LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Students gathered on the USC campus, lighting candles and donning hoodies, in honor of Trayvon Martin, while across town the brother of the man who shot and killed the Florida teen spoke publicly for the first time Thursday night.

Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of George Zimmerman, came to Los Angeles to give his brother a voice.

The younger Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, has been in hiding since the shooting death of of Trayvon Martin, 17, in late February.

Zimmerman told host Piers Morgan that his brother acted in self-defense.

“Well he stopped someone from disarming him and shooting him. He didn’t pull out a gun and shoot him. George showed tremendous restraint,” Zimmerman said.

Robert Zimmerman said that his brother had lost track of Martin after calling 911 that night and that it was Martin, who confronted his brother, taking him by surprise.

“What did George tell you he said,” Morgan asked Zimmerman?

“One of those things, you know, ‘do you have a problem with me, following me. Why are you following me?’ Something like that. My brother drew back to grab his phone in retreat to call again 911 and say, ‘well now this person, who I lost sight of and was not pursuing has now confronted me,’” Zimmerman replied.

That part of the story is in question following the release of a video tape showing Zimmerman arriving at the police station about a half hour after the shooting. In the video it does not appear that Zimmerman was injured.

However, police reports say that Zimmerman did receive some medical attention at the scene.

The funeral director, who received Martin’s body, said that he did not find any obvious signs of trauma on his body, beyond the gunshot wound.

“George was out of breath. He was barely conscious. His last thing he remembers doing was moving his head from the concrete to the grass,” Robert Zimmerman said.

He went on to say that his brother is not a racist, despite what appears to be a racial slur heard on the 911 tape.

Zimmerman also said that his family had been receiving death threats for weeks, demanding that his brother be arrested.

“But as far as George goes, he’s the neighbor that everybody would want to have,” Zimmerman said.

While the investigation developed, the case continued to be a topic of discussion across the nation.

Students gathered Thursday night at USC for a vigil and hopes of a better understanding of what happened.


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Comments (35)
  1. hermon says:

    This whole story further alienate the Rev Wright & Omaba and unites Hispanic and White, we now have a common emeny, Black supremist!

    1. Chagrined says:

      Many brave people, including African American, excluding Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Irish/Italian Catholics, fought, sacrificed and died for our Democracy. Any insidious ingrate who has a problem with African Americans should get out to their country. Bon Voyage.

      Rev. Wright is in his country, in his church, using his cherished First Amendment freedoms for which his people sacrificed so much! Rev. Wright served this country as a Marine.

      I am a white, tenth-generation American who’s (4-greats) grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War along side African Americans. Hispanic and Whites – I don’t think so!

    2. Jonathon says:

      Another hoodlum shot and killed…so what.

    3. Whiskey Tango says:

      He had it coming. A thug with a record and home breakins caused this whole thing.

    4. icecream says:

      No, you have a common friend: the klan.

      1. GROWAPAIR says:

        You’re a puS$y dumbf**k, talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$.

  2. kafantaris2 says:

    If George Zimmerman “had his hand up to his forehead” and seemed worried, is it possible he called his father for advice on what to tell the police?
    Could he have called him on that same cell phone he called 911 about Trayvon Martin?
    To be sure, Judge Zimmerman knows a thing or two about the facts that make out a self defense case. He certainly has plead a good case in the media — though he was also careful not to tell us what his son told him and thus keep the prosecutors from impeaching him with conflicting stories.
    No matter, they can still call the Judge himself to the grand jury room and asked him where he got his facts. They can also ask him if he talked to the police that night, or if he went down to the station house in person to take care of things.
    Judge Zimmerman has been presumed to be a non-player thus far, but may have played a critical role at the initial stages of the investigation — that important time when the police decide whom to charge, and what to write in their reports to justify their actions.

  3. hermon says:

    The narative is dictated by ZOG, you don’t have a choice, welcom to machine…

  4. Chagrined says:

    Trayvon Martin went to a convenience store to buy candy and ice tea. George Zimmerman went hunting with a gun and found his prey and shot him in cold blood!
    This is not complicated. The Martin family needs justice. Zimmerman need to be arrested and tried in a court of his peers. The 911 calls and the video at police station just diminish the versions of what happened by his father and brother. They are not helping George Zimmerman. This tragic character obviously needed professional help.

    1. DAX says:

      Blacks & Latinos do this every day, Drive by shootings Etc.. where is the outrage? the protests?? Some blacke guys robbed a jewelery mart in victorville the other day and shot & killed the owner and dumped the getaway car in compton (black neighborhood) their pictures are all over the tv from security cameras. someone in the “Hood” knows who they are, why haven’t they turned them in? where is the outrage and protests?? Blacks & Latinos don’t need Whitey to hold them down, they do a fine job of it themselves.

      1. pipe down Toby. says:

        Hey Dax, you forgot to mention that the blacks who killed the store owner were wearing….. wait for it….. HOODIES. Maybe they were just showing their support for their fellow thug trayvon.

      2. icecream says:

        YOU are a blind, racist bigot.
        What you wrote – the hatred that you spewed, has NOTHING to do with Trayvon Martin.

    2. Wally's girl! says:

      If you comment had a like button I’d push it.

  5. Ted says:

    It’s really sad that Treyvon died in this unfortunate incident. But it is way past time to let the racial angle be an issue. As long as Al Sharpton is involved he will find a way to make it racial and that is ignorant. Just cause a black person was killed doesn’t make it a racial thing. Get off that wagon and let’s find out what really happened. The police need to pick up Zimmerman for further questioning and possible charges. But as far as this “hoodie” thing goes, give it up. You all look like a bunch of criminals .

  6. ILLEGALS says:

    Why are USC students involve in this..??

    1. Bewford says:

      Because it’s a legal cluster phuc.

  7. MIKE says:

    these things dress like thugs and want their bad behavior to be co- signed. i think not. LOL

  8. Wally's girl! says:

    He should have stayed in his car, Zimmerman killed this kid and now he should face the concequence.

    1. pipe down Toby. says:

      Good thing you were there and know all the facts.

      1. Bewford says:

        One thing is true Mr. Cynicism is that Zimmerman DECIDED to follow Trayvon. After being told he “didn’t need to do that.”

        I don’t care if he did from his car or lawn chair… He initiated and instigated the confrontation.

  9. Wren says:

    Trayvon has become the poster child in the fight against institutional corruption and racism in the last stronghold: law enforcement and the state judiciary system. In the wake of this tragedy officials will enact stricter weapons control laws, lasering on Stand your Ground and its horrific abuse in the state of Florida. Trayvon’s death has opened national dialogue on race relations, initially focused on the challenges facing African-American men, hopefully expanding to include other ethnic groups. In addition America is addressing the latent bigotry ignited by the murder in conservative media and politicians. “The new racism is denying racism.” …denial manifested in part by harshly criticizing those who call out hatred for what it is and battle injustice. American needs healing in this area, accomplished only through bold discourse. Trayvon is a sort of Everyteen. Our lives center around their bright lights, our hearts full of hopes and dreams for them–no longer children yet not men, imperfect and still innocent. Rest in Peace, Trayvon Martin. Hope there’s lots of Skittles and iced tea in Heaven.

  10. MIKE says:

    i’am so glade that people are joining their community neighborhood watch programs and fighting against these thugs. these type of fools come down to hollywood blvd every day with their hats and hoodies and start handing out free cds right in front of the “hard rock cafe” very disrespectful.

    1. GROWAPAIR says:


      So where were you puS$y d!cklips? Still having your daddy’s balls up your ass do all the talking.

      Hey MIKEY , we all know it’s you hijacking screen names to say something stupid since you started using one of my screen names “up//yours.” Your limp d!ck fell off when I called you out to show your puS$y ass at a Kelly Thomas rally, chikensh!t no-show dumbf**k.
So show your puS$y ass by where they had the Kelly Thomas rally. There is a sculpture that looks like a big check mark in front be there at 1:00p 12/22, if your $lut mama can sew your limp d!ck back on.

  11. Bewford says:

    They say Zimmerman was going to the store himself when he happened upon Trayvon walking down the street, minding his business. I heard accounts that it was raining that day which may explain the hoodie covering his head. Zimmerman, called the police, for no reason at that point, and STARTED TO FOLLOW TRAYVON. He admits this on the 911 call. Tayvon RUNS AWAY FROM HIM; again, Zimmerman admits this on the 911 call. The 911 operator said you do not need to do that. ZImmerman admits that he “lost” Trayvon. Shortly afterwards, the call ends and Trayvon is dead.
    If a stranger is following me after I try to run away, I will do one of two things, continue to hide for no reason at all or confront the stranger following me. Trayvon chose option 2 and is dead.

    Zimmerman should be locked up. People have been charged with less evidence available than what the brilliant DA of Sanford, Florida had available. The 911 call and now the video from the police department show that there may be some inconsistencies; which is enough for a charge. Let a jury decide.

    I cant wait for the autopsy report to be made public…

  12. MIKE says:

    zimmerman for president !

    1. icecream says:

      Mike, you must be another blind republican…your bigotry is showing.

  13. icecream says:

    Robert Zimmerman, Sr. AND Robert Zimmerman, Jr are both low-life, lying punks.
    Robert, Sr is a shameful disgrace to the legal profession.

  14. rankin1 says:

    what zimmerman did is what Jewerly store owners and employees need to do in Los Angeles.

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