RANCHO PALOS VERDES (CBS) — Dog owners and their pooches have been enjoying a new dog beach in Rancho Palos Verdes but their time may be limited. City hall officials are reportedly thinking about rescinding the pilot program that allowed dogs to roam off-leash at that stretch of coastline.

“Then where do we go? That’s what I got to say,” said Duke Vandenberg, one of many dog owners who are upset by the news. “We can’t really go any place close and let our dogs run, so it’d be a real loss to lose this.”

Peter Von Hagen is one of many nearby residents who have complained. He lives across the street from Trump National Golf Course, which sits above the dog beach.

“The dogs don’t have to go to the beach. Mine never did. I never took my dogs to the beach. I don’t think it’s a necessity. There are plenty of places to exercise your dogs,” Von Hagen said.

Opponents cite dog feces, environmental impact and the danger dogs present to the small children who frequent the tide pools at the beach.

They also are concerned about parking. There is currently one small public parking lot for the area and residents say that’s not enough now that more people are frequenting the beach.

In an email, Trump National Golf Course said that, since the council approved the dog program last month, they’ve lost business and they’ve had dogs interrupt their $275 golf games.

The city council plans to meet next week to discuss the program.

Comments (19)
  1. .Mel Gibsin says:

    The best thin to do would be to have a path for the Dogs that leads to a Hidden Cliff with their owners following them.

    I Love Gold and We don’t need Wild Dogs interrupting our Game

  2. .Mel Gibsin says:

    The best thing to do would be to have a path for the Dogs that leads to a Hidden Cliff with their owners following them.
    I Love Golf and We don’t need Wild Dogs interrupting our Game

  3. Timothy McGarry says:

    I poop on your 275 dollar golf game. Bet you have to cheat just to lose big, huh?

  4. John says:

    These people are complaining of friggin’ golf?!?!??
    Dogs have more common sense, compassion and love than humans..

    1. Hogarth says:

      Dogs eat poo, last time I checked.

  5. B.S. Wood says:

    As a dog owner myself, I see no reason for a so-called dog beach. Over many
    years, I have observed that the majority of dog owners are irresponsible and
    expect others to tolerate their untrained animals. If you cannot spend time with
    your dog, why do you even have one? It is NOT acceptable for your dog to
    bark incessantly every time a leaf blows by. Dogs are easily trained, but the
    owners, unfortunately are not so easily trained. And NO, your dog does NOT
    belong in a grocery store, coffee shop or deli. THAT is the law, no matter
    what you think.

  6. steve says:

    “The dogs don’t have to go to the beach. Mine never did. I never took my dogs to the beach.” and that is why your dog hates you, you never took him to the beach.
    @mel really “wild dogs” ruining your game. or do you really suck at golf.
    i’ve been there many times and the dogs behave betting than the golfer.
    let the dogs play.

  7. Alan Hart says:

    I must be mistaken. I thought dog owners paid taxes and had equal rights.

    1. Hogarth says:

      I can’t run around defecating on the beach, but somehow you, as a dog owner, have to be allowed to foul the beach with your animal. You’re asking for special rights, not equal rights.

      1. Zena says:

        For all those ridiculous comments about poop – first of all if you even bothered to go down there we have been not only picking up our dog’s poop but all the trash left behind by all these other so called LOVERS of the beach. You talk about dogs pooping but yet there are plenty of children peeing and pooping in the water…quite sure seals and other mammals so as well. At least our dogs are pooping where we can pick it up.
        I bet many of you have never even been there let alone can you even hike up that hill. You just are all miserable and have to complain about something. Once the dogs are gone, it will be the Mexican fishermen, then children…then what else?

        Oh and HOGarth – we aren’t looking for special rights, but equal rights by sharing the beach on alternate days….and by paying permits to help the City make money and maintain this beautiful beach for all to enjoy….YES we pay taxes too.

        Mel Gibsin – just judging by the name you picked you probably are a loser and I doubt you’ve ever played a game of golf there in your life.

  8. Wolf says:

    Golfers are almost as good athletes as poker players and competitive hot dog eaters.
    There are some people that just hate dogs. Period. Me, I hate golfers.

  9. mmegowan says:

    My wife Maureen and I have been leading an effort for 4 years to get a dog park constructed on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The neighbor who says that there are plenty of places for dogs to go with their owners to exercise is just ignorant of the reality that there is no place on the Palos Verdes peninsula for dog owners to run their dogs off leash legally.

    For the most part, our efforts to get a dog park built has fallen on the deaf ears of the RPV City Council Plans for two new parks in the city to be developed ( Grand View park and lower Hesse park ) both had dog parks included but the “not in my backyard” neighbors had those dog park components eliminated. The City Council then promised to survey other locations to build one or more dog parks.

    They hired consultants who had presented location guidelines that were to be presented and reviewed by the City Council two months ago but which review was tabled by the City Council when the dog beach issue was raised. My understanding is that the new City Council will now review those guidelines at their March 1st meeting.

    Hopefully, now the City Council recognizes the strong need for a dog park and the huge demand for a dog park by dog owners on the Peninsula. The time is now to build a park where owners and their dogs can socialize and exercise.

  10. BS says:

    The SoBay dream…a) graduate PVHS, MCHS, RUHS, etc, b) UC/CSU/BA/BS/MBA ,c) Mr/Mrs, d) house (with small/no yard), e) dog, f) dog beach. These are appreciative dog owners, albeit the random non-compliant that ruins it for everyone! C’mon, keep it simple, keep it special and keep it clean

  11. Buddy says:

    I respect the residence of RPV and admit that their complaints are true to an extent BUT extremely over exaggerated. Wild aggressive dogs running around attacking people? Come on now! Where are the police reports? Feces every where? Really, didnt notice that the times I been there. It’s alot cleaner than other beaches. Hundreds of dogs? Dog stock? Where the hell did they find parking! Only a handful of dogs from all the times I visited with no problem getting a parking space. Since theres no restrooms, ppl tend not to stay long. Look at the videos online and tell me how many dogs you counted. Envorimental hazard? Test and results have not even been conducted yet they concluded as so. Wonder how other dog beaches pass. Dogs do not normally pee/poo in the waters but fishes in the other hand dont really have a choice. City resources and budget? I believe dog owners would be more then happy to make donations that would more than cover the expensives. This was never considered since they wouldn’t have an excuse! The reason why this is on the news is because ppl want a dog beach here.

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