To ChevroletBy Kent Shocknek

So then, forget about the Volt for a moment, and look at another case where sometimes, all you need is a good ol’ gas-powered conventional engine.  The EPA says the ’12 Chevy Eco gets 42 mpg/highway. 42 mpg! And yet, it doesn’t seem gutless, thanks to a little turbocharger, bolted to the engine block, that helps the 4-cylender powerplant up the on-ramp.

Chevy put a lot of stock in its new Cruze line. And besides, it’s cool enough to see every once in a while on Hawaii 5-O. That should tell you something right there.  the Eco model slips out the door, right at $20K; and like the new Mazda line-up, feels like a real car.


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