CERRITOS (CBS) — A 7-year-old boy was killed after he was kicked by a horse at a Cerritos stable, officials said.

The accident happened Sunday afternoon at B&B Stables, 10730 Artesia Boulevard.

Edwin Ruiz was kicked in the side by the horse and taken to a local hospital where he later died, the Los Angeles County Corner said.

His death is being investigated as an accident.

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  1. Wally's girl! says:

    Wow, so sad 🙁

    1. cindy says:

      WHY would you let a small child near a horse???

  2. KB says:

    Many children that age not only go NEAR horse but also ride. This is a very sad unfortunate sccident.

    1. cindy says:

      i disagree that it was an ACCIDENT for the simple reason i do not belive there is such a thing as ACCIDENTS. everything happens as a direct result of our action or lack there of. this child got kicked because some ADULT be it his parents or the people at the stable FAILED to tell the kid NOT TO STAND BEHIND THE HORSE which is where i must assume the kid was. i do not blame the horse because he acted by instinct all horses i ever saw DO NOT LIKE SOMEONE COMMING BEHIND THEM UN ANNOUNCED i do not blme the kid because in all likelyhood NO ONE TOLD HIM HOW TO DEAL WITH A HORSE THE RIGHT WAY. i blame an ADULT WHO WAS EITHER NOT WATCHING THE CHILD OR THEMSELFS DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THE ANIMAL and in either of those cases it is not an ACCIDENT it is TERMINAL STUPIDITY. you do not allow a smll child to be that close to a very large animal with out a knowledgeable adult right next to him to keep him safe

      1. jack says:

        You obviously don’t know the meaning of the word accident. Probably didn’t make good grades in school either. And why are you yelling?

      2. cindy says:

        a Accident is something that happens unexpected and is out of your control. In mt view there is no such thing we have control over every aspect of our life. If i choose to drive to fast and run into someone else as a result that is neither unexpected nor is it out of my control. If i choose to take my 7 year old to a place where there is very large animals, who are known not to like it when something or someone comes behind them with out notice and i allow my child to get behind that animal or if i was not there and the person(s) running the stable did not make sure my child did not get behind the animal then it is expected that the animal will kick and it was not out of their control to make sure the child did not get where it clearly was. as for yelling, have you never read a book or anything where the words the author wanted to stress or highlight were larger then the other words??

      3. gramma says:

        Have you even BEEN with an excited 7 year old? My granddaughter is 7 – and we watch her like a hawk. But she is a fast as lightening and darts around playing and having fun. They DO NOT UNDERSTAND danger the same way adults do. You call tell them until you turn blue and they will “get it” when they get older. In all likelihood, not olny the parents but the people at the stable DID TELL HER TO BE CAREFUL aroiund the horses, not to move too quickly and NEVER, NEVER walk (or run) behind a horse. I spent years at stable when I was younger and that was the constant message from everyone – repeated over and over. This is a tragedy for EVERYONE involved, the family, the stable owners/personnel and the horse owner. Terminal stupidity is a problem with people who ASSUME they know what they really don’t know. Look in the mirror, Cindy.

      4. cindy says:

        this is my VERY SIMPLE rule when it comes to my son who has Downs, who is harder to control then the avg child. he is curious about EVERYYYYYYYYYYYTHING. if he sees something new he feels he MUST TOUCH IT lol so ya i get your point about kids being a hand full but back to my RULE. I do not take my son places such as stables for the simple fact i am setting my self up for problems. i feel very simply that no one no matter what age should be around a horse or any thing else that had built in danger like that UNLESS they are fully aware of said danger and FULLY able to understand and follow the rules. my son will never totally understand danger so i have to understand it for him and keep him away from it as much as i can. YAAAA he gets hurt now and again but i can assure you he will never get kicked by a horse that he does not understand because he will never be there in the first place.

  3. AkronDacronNylon says:

    Won’t be going to Stanford, eh?

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