STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Want to learn how to fake it?

Makeup artist Sue Devitt stopped by the KCAL9 studios Friday to give viewers tips on how to cover up common beauty problems.

No Sleep = Dark Under Eye Circles:
Fool everyone by applying a peach-tone concealer to the undereye area to counteract the green-and-blue tones of dark. Apply with your fingertips from underneath your bottom lashes outward toward the temple. Then lightly sweep a hydrating pressed powder over the top to set the look.

Hangover = No color:
The key to achieving a healthy glow is to create depth through layering product. Begin by applying a bronzing powder to the face, paying special attention to the apples of the cheeks, chin and forehead. Next, apply a bronzing lotion, this will help create the depth of a true color, not just color on top of pale skin. Finally, finish by highlighting key areas: Apply a hint of shimmer high on the cheek bones, collar bone and temple.

Breakup = Red Eyes from Crying:
First, apply a cold compress for five minutes or so. It helps to shrink blood vessels to reduce both swelling and redness. Soak a washcloth in cold water, or use an eye masque. Then apply a navy blue eyeliner along the upper lash line. It’s not as harsh as black and can make the whites of your eyes look brighter. Finish by curling your lashes, and apply two coats of a lengthening mascara to help really open up the eyes.

Cold Allergies = Swollen or Puffy face:
An eye product with caffeine instantly tightens and firms the eye area, eliminating the appearance of dark circles and increasing circulation under the eye which reduces puffiness. Gently pat it into place before you apply makeup.

For more beauty tips from Sue, visit her online.


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