LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A police cruiser crashed into a Metro Blue Line train in downtown L.A. Tuesday, emergency dispatchers reported.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Los Angeles Street at approximately 4 p.m.

SKY9 reported that emergency crews were using the Jaws Of Life and other heavy-duty equipment to remove a school police officer from the squad car.

The officer and two people on the train reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Comments (9)
  1. T-Bird says:

    The Blue Line is a train – not a bus.

  2. njt says:

    i’m sure the officer was following all traffic laws NOT

    1. Roger Thornhill says:

      Well duh, how often do you see a train conductor committing traffic violations.

      1. njt says:

        well there was that metrolink guy that was texting a few years back. but i am sick to death of seeing cops breaking the law for no reason except because they can.

    2. pipe down Toby. says:

      I see regular people breaking traffic laws EVERY SINGLE DAY. Speeding, rolling stops, talking on the cell, texting, running red lights, no signal for lane changes, car pool with one person. What’s your point?

  3. concerned citizen says:

    there was a small fight after school at SANTEE HIGH SCHOOL and there was this school police car goin ovger 50mph on the streets around santee looking for the fight maybe it was him still looking for the fight 1 hr later.He almost ran over an old lady and her dog.

  4. more concerned citizen says:

    Actually, the officer was responding to a “man with a gun” (brandished at a victim) call in that area, and was backing up a unit that was about to make contact with the suspect. A Mac-10 machine pistol was recovered, and a suspect was arrested. So much for “a small fight”. Geez. Know your facts.

  5. Joan Morton says:

    They were after some school kids who broke the law.
    I hope the officer & the others are ok.

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