CULVER CITY (CBS) — Students from Antioch University has organized a “Wear Your Hoodie To Work Day” as they rally to seek justice for a Florida teen who was shot to death last month.

The event started at 00 a.m. Tuesday with a gathering on campus.

Public outcry over the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin intensified in Los Angeles Monday night with a large protest outside City Hall.

Protestors rallied together in a show of solidarity, demanding justice for Martin. The unarmed Florida teen was shot and killed last month by volunteer neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, as he walked back from a store with tea and Skittles.

Zimmerman has not been charged in Martin’s death.

The march marked the capstone in a series of demonstrations that were held throughout the day across the city.

The rally brought out nearly 1,000 people, according to organizers. They said their message is clear: “Injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere.”

“It enraged me that something like this could happen in the United States in 2012,” demonstrator Stephanie Gohel said.

In the meantime, Zimmerman’s friend spoke out, saying that he had been torn up about the incident.

“This was an incident where someone, who was just trying to do the right thing, ended up in a very, very bad position,” he said.

L.A. City Councilman Bernard Parks, a former LAPD police chief, called for further investigation.

Comments (22)
  1. ybarra says:

    Where is the sympathy, marches, demonstrations, candle light vigils,etc. for the owner of the computer store in lancaster, ca who was robbed & murdered by a young black punk???

    The hue & cry for the capture of the three black hoods who doused a caucasian teen-ager in kansas city with gasoline and set him on fire–stating you deserved it white boy.

    In mississippi three black males shot two college students, at least one was caucasian. Why aren’t these black agitators and their progressive white allies screaming for their apprehension.

    A so-called hate crime is only when a negro is the victim and the assailant is white/hispanic!

    1. Rooney says:

      DITTO! I AGREE!!!

      1. icecream says:

        OH, another set of whinings from the resenrment section.
        Now some whites are feeling neglected…poor babies.

        Ask Gingrich, Santorum and Romney to sympathize with you !

    2. Average Gal says:

      The suspect was arrested, so justice is being served. Zimmerman is still free, justice will be initiated when GZ is arrested and in police custody. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  2. History will pepeat it's self! says:

    To anyone who enjoys there safety,

    Summer is right around the corner, and as history has shown. Dumb people in mass’s tend to do dumb things. Prepair for the fact that dumb people are doing dumb things right now and as it heats up this summer. You can beat that the race riots will be in full swing. Great deals at big 5 (riot shotguns/amo).

    Remeber to wear your hoodie today for Mr. Zimmerman, we do still have a well known law on the books, (inocent until proven guilty)!


    1. Average Gal says:

      You mean wear a white hoodie? Like the Ku Klux Klan type, right?

      1. MIKE says:

        RIGHT !!!! LOL

      2. Rimmy says:

        exactly right mike. that’s the point. cowards like to hide their faces when commit hate crimes.

    2. What T F ? says:

      You missed the point fare from an average girl!

      I think the comment above is refering to the million hoodie march for the kid shot in Florida (pun intended).

      Must people spell it out for you?

  3. FFL says:

    Why not hue and cry for the 49 shootings and multiple murders in South Chicago on St Pats weekend? Oh ya that was in BHO’s back yard and was black on black crime so it is not worth reporting or even being concerned about.. Hypocritical, lame scream liberal media one more time.. emotions only victo-crats again!

  4. Chuey says:

    The old and tired whining that it boils down to ‘White vs Black’ doesn’t work as well as it did fifty years ago. Sorry….

  5. Abdulla says:

    This is going on everyday, can’t stop it now, its the law get use to it.

  6. Rimmy says:

    for all of you who may not remember or those who never knew, al sharpton rose to fame with the Tawana Brawley rape allegations. i wont go into it here. google it. the media had a hey day with this and it made al sharpton a house hold name. and it was all bullsh!t. the american media loves a black victim. even when its all lies.

    1. Rooney says:

      Al Sharpton is a !@#$% disturber! He needs to be put in an institution for the mentally ill along with Jesse Jackson. They’re both troublemakers!

      1. Average Gal says:

        Zimmerman is the mentally disturbed one and he was also PARANOID…nobody calls 911 that many times, not even genuine neighborhood watch members (which GZ was not even a real member of because he was never registered with the organization).

  7. MIKE says:

    well if there were ever a revolution i think the whites and mexicans would stick togetherwhen it came down to it just saying.thats the way it is in prison here in california.

    1. Average Gal says:

      There’s another reality outside of your cell block.

      1. MIKE says:

        stoners and rock ‘ n ‘ rollers were the first to wear hoodies back in the 80″s it’s you fools that have given the hoodie a bad name. \m/

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