LANCASTER (CBS) — The search continued Saturday for a man suspected of gunning down a beloved store owner during a robbery at a Lancaster strip mall.

timothy johnson lancaster robbery homicide suspect Search Continues For Suspect In Computer Store Killing

2007 booking photo of suspect Timothy Johnson (credit: LASD)

Deputies identified the suspect as 24-year-old Timothy Johnson. He is being sought in the shooting death of 60-year-old Reed Keith.

Keith was fatally shot in his computer store in the 2000 block of West Avenue K in Lancaster on Friday.

Johnson is described as a black male with a closely shaved head. He is 6’2″ and weighs approximately 170 pounds.

Deputies overnight surrounded a home on the 43000 block of Grange Street after the alleged getaway car was spotted.

After a lengthy standoff, deputies entered the house early Saturday morning but say the suspect was long gone.

Anyone with information regarding this case or Johnson’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Homicide Bureau, at (323) 890-5500.

» Computer Store Owner Shot, Killed During Robbery In Lancaster

Comments (15)
  1. stix says:

    where is jackson, sharpton, waters, etc. when a black punk muders an innocent white man!!

    1. Vette says:

      Dummy Stix. They ‘re looking for the suspect and when they find him hopefully they will keep him in jail until a trial. Unless he claims self defense then he can go home and then the store owners family can call on a rally for injustice. That’s the point of the rally the injustice of no arrest.
      Crimes happen all the time by all different people but the injustice is the problem. When a person is killed I always wishfor the victims family to have closure regardless of race. So you should start your rally why wait on Jackson and Sharpton.

      1. Roger Thornhill says:

        Translation: Vette can’t explain it.

  2. algonquin j calhoun says:

    timothy jackson should be executed!! he is the reason why so many white store owners become terrified when young negroes enter their places of business!!

    vette must learn to refrain from name calling when other posters disagree with her liberal/politically correct viewpoints!!

  3. wobbles says:

    When is Obama gonna go live on TV and tell how this monster looks like he could be his son too?

  4. Has it coming says:

    And when they do catch him, you bet his family will be all supportive of him and says he is an outstanding young man…….never mind the fact he murdered someone and already uses booking videos for job interviews… hope he is found fast and loses quickly to depuites….

  5. Justice Leauge says:

    Where is George Zimmerman when you need him.

  6. MIKE says:

    this is why white people don’t want the black culture moving into their neighborhoods. and i’am latino/white.

  7. 8814 says:

    Time to send the jungle bunnies back to Africa. They are not human and don’t deserve to live around more evolved people. I hope they find this n*gger and fry him like his favorite fried chicken. I love how non-whites keep attacking and killing whites because it only makes more white people wake up and FIGHT BACK….. time for revolution?!

  8. Doug V says:

    This must be one of Obama’s children – if he had a boy that is.

  9. servicio tecnico says:

    Nice read, you guys got an RSS feed I can subscribe to so I can come in only when something like computers interests me?

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