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The Lakers just aren’t who they used to be. After consecutive titles followed by a dispiriting sweep in last year’s Finals, the Lakers have moved on dramatically as an organization. Any and all influence of Phil Jackson has been erased.Lamar Odom was traded in the preseason, either because of his displeasure over being involved in the vetoed Chris Paul trade or for financial reasons depending on who you believe. And Derek Fisher. The .04 man himself, the spiritual and emotional leader of the team, was jettisoned at the trade deadline for Jordan Hill. It’s clear the Lakers organization wants to move on.


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Comments (2)
  1. CMB says:

    Um….The Lakers were swept in the Conference Semi-finals last April, and Derek Fisher’s infamous shot was with 0.4, not .04.

  2. Brian says:

    Yeah, and bring back Walton and Sasha while you’re at it Kobe…and how about a little Sedale Threatt to round it out??

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