FULLERTON (CBS) — Two sexual assaults in broad daylight that were believed to be carried out by one man left a normally quiet Fullerton neighborhood on edge Thursday.

Resident Casey McHugh-O’Brien called her neighbor to give a warning not to walk alone in their upscale neighborhood in Fullerton after police released a flyer.

The flyer warned residents that a man had groped two women in broad daylight on Las Palmas Drive.

“I gave her permission to walk home from school today, which is a big treat for her and she called a friend and had him bring her home instead,” said McHugh-O’Brien referring to her daughter, Bridget.

“Because I didn’t feel comfortable,” Bridget added.

Last Thursday a Hispanic man weighing about 160 pounds with a black mustache wearing dark clothing approached a woman from behind, police said. She was walking a stroller when he kissed her be force and grabbed her groin.

The man fled when she screamed.

Last month, also on a Thursday during the day, a man approached a woman from behind and grabbed her buttocks and groin, police said.

The suspect fled.

Both victims were Spanish speaking, police said.

Thursday night police released a warning for women in Fullerton and La Habra.

“To be careful. To basically be aware of their surroundings at all times when they’re out in public and have the knowledge that there is someone out there that is groping women,” said Fullerton Police Lt. George Crum.

Police said that they were concerned that the suspect’s behavior could escalate. They asked that anyone with information call them at (714) 738-6800.