickens every day, providing, as Su said, “fresh food and very good service” to their customers.

But now the time is ticking — the slaughterhouse could soon go on the chopping block.

“It’s just not my husband and I, but it’s hurting a whole family of people, the people we know and the people we provide a service to,” Phu said.

Two years ago city officials passed an ordinance to shut down the poultry house after complaints from neighbors of foul odors and loose chickens.

“My goodness. You want to eat, you can’t eat. It smells terrible when they kill the chickens,” said neighbor Yolanda Gomez.

Yolanda and Magdaleno Gomez’s feathers have been ruffled for years. They live just behind the poultry shop.

“It smells like sewer,” Magdaleno Gomez said.

The Gomez’s added that their issue is only with the smell.

But Tom Tran, who works across the street, said that he was not bothered by the odor.

“You smell it in the morning, but in the afternoon it’s gone,” Tran said.

As a last resort, the couple is suing the city for religious and cultural discrimination.

“They just pick on us, single us out for last few years,” Phu said.

The city attorney could not be reached for comment at the time of this report.

The Phus said that all they want is a chance address the odor issue and keep their business open. They could be shut down as early as next month.

“If they close us, we really have nowhere else to go… This has been our life and a family’s life as well,” Phu said.

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  1. Stacy says:

    I have driven past this business and it smells horrible 24/7. I could just imagine living near that place. The idiots that say “it doesn’t bother me” only say that because they have already conditioned themselves to the bad smell. And to the owner of this business: THE CITY WARNED YOU VERBALLY AND BY MAIL TO FIX THE ISSUES YOU HAVE AND YOU IGNORED THEIR DEMANDS SO STOP WHINING!

  2. Dr. Remingotn says:

    STOP ALL ANIMAL PRISONS and stop eating cadavers, It is NOT necessary to live off of the dead. All this murdering has got to stop. All red meat shortens your life span.

    1. Ed S. says:

      Yes Dr.Veggie we will do as you say! Go eat some Tofu and stfu!

    2. icecream says:

      vegan moron !

    3. Big_Fat_ Jim says:

      Hey Bofo, you eat what you want, but don’t try to tell me what to eat.

  3. Moving Soon says:

    Not only does it smell horrible but people double park and stop in the middle of traffic just to go there. The city of Rosemead will do nothing because the largest base there is Asian so just go with it and buy some religious Chickens and Eat them!!

  4. T-Rex says:

    I will be BBQ tonight some nice Porter House Steaks for the cause. Is it 5:00 o’clock yet?

  5. JAB says:

    Who was there first? Where the houses built around the slaughter house or was the slaughter house opened after the houses were built? If the slaughter house was first-well, stupid people bought the homes and that’s their problem. If the houses were built first then the slaughter house would be at fault and should comply with the order to clean up their mess, otherwise the home owners should move if they don’t like it.

    1. ginny says:

      JAB, I was wondering the same thing. IF this business has been there for 20 years, wonder who was living around there before that. If the residents came after then I say, too bad, you knew it was there when you chose to move there.

  6. JAB says:

    Hey DR.,

    Chicken isn’t red meat? How did you become a doctor-your not to bright.

  7. icecream says:


  8. Rob says:

    Commercial incense burners may be the answer, if they put out large pots of burning incense, that may stem the odor…

  9. Catherine Turley says:

    everyone is so worried about the smell, but not the poison they actually feed their kids. priorities people.

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