LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Medical marijuana dispensary workers announced plans Thursday to unionize.

Workers from 14 dispensaries joined the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 770 Thursday, which represents grocery workers, food workers, pharmacists and health care workers.

“We have made a decision to stand up and fight for our jobs so we can take care of ourselves, our patients,” said Erin Taylor, a marijuana dispensary employee.

Local 770 leaders hope to add as many as 200 more dispensaries to the union.

“We’re looking forward to not only to helping them with their health and welfare, benefits, their wages, but more important, to stabilize this industry as well as make it more professional,” said Local 770 President Rick Icaza.

The City Council is considering measure within the next month that would ban all medical marijuana shops in Los Angeles

Comments (11)
  1. SandyLester says:

    Oh, good grief. There goes the MM business. Prices will go up, and service will go down.

  2. wobbles says:

    Considering that by existing law, these dispensaries are not permitted to be businesses but only collectives, and are not permitted to operate for profit this should get interesting.

  3. tom prius says:

    theres goes prices etc , fat unions ,,,

  4. JoAnn says:

    Prices will go up and quality will go down. Unions don’t give a **** about people, it’s all about union dues. The dispensaries and growers need to continue the push for legalization without the damn unions. The unions look at this as a nice cash cow. The dispensaries and growers should follow Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s lead – treat your employees right and everybody does well. Anything unions become involved in becomes a horrific mess – look at how they leech off the state of California. The union workers sit on their fat butts and pull a pay check for doing nothing. DSS and DMV are cases in point. OMG!! Unions and healthcare is really scary..

  5. Guy Baldridge says:

    Make the regulations for getting MM as stringent as the ones that I had to go through getting prescribed my Morphine from the vetrans hospital for my Chronic Pain that I,m dealing with 24/7 I’m a Vietnam Veteran with DDSD too, so I’m Praying for the day when us disabled Veterans can have access to the medical marijuana.

  6. FFL says:

    Well that will fix the problem- just unionize. That way everything will be guilt free and all the money will flow into the union coffers to fix elections making sure democrats..always win..

  7. bob t says:

    Oh Great! A pothead union. What next?

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