PALMDALE (CBS) — Authorities say they’ve taken seven black youths into custody on suspicion of attacking and severely injuring a Latino teenager as he walked home from school in Palmdale.

The fight happened March 14 about 4 p.m. near Cactus Middle School, the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to a written report, the 15-year-old Latino boy was approached by up to 10 male black juveniles who challenged him to a fight. They surrounded him and began punching him while several others watched, the report said.

KNX 1070 Reports

The Latino boy reportedly fell as he tried to defend himself, and the suspects continued “punching and kicking him in the face and head,” the Times reported.

The boy eventually fled and had to be treated at a hospital for multiple kicks to his head and will have to have dental surgery to repair several teeth that he lost during the attack.

The Times said witnesses identified three of the suspects by March 23.

On Wednesday, detectives detained seven juveniles who were identified in a video of the assault, which was posted on a public website, according to the newspaper.

The suspects range in age from 13 to 16 years old and face charges of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury and committing a hate crime, the Times reported.

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  1. ObamaBinFailure says:

    Was the victim a “white” Latino? If so, then it’s ok by CBS and the rest of the media.

  2. mind ur own says:

    so what .

  3. Phlox says:

    some People are sooo stupiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddd!!! I can’t believe it.

  4. wobbles says:

    Charged as a hate crime one time out of the THOUSANDS of times blacks commit hate crimes. This is their standard hate filled M.O., but usually the police and the courts are too cowardly to charge them as hate crimes for fear of offending all the other blacks who riot whenever they feel offended. I grew up in a neighborhood that was all black except for me. I saw them do stuff like this every single day. Blacks are the most hate filled group in this country.

    1. mind ur own says:

      jeez. wobbles and you are still alive to say this . ALSO if you was the only one in that neighborhood…how many friends you had ? something is in your story.

      1. wobbles says:

        I was friends with the one central american kid up the street. As for the blacks, I learned to fight. They don’t like it when you fight back.They only like things when the odds are stacked in their favor, be it by numbers or weapons. One on one they run their mouths but they don’t step up.

      2. GROWAPAIR says:

        Sounds like you grew up with a bunch of overpaid whiny incompetent aS$wipe cops as neighbors, puS$y dumbf**k..

      3. wobbles says:


        Sounds like you grew up with your daddy’s balls up your aS$, puS$y dumbf*ck.

    2. Jamesbrown says:

      But some white people are the most murderess people in world history .Question who has kill more none white people? .

      1. Joe Dionne says:


      2. pipe down Toby. says:

        Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?

      3. T. Walls says:

        A murderess is a female murderer.

        I guess you flunked your degree in murderology AND murderonomy!

    3. BigmanD says:

      I wholeheartedly agree!!! so very true. I live across the street from a home purchased by the local communnity college. It houses about 10-12 young african american football players, who have parties every weekend, it seems and someone is always having to call the police for something……..They are just adding to the awful steriotype. More fuel to the fire. Whats interesting about this? well, the mens soccer team which is mostly hispanic and whilte, live in another house about 8 houses down……rarely does anyone have problems with them. The house across the street, yeah, they will play ball in the middle of the street, stop traffic and don’t even care if the ball hits cars….geez

  5. Grizzle says:

    These kids and their parents deserve to be shot. There’s no help for them now.

  6. Sam Sindaha says:

    Yeah baby, thats what I’m talking about! Sure they are just punk ass kids but maybe it will finally catch on that a hate crime is a hate crime no mater who the perpetrator is.

  7. Chauncey says:

    Im sure jesse jackson is on his way right now to talk about this horrible crime.

  8. ILLEGALS says:

    Were the Barrack boys wearing hoodies?

  9. johnpaul says:

    white people created Mob in justices a 100 to one with dogs and shotguns white cowards most of you.

    1. Winghunter says:

      He’s talking about what’s happening now and you’re drooling about history that no one living is guilty of. Are we catching on yet?? No, of course not.

      By The Way, know who the Moors were?? No, didn’t think so.

      1. DrivinMS.Daisy says:

        winghunter is probably a serial killer or little kid watcher

  10. JOE says:

    Had it been 7 white kid’s beating up on and other race there would be no crime because there would be no evidence to prove a crime was committed just like Geore Zimmerman the would have to weigh the evidence to prove a crime happened DUH!!!!!

    1. Ginaway says:

      Mr Zimmerman should not have had a Gun in his possession while on duty as a neighborhood watch man .That means no authority to follow question detain he is going to jail.

      1. T. Walls says:

        Um, what?

      2. Winghunter says:

        A concerned citizen has every right to ask what a suspicious person is doing while in a high crime area and on private property. AND has the right to be armed in his location.
        Were you shameless enough to invent what you said or were you ignorant enough to believe it when you heard that garbage??

  11. Cyrus says:

    Cut off welfare, section 8 housing, EBT, food stamps, WIC and all other freebies and these third world problems will eventually disappear.

    1. poboy says:

      More white ppl are on welfare than blacks and hispanics.

      1. T. Walls says:

        Per capita, no.

        More native-born (black and white) are on welfare than immigrants.

  12. Bri says:

    This what happens when you bring section 8 trash in a community that was once a great place to live. I don’t see this story on CNN all you see are idiots supporting a loser thug that got what he deserved.

    1. Nany says:

      And you know he was a loser thug… How??? Do you personally know him I don’t think you do but like always race is the first thing white America judges upon. I just have two words for you. “Bless You”

  13. LFF says:

    Where is NBC, Jesse the race baiter, Big Al the scam artist’s pal, and Farakan? Hiding under their desks if they have one..

  14. Doug says:

    Non gentiles will blame this on white people. They would like to run this country and have the blacks and browns as their cheap labor.

  15. MIKE says:

    zimmerman for president !

    1. ThinkAboutIt says:

      He can be president of his block club… Cell block 3.

  16. Mexican Racism Is The Problem says:

    Anytime I read “LATINO” its suggested that ALL of Latin Americans are one in the same, we are not.

    Our cultures vary very much.

    Now I say this because MEXICANS in particular do have serious racist issues with African AMERICANS.

    What these black kids isn’t right, but there is tension due to Mexican immigrants and even American born Mexicans pushing out Blacks from traditionally African American communities.

    Also the fighting that happens for resources such as jobs, the displacement of cheap labor on AMERICANS. In this case, AFRICAN AMERICANS.

    Look at the Azusa problem for more on a very well hidden Mexican racist problem there that even extends to racism towards other NON-Mexican Latin Americans.

    The solution? Its in the problem and discussing the issues Mexican have with almost every one else. And this my naive reader, is the reality out there.

    1. Karen says:

      No, it’s not reality. Blacks had high unemployment before Mexican immigrants moved in. In 1992, blackswere blaming all their economic problems on the Korean liquor store owners, now it’s the Mexicans. Furthermore the traditionally black areas you mention were white areas before blacks moved in. Most of South Central used to be white right after WWII. You own your house, not the neighborhood. And if you live in an apartment you don’t own anythng.

      Those kids in Palmdale had no right to attack that kid, and they will go to jail for life.

  17. tbaby says:

    Doesn’t matter what the color of the victims or the cowards who do such thngs, IT’S WRONG. When these types of behaviors happen so senselessly, we lose ground on all that our ancestors -not so far in the past – marched for, was hung for and degraded. This sets us back as a NATION. Parents please be parents and teach our children that this is not the way to get or keep respect of the world. Quit using slavery as an excuse for your actions, this was a long time ago. We are suppose to be better than that. If you want something, dont take it; ask them what they havd to do to get it.; then you do so, too. Cant ask for something we arent willing to give. Anyone born here has a right to be here and if they don’t, go to school and learn how to properly do something about ti. Because the government will always find money to house you idiots in PRISON- seen any of the new, big modern ones of today. They are being built for someone like these idiots.

  18. Mex says:

    Mexicans are the most racist people. They look at regular people like we should not be in L.A.

    1. Nany says:

      So your telling us that Mexicans are racist because of the way they “Look at REGULAR people” Wow you really are a piece of work. I could not help but LOL at how stupid you sound. Now since you happen to put this comment up can you please explain to me what a “regular person looks like” is it white, black, yellow, please explain and further more did you ever stop to think that maybe they were looking at you funny because of the comments that you state?

  19. Giuseppi Gatteschi says:

    Ever see how a pack of baboons attack an enemy? Much the same here. I wonder how red their butts were.

  20. ThinkAboutIt says:

    Whenever there’s a story about a Black or Latino person committing a crime, some commentators all of a sudden shift to “all Blacks/Latinos” do this/that or are this/that way. For the people who make these prejudices comments, do you know ALL Blacks/Latinos? Of course not, so stop stereotyping a race for a few bad apples you hear about on the news. All Whites aren’t racist, neo-nazi’s either, so wouldn’t it be just as ridiculous to group the whole White race into that category?

  21. pipe down Toby. says:

    I see you are a graduate of Palmdale area schools, huh?

  22. john1956 says:

    typical fight as i remember 40 years ago group of kids decide to prove there powerfull by beating one down… get the parrents mom and or dad to pay for the dental work . also get the kid some money from the welfare kids parents for a better education …. take money from the 10 kids family and hand it to the illegals family

  23. Sick Of Racist Big Mouths says:

    Hey Obama does this kid not look enough like you envision your son would look????? Where is Al and Jesse at??? Yeah that’s what we thought. Skin aint dark enough for you to show your support!!!!

    1. ThinkAboutIt says:

      Really? Obama responds to a reporter’s question and now it’s favoritism towards one and no support for another… I just came from a fundraiser held by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis where she talked about all the things this administration has done and is doing for Latinos, specifically. Not to mention the installation of the 1st LATINA Supreme Court Judge Sonia Maria Sotomayor.

      1. Sick Of Racist Big Mouths says:

        Yeah um okay. Can we say damage control? You are a PR person, no doubt.

        Favoritism? That’s a polite way to put it. A better answer would have been: “This could have been anyone’s child.” Or how about not saying anything about who this murdered child looks like, instead just offer condolences to the family.

        Now back to the two other children, who add to the thousands of hate crimes in America. Yes, Trayvon died. He was shot. These other two children didn’t die, however, they were tortured. Let me guess these other 2 little kids “acted stupidly,” right?


      2. Sick Of Racist Big Mouths says:

        By these 2, I am also speaking of the white kid that was set on fire by 2 black kids.

      3. John says:

        I live in the congressional district Solis used to represent. All she ever cared about was getting re-elected. She was deep into the Old Boys network politics here just like everyone else that holds power. She’s as corrupt as they come.

  24. rankin1 says:

    Zimmertman man of the year! Jewerly stores owners and employees arm yourself as did Zimmerman

    1. ThinkAboutIt says:

      For killing an unarmed boy walking home?

      1. Winghunter says:

        For stopping a 17 year old juvenile delinquent from caving in his skull.

  25. Winghunter says:

    Well, there’s the direct result of the Enemedia’s influence. How proud the little Comrades must be with themselves.

    * Spliced an audio tape to fit their claim of possible racism. Despite having state-of-the-art audio equipment to enhance low volume speech, they made another claim that a racial epitaph might have been used when the statement was clearly, “These @ssholes, they always get away.”

    * Refused to enhance a poor quality videotape before broadcasting it (despite having state-of-the-art video equipment) AND edited it to completely take out the police officer’s inspection of the back of Zimmerman’s head and THEN claimed there was no injury to see!

    *Used wildly biased photos to identify Zimmerman and Martin falesly portraying both.

    Yes, they must be very proud of themselves.

  26. BLAH says:

    In my opinion it was a hate crime.. We should all go to the courthouse and picket and them march down some street on the weekday between 8 & 5.. OH sorry, I can’t make it, I have a job. If i were on government assistance I would be there but I have to work. I think we shoud all take a day off an picket the hell out of the courts and our politicians. Let them know, we will be back if things don’t change. I am sick of paying for the lazy, they can’t even raise their fricking kids, USE BIRTH CONTROL STUPID!

    1. ThinkAboutIt says:

      Another comment filled with generalizations and stereotypes about people you don’t know… “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  27. some of my friends are black says:

    Wow “7 Black Boys” “Latino boy” really BOYS…. you dont find anything wrong with calling them boys? Would they be called boys if they were white boys?

    1. ThinkAboutIt says:

      The term “boys” here is correct. The age of majority and/or emancipation in California is 18 years old. They aren’t “adults” until they’re 18 or older, hence the use of the term “juveniles,” also. I don’t think any ill intention was meant by the use of that term in this article.

  28. Toby says:

    They should be sentenced to picking cotton for 50 years.

  29. sebastian says:

    I think the media should be commended for stating the race of the attackers. It doesn’t happen often when blacks attack whites or other races.

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