LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The City Council has approved a resolution calling on local TV and radio stations to limit any “racist” and “sexist” comments on their broadcasts.

The City Council voted 13-2 to pass the resolution with a motion urging “the management of radio and television stations in Los Angeles to do everything in their power to ensure that their on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs over public airwaves in the City of Los Angeles”.

Councilmen Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander cast the two opposing votes to the resolution, which was introduced on Mar. 7 by Councilwoman Jan Perry in response to a the controversy over recent comments by KFI 640 talk radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.

The duo had recently drawn criticism for referring to the late pop singer Whitney Houston as a “crack ho” in February in the wake of her untimely death.

While largely a symbolic gesture, the resolution warned controversial comments from on-air talent like Kobylt and Chiampou along with others is “intolerable” and can potentially lead to “an environment where negative comments can go unchecked and corporate guidelines and policies are no longer being enforced”.

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  1. freecheese says:

    Hey, they’ve been “CLOSE” to a decision for THREE days. What a bunch of idiots.
    I predict these elite liberal hippies will pass it, it will be sent to the 9th. U.S. Circuit, and as usual, the U.S. Supreme Court will reject their usual liberal actions.

    1. Republicrat says:

      The resolution carries no provision of enforcement. It will never be taken to court nor will any radio stations ever be penalized.

      It’s just silly drama on the part of the LA City Council to impotently weigh in on Rush Limbaugh’s opinions.

      1. paperpushermj says:

        Your right politicians love this sort of thing for it gives the appearance of action on their part, without any of the dangers from unintended consequences of actually doing something


      3. Jason says:

        Oh and it’s an effecitve use of tax payer dollars. How much is Cali in debt now?

      4. Robea says:

        Exactly. It is just political theater. It’s just like those worthless “Sense of the Senate” resolutions passed in Congress. It carries the legal weight of a hummingbird dropping.

        Still waiting to see if they will make a resolution condemning pornography and/or rap music.

      5. TMay says:

        We don’t know what happened. Maybe after they read the roar of disapproval on yesterday’s article from about 700 commenters, all of which has disappeared, from last night and early this morning to today, maybe they chose to go the route of passing a resolution rather than legislation.

      6. Christy says:

        Yeah because Bill Mahr has never said anything vulgar, racist or against women at all right? Typical liberal elitist who want ‘do as a I say, not as I do’.

      7. Sdolling@ says:


      8. NoMarxist says:

        Liberals acting out their fantasies on the taxpayers dime.

      9. Craig Wilson says:

        I agree. I ran for city council in 09 vs Rosendahl because of the sillyness at City Hall. I recently retired from DWP LA but thaT does not mean I agree with open borders, far left policies, spl order 40 or the Dream Act etc. I got 26% of the vote in 09. 6000 plus voters voted for me, 15000 for Rosendahl, Out of 250000 souls in CD 11. Maybe 160,000 reg voters or more but only 21 000 voted. sad..

      10. gerry juice says:

        The City Council la is nothing but illegal mexican lovers . turning la into a safe haven for mexicans .

    2. Big Bear says:

      It’s a paper tiger anyway. Media outlets will take it with a grain of salt.

    3. its me says:

      That fact that anyone group of elected government officials are even meeting to remove free speech and violate the first amendment should be cause for the police to go and arrest them as they are colluding to break the law.

    4. Webster Geothe says:

      “The best society, the best human existence, arrives when humans most closely determine the truth, and act on the truth, and separate it from superstition, falsity, or misinformation. And there is no better system for determining the truth than free speech: Testing the validity of an idea in the waters of public discussion and debate.” — Dave Rodgers

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    5. curious canuck says:

      Lets all ensure we don’t include any trips for vacation to Luny L.A.

      1. Big George in Big D says:

        No way in hell would i go to that “brown”, lawless city!

      2. Doug says:

        Just be glad you don’t have to live here, Curious. It’s been very disheatening to watch the destruction of this once fine city by our idiot elected officials.

      3. Nuevi Cicero says:

        and who is electing them? If I were you I would move

      4. ElPolacko says:

        Illegal aliens are electing them…who do you think.

    6. Santino V says:

      I hope so as well maybe we can get something done about Bill Maher. Maybe if were lucky, everyone will have to walk around with duct tape on their mouth. It’s not like freedom of speech was that important anyway right? /S http://youtu.be/xEntHhXpuEA

    7. Bill says:

      This will of course include the stations that play rap musice with lyrics that are insulting to women, and use racial slurs.
      Of course it won’t ! Rappers are “artists’ expressing themselves. This is nothing more that censorship, plain and simple.

    8. Jimmy says:

      Don’t tghey have more prssing issues out there to deal with? Oh wait. They’re libs. It feels good.

      1. TonyC says:

        does this mean that Rap Music can no longer be played in LA?

    9. CurbTheLies says:

      If only someone would curb the disinformation reported by the state run media. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

    10. Sonia Dregne says:

      This new law of taking away free speech, should also apply to the Newspaper companies as well.

    11. John Steele says:

      Maher can still use the C word about Palin and all the Hollywood perverts will still call conservative women horrible names and slurs. It’s about silencing the most effective means there is to combat the Marxists and so called tolerant libs. TRUTH and free speech is like garlic to these thugs… we are winning. This will NOT work

      1. Get over it says:

        What is it with this obsession over Bill Maher? Hs is NOT on free public airwaives. People pay for premium cable TV to hear his nonsense. Can you not understand the difference? Not to mention he has come out in favor of Rush and anyone else whose free speech is being threatened.

    12. Marc M says:

      Yes, let’s hope they limit free speech, the bedrock of our nation.

      You are a moron.

    13. Dave Z says:

      John and Ken, move your studio outside LA. This is the most ridiculous bunch of pap I have ever heard. Attacks on free speech are coming from all levels of over reaching government!

      1. Guru says:

        There studio IS outside L.A. It’s in Burbank, an incorporated city that is not affected by laws in Los Angeles city.

    14. Wm. Wright says:

      Bill Maher, he is truly vulgar—I’m not just talking about his looks, which God knows couldn’t be uglier. (How does one get to be soooo ugly, he must have been really evil in his past life?) He is offensive to my ears and my eyes.

    15. Astonished says:

      People living in this country have the right to free speech, guarenteed by the Constitution. Thankfully, people in this country have another right that is truely really unique. . .the right to not have to listen to offensive, racist or defamitory speeches. That literally means that if you don’t like what those two bums said, DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.

      Which makes this resolution just a tempest in a teapot.

    16. rigbyforrifles says:

      Are these the same folks that have made tossing a frisbee on the beach while carefully avoiding any interference with one of LA’s biggest industries – making porn movies?

    17. Whiskey Tango says:

      Don’t theyhave bigger fish to fry? Drugs, guns, gangs and cuts to fire and police budgets? Clean your own back yard before you look in others.
      I support KFI and listen to John and Ken daily.

    18. cameron624 says:

      What a perfect example of how the 1st amendment and free-markets work! Advertisers have bailed in droves from Rush Limbaugh and his “hate speach” talk radio Republicans! MONEY TALKS louder than legislation! We have to stop legislating speech, when the listeners and advertisers do it for us, and we don’t have to destroy the 1st Amendment in the process! California, and many states like it are facist States run by a bunch of control freaks, who, in the long run, shoot themselves in the foot. Afterall, THEY want to have freedom of speech don’t they?

  2. Joe says:

    Well then there should be also a resolution curbing TV stations and newspapers from calling every action imagineable as racist.

    1. Walk the Walk says:

      I think all the white members of the LA City Council should resign in the name of “diversity” and make room for people of color. It’s time that white liberals don’t just talk the talk, but actually walk the walk.

      If they don’t resign, these white liberals are clearly racist!

      1. grace says:

        Gee, sure glad that wasn’t a ‘racist’ comment against whites.

    2. Free Willy says:

      ooooooo….a city council resolution! Those guys are in for it now.

      1. SpinSpinSpin says:

        The state run media is really twisting around the comments here. Still trying to bury the truth. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Even most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in world history.

      2. metalmover says:

        Spin, spin, spin is a bit of a nutcase; I would recommend you ignore!

      3. Michael Henson says:

        spin spin spin make the conservative look wacky, just ignore the guy and maybe he will go away.

      4. Moo Cow says:

        It’s a she – she hangs out on the Washington Examiner blog.

      5. GCA says:

        Spin Spin Spin must be on George Soros’ payroll. I seen this exact same nonsense posted at other websites.

    3. DD says:

      I guess they didn’t think far ahead enough to consider the fact that this resolution will single-handedly end “urban radio” in Los Angeles. All in one shot– no more Power 106, no more KDAY. Here’s hoping they accomplish what they set out to do.

    4. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      The corrupt Los Angeles city council is terrified of John and Ken and KFI-640 because
      KFI-640 always “tells it like it is”.

      1. TomG says:

        John & Ken are Democrats in disguise. Sly foxes, thier ploy is to split the Republicans. They hate conservatives, Christians, and most Republican leaders. Just wait, right now they slam the conservative Republican candidates as crazy, but after the fake Republican gets the nomination, they won’t back him either. They bring up good points, but recognize what they are doing. As they themselves have said, the immigration issue will split the Republican party-which is exactly why they harp on it.

      2. Bobbito says:

        Yes the council is totally dfull of wj\`hores who go down to the docks late at night toplay theiur secret lingerie wearing trades. We j`know who and where you are. Some day the photos will go viral on the web Yu will be outed for the fakes you are putos.

      3. Bobbito says:

        And Some day I will get a better keyboard and get more patient about proffreading LOL. Take that city coucilito putos de los vacos!

  3. malcom says:

    wow,what happend to all the comments?

    1. Corruption says:

      The city council is just trying to silence John & Kent because they are the only voices that expose the city council’s corruption. They should just pass a law that says John & Kent cannot expose their backdoor deals.

      1. Kathy says:

        You are so Correct! John and Ken are the only ones except for Hugh Hewitt on another station who goes after local pols who are doen right corrupt!!

      2. Jim says:

        Exactly! John and Ken don’t stand for any BS, no matter WHO is dishing it out. They are equal opportunity attackers. They call BS when they see and hear it. Long Live John & Ken and KFI!

    2. Fred Zarguna says:

      Deleted by order of LA City Council.

    3. John W. says:

      When you ban racist, sexist slurs Democrats and other Leftists are speechless.

      1. Christy says:

        Ain’t that the truth!! They are the epitome of hypocracy and division!

    4. Carl T. says:

      Lets see, the latest news:
      The “crack ho” killed by CRACK!!!
      Long Live John & Ken and KFI!

    5. Carl T. says:

      Lets see, the latest news:
      The “crack ho” killed by CRACK!!!
      Long Live John & Ken and KFI!

    6. 1st Amendment says:

      So I guess all the nappy headed hoes are also required to shut their yaps when it comes to criticizing Obama as well?

    7. ed says:

      Does that mean demeaning and Violent Rap Music is banned on the radio?

      1. TL says:

        Absolutely excellent point!!! I had not even thought of that.

  4. Steve L. says:

    Look at the four photo Galleries (Lingerie Bowl, NBA Cheerleader, NCAA Cheerleaders and Celbrity Sex tapes) on your site and then tell me you can honsetly report on those ass-hats passing that silly resolution? s? C’mon Man

    1. Yo, Steve says:

      Bro’, they cater those galleries to your internet searches. Don’t feel bad, mine all show women looking for dates in my area or in some state of undress.

      1. LTCB says:

        I don’t think that’s totally correct because I don’t visit ANY sites like the ones they have on mine. Typically, I have to just use the ‘eye filter’ and focus on the article and comments and ignore the garbage links on the sites. Their stuff may also include the garbage that was on other sites you visit and not just based on the site itself. At least, that makes sense of what they put on mine.

    2. Fed Up says:

      Mine are;

      Photo Galleries
      Celeb HomesCeleb Homes
      Stars Who Look Hotter With AgeHotter With Age
      New Cars DebutNew Cars Debut
      Short-Lived Celebrity Marriages Short-Lived Marriages



      Imagine if this was a conservative city trying to stop the offensive sex/violence deluge coming from the media? The media as a whole and all the leftists would be howling in the streets about the censorship and attack on civil rights!

    3. MARGARINE says:

      The medium is the message, and our culture is dictated by the media, celebrities, etc. But it is NOT who we are. We must not let the liberals inflict their warped vision on the world.
      LA has BANNED TINTED WINDOWS. Only the cops and politicians can have them, of course. FASCISTS.

  5. maroonvee says:

    Sure that ought to get rid of Maher, Schultz et al. Or is it only leftists who are allowed to slur women and say racist thiings..? Of course it is.

    1. Lilly says:

      You are so right on! Let’s not forget about all the awful lyrics in Rap Music – bet they don’t mind listening to that.

    2. Fred Smart says:

      Maher definitely needs to go. He’s a ship without a sail.

  6. Tom says:

    What this really is, is a resolution to empower them to restrict free speech for anyone whose views they disagree with.

  7. Jackosan says:

    Naked power grab !! Only the commies will be allowed to determine what is okay .And what is okay is what THEY say is okay !

    1. Libby says:

      you are too stupid to even be able to define what a commie is

      1. Kein says:

        If anyone’s post drips with ingnorance it is yours; You choose to limit his opinion by calling him a name. Sorry, you collectivists\communists\democrats cannot limit speech, and the reason is simple. The second amendment will always protect the other amendments.

      2. Moo Cow says:


        And you’d better pray that I don’t define a pile of dog squeeze like you as one.

        Free neck stretch!

  8. CV says:

    Liberals are self destructing its over.

  9. Abdul Keddou says:


    This bunch of corrupt drama queens is addicted to symbolism.

  10. CV says:

    I guess TV will be shut down in Lsdland

  11. Ron says:

    We must do something about these crazy liberals. Please never vote Democrat ever again and lets get ready to make some dramatic changes to the repubs also !!!

  12. Get A Life says:

    Hahahaha! Idiots believe that this resolution is binding? /falls off chair laughing…

  13. Pink Floyd Fan says:

    Step in line or this whole Freed of Press thingy will need to be abolished.

  14. Bill Ray Dupree, MC. says:

    The end of the article describes this in a nutshell: It is symbolic. This is not enforceable. If Kobylt and Chiampou had high ratings, and still get removed from a radio station, then some other station will pick them up.

    I think any radio station that tries to suppress their voices will suffer by loosing listeners.

  15. philipee says:

    Rush and all the neonazizioinstscrusaders turds on the public air waves should not be allowed to spread their moronic propaganda and hatred. The blam is on the morons who lisen to them and buy the products the advertised on their talking shows. they r contributing nothing but garbage and hatred while making millions from the stupid listners.

    1. JIm says:

      Can you say “UP YOURS” let take your First Amendment away too

    2. Bill Ray Dupree, MC. says:

      And there is absolutely no hatred and garbage in the bile that you just spewed in this comment section?

      By the way, “neo nazi zionist..”…. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    3. Dogwithnoteeth says:

      Why is it that the liberals, who are the ones that claim to support freedom, are the only ones you ever hear trying to silence the voices of their critics? Could it be because they know that thier ideas can’t compete in the intellectual arena?

      1. JTStreeter says:

        They are all about control. What they like MUST be mandated. What they dislike MUST be banned. They’re actually nothing more than fascist totalitarions with a large helping of envy. Nobody wants to hear their blathering commentators so they will try and silence ours. They will never be able to shut Rush up even if they close every radio station in the country. this is just another pathetic attempt by the left to silence truths that they dont want people to hear. People like Rush stand in the way of America’s complacent acceptance of socialism..

      2. Vince says:

        You are absolutely right on the money, Dog. Much of their ideology and beliefs can’t stand up to facts and logic. That’s why they play the race card so often. Liberalism is big lie.

    4. jim j. says:

      Stupid listner like you? And I will bet you buy those products, don’t you. Hey, stupid, have younot heard of free speech??. Free speech allows you to say what you are now saying . Educate yourself!!!

    5. yobaby says:

      philipee thank you so much for your enlightened, brilliant post…wow…the intelligence in your words is awe-inspiring. LOL…
      get an education…or take a writng 101 class…please!

    6. Bruce Belligan says:

      Spoken like a true Marxist! Silence that free speech, stamp out any opposition to your communist manifesto! Re-educate the dissenters. Follow the example of Mao, Stalin, the national socialist party! If all else fails, “purge” the country of the filthy dissenters.
      You libs make me want to vomit.

    7. R..V says:

      Hatred? All I hear from conservative talk radio are things like Personal Responsibility, Freedom, and Liberty. I’m not sure what is so hateful about those things.

      1. Dirk Diggler says:

        Those concepts are hateful to liberals.

      2. Ric says:

        what exactly makes a liberal, liberal? seems to be an oxymoron.

      3. Seriously??? says:

        Okay, that MAY be a bit of a stretch. I’m not siding with Phillipe here, nor do I agree with the resolution, but come on now. Even hearing just that one simple diatribe from that drug addled slob Rush and you can’t really, honestly believe what you just wrote, can you?

    8. Mike says:

      Hey Philipee,

      Our school systems have completely failed. You write like an uneducated fool. It’s kind of ironic that you blast people for “contributing nothing but garbage and hatred” when you are doing the same exact thing. Also, what the hell is a “neonazizioinstscrusaders”? First of all, what is a “zioinsts?” Do you mean Z-I-O-N-I-S-T? I don’t think a neo-Nazi would ever fight for Israel’s right to exist. You sir are a moronic, anti-Semitic, vile excuse for a human being who can’t spell worth a damn.

      1. Richard says:

        Of course Philipee can’t spell. He’s a PRODUCT of the US school system which has been run into the ground by the teacher’s union!

  16. zionist commie bankers destroying america! says:

    i do believe what they are “curbing” is not rascist or sexism… it’s FREE SPEECH.. Guaranteed to EVERY U.S. citizen in the United States of America.. These people should be sued for violating their employees civil rights!!!!!!!

  17. Noneofyourbusiness says:

    Good luck with this, LA. Consider yourselves boycotted by me and mine. No doubt you will apply your 1st Amendment violating rule scrupulously fairly, beginning with Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, and all the other Palin-derangement syndrome folks.

    1. Chris Rock says:

      Too bad LA must ban Chris Rock from LA !!

      He sponsors and spews Racist behavior and calls it entertainment or comedy

    2. CeCe says:

      I AGREE. Was just at a rally today. A bunch of us just came up with a “resolution” the boycott vacations and as much business as possible with that unfortunately naive city.

  18. slappy says:

    Wait, does this mean they’re making Jackie Johnson wear a burka?

  19. Me There says:

    does that apply to the hip hop radio stations as well?

    1. firstladyfinger says:

      Barry, stop now! You know we don’t want to stoop to their level. Barry, tell Valet Jarrett to cut us another pipeline. I know, you smoke it in a pipe or cut it into a line but not both and not Xtra Large, yeah, yeah, yeah, fast and furious baby.

  20. Ric says:

    Guess the First Amendment to the US Constitution got lost in the LA smog. Bad day for sane people.

  21. notalib says:

    State is broke, city is broke yet these incompetent clowns have time enough to try and limit free speech. It is no wonder this state is so dysfunctional. These liberals can’t run anything fiscally but they sure can destroy everything.

  22. yobaby says:

    i am now more interested in listening to John/Ken than ever before…thank you LA Council of North Korea…I appreciate the heads up. Pay it forward, people!

  23. Dogwithnoteeth says:

    This is nothing more than a resolution that states the city council’s desire that on air radio hosts watch thei mouths. There are no teeth behind this and there is no enforcement mechanism. They cannot pull anyone off the air or fine a station for playing anything. It is like the old man sitting on the porch telling kids to get off of the sidewalk in from\nt of his house. It might frighten some intellectual children, but it does little more than that.

  24. vic says:

    philipee…..to me everything obamay says is nothing but lies, hate speech and propaganda….so who gets to decide who to shut down?????

  25. Buck says:

    just listen to liberal radio stations and report all the hate and sexist remarks you hear. They should be off the air in about a week..!

    1. Dogwithnoteeth says:

      The funny thing is that Liberal talk radio stations and programs are almost all going bankrupt. Other than those that receive public funding like NPR, but then again they are supposed to be non-biased….Yeah right!

  26. D says:

    Wow can you beleave it. There will be a revolution soon.

  27. JoeStack says:

    She was a CRACK HO!!

  28. Mark says:

    I live in the LA area and I do listen to John and Ken on occasion. Yes, they are going after just about everyone in their Radio Show. This includes most of the people that are on the LA council and that bothers the politicians more than any other group. They also have the right under our constitution to freedom of speech but are also bound under the FCC rules which they are careful not to cross. What gets me is the LA City Council spends 3 days on this issue as the City of Los Angeles is rapidly going broke. I really am glad they are concentrating on the important issues.

  29. The Truth says:

    This comment has been censored by the City Council of the City of Los Angeles.

    1. popobubba says:


  30. CapitalG says:

    Does anybody think there will even be an ATTEMPT to enforce this equally? If Rev Al is on as a guest and he drops a ‘cracker’ bomb or his usual racist screed against white people is there going to be justice for white people?:

    Of course not. This is a law conceived of to control what CONSERVATIVE WHITE MEN can say on air.

    Liberals legislate more RACISM in LA.

  31. Dave says:

    Well then…maybe these self important haters of the 1st Amendment will do the same thing against rap music? not holding my breath!

  32. Bastogne 1944 says:

    First they are coming for Rush, the GOP’ers, then the Christians. Breitbart is dead, this is getting freaky. But you liberal atheist fascists don’t come into DIXIE, we are pretty tough folk, and you are never going to make us accept baby killing and gay marriage.A pretty foul wind blew in with Obama, as the fruits of his labors is racial and gender and religious conflict.

  33. bruce says:

    This is the pot calling the kettle black.

  34. BrianM says:

    What a bunch of hypocrital snobs. Where have they been all these years when other radio hosts (of their own political persuasion) have used words like this forever. Only when conservatives use it and in the case of Limbaugh this one time he get crucified all beit in the liberal media only. Rush Limbaugh will become even more popular with moves like this. I don’t agree with Limbaugh on everthing or Bill Maher who’s much worse but they both live in America where there is still free speech. This is way over-reaching.

  35. Buddy says:

    @philipee – Dude did you seriously just lump nazis and zionists together? Lulz. So much fail.

    And yet strangely I would defend your right to speak your failing mind.

  36. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    Is it an offense to use the term “Damned Democrat”?

    1. Demobust says:

      “offense” Hell it will be a CAPITAL CRIME.

  37. Tom says:

    More attacks by the left on the First Amendment

  38. Hidelyheaux says:

    In other news, Rap music is now verboten

  39. Libertas says:

    Just another reason not to live in Los Angeles.

  40. Windy says:

    Ken & John just do a rap version of your show and call it art, like knee-gears.

  41. Muttman says:

    Is anyone listening to the Hispanic channels?!?!?!

  42. JTStreeter says:

    What the radio stations should do is ignore it. The City Council has no power to enforce it. It is funny how the city wont enforce federal immigration laws because that is the domain of the federal government yet it wants to usurp the power of the federal government (under the auspices of the FCC) which has the power to regulate the public airways. I guess they are just like the illegals in that they like to pick and choose which laws they will follow.

  43. Muttman says:

    Is anyone listening to the Hispanic channels?!?!

  44. tlc says:

    like their resolution against arizona over the immigration law they past…it will do nothing but cause more to leave LA and more to not vacation there. Personally, these wacky libs deserve all the misery they create. If it weren’t for all the illegals in the city they would already resemble detroit. a broken useless empty city where the only real jobs is to bull doze the city down

  45. Gordon says:

    John and Ken, along with the best News Team in radio, have uncovered more more WASTE, CORRUPTION, and COVER-UPS of INEPT DECISION-MAKING by the LA City Council than any other entity the public has. They should be commended, but instead the weiners on the council are trying to shut them up. They should all resign and save LA City and County TaxPAYERS millions.

  46. Libertas says:

    Didn’t take an advertiser boycott to silence Rosie O’Donnell, Air America, etc. All it took was a failed product.

    1. tlc says:

      well put, but you’re thinking with your head and libs only think from their heart

      1. Bailey says:

        I was thinking they thought with something lower around the back….

  47. FreeDumb says:

    You don’t like it – Turn off your radio/tv. Advertising wont be heard, nether will racist, sexist spews. Products won’t be bought. and your ear/eye holes will remain pure and your wallet full of cash to purchase your own personal copy of the U.S. Constitution – As you won’t find an original copy soon!

  48. JoeTower says:

    3 part Stratagy for beating Obama.
    1). RNC runs promos with GM dealers in selected metro areas to give away
    Cadillac Escalades all day election day.
    2). RNC runs promos with Nordstams and other department store chains in all
    major metro markets to give away free ladies shoes, all day long election day.
    3). RNC runs a phoney amnesty scam to keep illigal aliens in their IMS offices all
    day election day.

    Remeber, giving women the right to vote was the start of the steep decline of this once great country.
    1 vote per household.

  49. Ron Jeremy says:

    But will they make a similar statement about racists, sexist slurs that are on the airways everyday in rap music? I doubt it. Hypocrites.

  50. LeoW says:

    Slippery slope time.
    Should be interesting to see what qualifies (other than some obvious words etc) as unacceptable.

  51. luchman says:

    will this new law pertain to rap and hip hop music? the libs are trying so hard to get rid of Rush they probably forgot about that. Oh thats right it is entertainment or art.

  52. Taxbilly says:

    Glad I left California.

  53. Linda C says:

    The post below pretty much sums up the liberal mentality….

    When a republican does not like a talk-show, they change the channel. When a leftist-democrat does not like a talk-show, they scream Racism, Elitism, Right-wing Conspiricy and want Censureship. Look at the LA City Council now wanting to ban Rush’s talk show, tossing out his and our 1st ammendment right to free speech. If Left-wing talk radio were profitiable, Air America would still be on the air today, and NPR would not need federal funds to remain on air.
    ~By Duke Chesnut

  54. End of the Dream says:

    Make no mistake about it, the Democratic Party has been hijacked by Obama liberals and it will stop at nothing until speech with which it disagrees is dead. There are plenty of civil and social remedies for dealing with distasteful or vulgar speech. That is not the tatget of the Democrats/Liberals. Thier target is the marketplace of ideas. The Democrats/Liberals cannot compete with ideas, thus they feel that they have to squelch dissenting thoughts or ideas. They tried to compete with Air America and other failed ventures. Now they are trying to squelch dissenting speech with government action. The American Dream is dying…. People need to wake up.

    1. Moo Cow says:

      They have woken up, That’s why the leftists are frantic to hang something, ANYTHING on the conservatives before the election.

      They know they’re doomed this fall.


      April 15th is “National Punch a Democrat in the Mouth Day”

  55. Bob C says:

    Just left a note on Jan Perry’s site……….

    what a waste of time on their part….oh wait, their time is paid by the citizens of LA….nice waste of tax payer money, once again

  56. David says:

    More proof that LIBERALS, the so called tolerant ones, are the ones who are more closely associated with repression and fascism. This is an assault on free speech, just like their bans on trans fat and limiting salt in NY, they are the ones who have consistently been infringing upon OUR rights as citizens.
    Yes, radio and TV should have some sort of moral compass at times, but it is not a city councils job to determine what can and can not be said. The people will voice their opinion on that.

  57. jc says:

    join my resolution…tell the city council to go f themselves.

  58. landaddy says:

    The First Amendment
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  59. Smashicus says:

    Does that mean that LA City Council will also be monitoring music and art for racial and sexist slurs? You guys want to be fair and not just go after someone who might have criticized you in the past, right?

  60. Michael says:

    If you want to hear racist, hateful and disgusting speech on the radio, tune ito a spanish speaking station sometime. Since their broadcast are not in English they’re not monitored by the FCC so they generally say some of the most hateful and racist things ever heard, they would make bill maher blush.

    1. Linda C says:

      Michael, I know exactly what you mean. I actually reported a show called, “Jose Luis sin Censura” to the FCC but never heard back from them. When it comes to censorship, Univision and Telemundo receive special treatment by the FCC. Univision and Telemundo are leftist, of course!

  61. Peter Griffin says:

    Democrats want to stilfe speech they don’t like. what a shock, right? NOT! Democrats have no honor and integrity. They lie, cheat, and steal while refusing to follow their oath of office which is their promise to obey and uphold state and federal constitutions, all of which guarantee the right to free speech. I know that those same Democrats having been in the process of wrecking among other things the education system of this country, but despite this fact, I still find myself amazed that they can find so many people stupid enough to vote for them.

  62. Emerson says:

    This won’t apply to leftists, right? Only they have the nuance to be at peace with the hypocritical contradictions of their most strongly held beliefs.

  63. Laura Schlessinger says:

    This is quite the waste of time in the face of ACTUAL business to attend to.

    However, I would like to say at this time that it would be pretty great if Rush lost his voice, and continued to do his show with a computerized voice. It would be like Stephen Hawking saying “THE LIBERALS!” over and over again, which would be far more entertaining than the show is now.

  64. Ben says:

    I guess 90% of all RAP music will need to be removed from the airwaves too then…Be careful what you ask for

    If passed I can’t wait for the SCOTUS to slap this down Nationwide…hahahah

  65. stogieguy7 says:

    How about a resolution to ban anyone who’s ever consumed hard drugs from the L.A. City Council?

  66. NoParty says:

    What will Bill Maher do…he is nothing but foul mouthed when he talks about conservative women…oh wait, this council didn’t mention anything about protecting whites from anything….just minorities, which actually in LA would be White, but they won’t admit it.

  67. J.Gomez says:

    The American multiculturalism experiment has failed. You better wake up and take a look around.

    1. Ronnie McDonald says:

      Exactly the Negro has declared war on Whites time to tell them we are sick of paying taxes to support their benefits. The Black should lear to take care of themselves. F them.

  68. Steve L. says:

    Is there some kind of contest between LA and Chicago for which has the nuttier politicians?

  69. Llarik1 says:

    “an environment where negative comments can go unchecked” = a free society.
    Wow! no wonder they find that “Intolerable”.

  70. JeffMark says:

    Hey if you Hate a Hate Crime, doesn’t that mean you love crime? The libs have created too many double-negative confusing redundant laws. Hate Crime is already crime, so it’s unneccessary, just like this stupid resolution!

  71. Ronnie McDonald says:

    She was a crack ho so what is the big deal.

  72. RS says:

    Let’s drive more businesses and tourists from L.A., just what a bankrupt city needs.

  73. JW says:

    Will this include the playing of sexist/violent music (both rap and metal) as well as BET/Comedy Central jokes disparaging whites, Asians, and pretty much anything ever written by South Park?

    Will the local station carrying South Park or most “blue” standup comedy remove them from their chanels?

    This is unenforcable and illogical. LA is stupid. Another reason to not live there.

  74. mkurbo says:

    Duke – It’s like the commercial for DirecTV…

    When Ms. Fluke entered the fray, she did so for political advantages. When you play politics with an agenda, your agenda may be exposed. When your agenda is exposed, people may call you out for what you are. When people call you out, you may overreact. When you overact using dishonest tactics you may wake up in a roadside ditch. Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch.

  75. pimp ala pimp supreme says:

    We now live in a country where you can’t call a crack ho a crack ho even when she in fact.. is a crack ho.

  76. Autoamerican says:

    It’s official, the Left are nuts. Never, ever, allow a regressive to operate heavy equipment, reproduce, or seek positions of authority, influence, or power.

  77. mkj350 says:

    Ever notice how libs always have their undies wound too tight? Free speech only works for their side, not for anyone that disagrees with them. They can’t win the debate openly and freely because they are wrong most of the time and as a result of not being able to defend their ideas honestly, it’s easier just to try to shut everyone else up that doesn’t agree with them. It’s called
    C O N T R O L over everyone that disagrees.

  78. Tom Genin says:

    So invest in whatever station is Just outside their legal limit…hahahahaha

    And LA radio hosts, get ready for pink slips with no listeners there’s no advertising.

  79. Duke Lopez says:

    Is this for everybody or certain people. Thank You.

  80. Joe E in the IE says:

    I wish the LA City Council every success and sincerely hope and pray this resolution changes Southern California’s listening and viewing habits as effectively as Air America and Current TV.

  81. Smashicus says:

    This is what happens when the “powers that be” think that the general population is too stupid and that an intervention is necessary. The joke is on them because all one has to do is look at the failure of intellect and backbone that they are.

  82. Cracker ho says:

    Do the slurs have to be “racist and sexist “…..are racist or sexist only slurs OK ? Just wondering …..

  83. BOZIO says:


    1. trug says:

      The Spanish language is now considered racist, too. Sorry, Spanish can no longer be spoken because it offends some people.

  84. Oneofu2 says:

    The LA City Council is preparing for a serious rebuke to their folly:

    U.S. Constitution, First Amendment:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    U.S. Constitution, Article VI:
    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

    The Supreme Court of the United States is waiting, LA City Council.

    If you don’t like the program, change the channel; boycott supporters. Just do NOT trample on anyone’s right to say stupid things. The free market will punish imbeciles. Always has; always will.

  85. KingAndQueenObama says:

    Welcome to King Barack Hussein Obama’s Socialist Utopia of USSA!

  86. Mike says:

    This is trash. The city council is just upset that John and Ken are exposing them and the mayor. Bought out by the unions and for being money grubbing w8ores. Dont let them fool you they are always looking out for there own agenda and to retire with pension benefits on the backs of the people. LA is now third world because of the c*appy leadership.

  87. John Markham says:

    This sort of babbling by political hacks is “intolerable,” to use their word.

    Who needs them?

  88. Newshound says:

    This city’s ‘council’ lives within jogging distance of many companies in movies, music, TV, magazines and other media which use the most racist, sexist, degrading speech known to man. And they do it under the guise of ‘entertainment’, ‘comedy’ and being ‘edgy’ and ‘groundbreaking’.

    Why don’t these council members pass any resolutions to ban their precious Hollywood entertainment industry for their so-called ‘sexist/racist overtones’? Are they on the take? They seem to be willing participants in all this racism and sexism which they claim to oppose – as long as they get their cut of the profits, and the people spewing the racism and sexism are people who vote for ‘the right people’.

    To put it into Animal Farm speak, ‘All speech is free, but some speech is more free than others.’

  89. MarkJ says:

    Question: What’s the final stage of multicultural progressivism?

    Answer: Fascism.

  90. UncleOmar says:

    Are we still allowed to call the Occupier in the White House “President Food Stamp?”

  91. Joe Jericho says:

    Don’t get too worked up about it. It’s unenforceable anyway. Prior restraint, first amendment, etc. That’s why they are just “urging” the stations to do this. Trying to get the stations caught up in the PC world that most of us face on a daily basis anyway. I don’t see KFI going along with it. lol

  92. JP2012 says:

    So if racist and sexist language is no longer permitted on the airwaves does that mean all the hip-hop stations go off the air?

  93. Riki says:

    This makes me want to turn on AM 640 right now.

  94. San Diego Steve says:

    I guess I missed the part of this article where it explains how the L.A. City Council was authorized to censor broadcasting. The listener or viewer has the ultimate power to do this by switching to another channel or simply turning the set off. I do not think that we need a city council, or any other government agency or official to do this for us.

  95. John says:

    LA counsel must be run by a bunch of “crack hoes”

  96. gus lehr says:

    the first ammendment is so being walked on.. fascist government.

  97. AZ Schumi says:

    Imagine all the rap stations that will have to go off the air in LA LA Land.

  98. MicLaf says:

    It’s a resolution. Whoop-de-do. Resolutions are not enforceable.

  99. Hootie says:

    Should we boycott L.A. ??

  100. andrew says:

    SOOOOO… no more chris rock???

  101. kimberly says:

    Is it time for California to secede? I mean, really, aside from surfing and Hollywood, what would we miss out on?

  102. Joe Citizen says:

    This is nothing a good Civil war can’t fix.

  103. Jim says:

    Straight to the SCOTUS with this one!

  104. Richard says:

    This is PURE POLITICAL THEATER and hypocritical at that. If the LA Council wanted to be CONSISTENT they would be speaking out against the SEXIST Lyrics in Rap along with speaking out on the incredible violelnce depicted by film makers in HOLLYWOOD! Of course that isn’t going to happen due to the fact that Hollywood is FAR FAR to the left. Robert Niro ring a bell?

  105. TevoSay says:

    The LA City Council are a bunch of neo-Marxist fascists that only want leftist speech that they deem is acceoptable (such as Bill Mayer attacking Sarah Palin and calling her vulgar names) What a bunch of freaking hypocrites! LA is a dirty hellhole that needs a good earthquake.

    1. allen fear says:

      only ones racist are them , la city , racist against legal citizens . all for illegal mexicans here , impound fees etc etc etc etc etc

  106. LukeJohn says:

    Will some one please sue the pants off the LA Council for the blatant unconstitutionality of this resolution.

    I’m not a great fan of litigation but these guys need to be put in their place.

  107. Kitty says:

    Does this mean an end to those awful, degrading rap songs being played on the radio? Or is this just for talk radio?

  108. potstirrer says:


  109. Joe E in the IE says:

    Coming up next:

    LA. City Council OKs resolution to print the Bill of Rights on toilet paper used in Council chamber rest rooms.

  110. jrey762 says:

    Power 106 and the other hip-hop stations are going to get SO MANY complaints filed against them by embittered KFI listeners who are going to turn right around and beat the city council to a pulp with their very own stupid stick!


    LA, your leaders are morons!

  111. LukeJohn says:

    The funny thing is that if you look at ratings for stations like AM 640 that the council is trying to target, I’ll bet that they have shot up the past day or two THANKS to the useless idiots on the council.

  112. Michael Guinn says:

    I hope they try to shut Rush Limbaugh down. I would love to see them go up against Rush’s attorney, Mark Levin. He will hand them their heads on a platter.
    Oh, by the way, which communist committee of comrades is going to determine what the improper language is. And , will this also apply to any slanders and slurs against Sarah Palin and other Republican and Conservative women?

  113. PROUD RINO says:

    Talk Radio in LA (with the exception of Geraldo River and Michael Medev) is like going to a Klan meeting, John and Ken make Ghengis Khan look like a liberal. These guys along with Rush, Hannity the Clown all walk using their knuckels.

  114. Chris Beall says:

    The “public” does not own the airwaves.

  115. kimdi01 says:

    What are the LA Liberal council going to do with the complete LIBERAL and vile staff at MSNBC which I am sure airs in LA? Probably claim First Ammendment rights in their behalf.

  116. dwstick says:

    Let’s take this ‘diversity’ drive to another level. Let’s demand that ABCCBSNBCCNNPBSMSNBC, all the left-leaning big city newspapers, liberal ‘news’ magazines, Media Matters, all those George Soros-funded websites and Hollywood hire more conservative writers, reporters, entertainers, etc to make public conservative concerns and points-of-view, and not just something/someone to be mocked or laughed at.
    Once I see that happening, then I’ll publicly insist that Fox News, talk-radio and all conservative publications and websites should hire more liberals. Everyone’s happy!

  117. taxedupthewazoo says:

    From everything I read Whitney Houston WAS a crackhead. So what’s the issue?

  118. Dave Harvey says:

    First of All – Los Angeles Doesn’t Have the Legal Horsepower to do Any of This – despite the Fact that Shutting-up that Loser Rush Limbaugh is a Great Idea Anyway!

    1. Dave Kay says:

      Say what you will about Limbaugh or any other person you don’t agree with, you walk a dangerous path when you support something like this. Don’t like Rush, don’t listen, easy. OR, tomorrow you may wake up and find someone tying to impede your free speech. The knife cuts both ways. Defeat people in the arena of ideas not with the threat of force.

    2. Malinse says:

      Dave, if that is your name. You start “shutting up” people and you become like Hitler or Chavez of Venezuela. If the people who think Rush has some benefit to the conversation, because he reports things the corporate-owned media won’t, decided they wanted to shut up Dave, what would you think? How unfair? It’s my right? Well maybe you would start acting like an American. Try it.

  119. David Sanborn says:

    Who in their right mind would want to live in California? Now they wamt to tread on you right of free speach. Go figure

    1. Battle Royale was ripped-off says:

      California and Los Angeles weren’t always like this. It started going downhill right after the 90’s began.

      California as a whole used to be apolitcal…you do your thing and I’ll do mine and we’ll all be happy together!

      Ever since rap music, the internet, expanded cable TV and all other media took, things haven’t been the same since. Most native Californians have been moving out of state.

  120. Duder says:

    Stupid idiots. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. if people don’t listen, it will go away. If people are listening……then they like it, or hate it and are being counterproductive to their own cause by supporting what they hate…..in other words…..crazy…..and who really cares what they think, am i right?
    In the end, all this will do is end up in better ratings for the naughty jocks. Which is pretty ok in my book.

  121. Gunny G says:

    God help this nation. i WISH we could vote Mexifornia, Illinois, NY, and NJ OFF of the island!

  122. taxedupthewazoo says:

    Usually the people that pass these types of laws are the biggest offenders

  123. Dr. Robotnik says:

    Why do liberals hate the 1st Amendment?

  124. Bob Sharp says:

    This is worse than liberal. The whole democrat party has gone mad both on the local and national level. Presently, no democrat should be elected to any office that requires reason in the mix.

  125. mike says:

    Los Angeles has become a sad, sad city. It’s full of communists and socialists who want to silence any opinions that are different that theirs.

    Who decides what is racist? I thought George Stephanoplis bringing up race in the food stamp issue was racist. Can I ban George from speaking on radio.

    Illegal immigration is at the root of this communist movement. They just never assimilated to America and they don’t understand that when you live in a society that has free speech, you have to tolerate hearing some thing you’d rather not hear. All of these anti-free speech movements are coming out of places with large illegal immigrant populations.

  126. BILL RIPLEY says:


  127. taxedupthewazoo says:

    I wish I was on the radio in LA right now so I could tell these people to kiss my shiny metal ass

  128. gary says:

    LOL and some wonder why California is called the Looney State and LA is considered a laughing stock of the nation. I thought the Houston City Council was bad but at least they are too busy getting family and friends jobs to pass stupid and meaningless proclamations

  129. David G says:

    So, Sonia Sotomayor cannot speak on the radio either then, right? She declared that her race and sex are superior to other races. That’s the definition of racism. As long as they’re consistent and keep Sotomayor, rappers, and La Raza off the radio then this cooky town can do whatever it wants.

    The first time I hear Sotomayor on the radio, I’m suing.

  130. Carlos says:

    How embarrassing it is to be an LA resident, at this time. How do such ignorant fools get elected to council positions? Did they completely flunk high school civics? Or were they just victimized by the LA Unified School District. Any such resolution would be totally unenforceable as it would be blatantly unconstitutional.
    So, the tax payers of LA can spend loads of cash, in legal fees, defending their moronic action….. Yeah, that’s leadership.

  131. claudia says:

    They can’t run a city, they’re a joke. Oh, this is important…..we need a slur free air way….what we need in LA is a city council free city…..their impotence is only shadowed by their ignorance….. Council Members Joe Buscaino and Mitch Englander excluded due to their virile intelligence….

  132. brian h. says:

    once again LA shows off their socialist liberal leadership..wonder why they didnt crack down when Maher and others made their comments,,,,this country is headed into the toilet thanx to the socialist remnents of decades ago, which linger like a bacteria in the toilet, except they are masquerading as democrat politicians this time…

  133. GrandMasterG says:

    The rap community will not tolerate banning free speech!

  134. taxedupthewazoo says:

    They are NOT the FCC. They have no power to regulate radio or any other media.

    Ignore them.

  135. Angeleno says:

    Last time I checked, the City of L.A. was broke and in debt and had ever-deteriorating services, schools, and quality of life. The City Council seems to have time for this unconstitutional, uninforceable and utterly stunt nonsense anyhow. Well, when it comes to cutting city services and downsizing, I think we can start with the Councilmen who voted for this. They don’t get it. Show them the door.

  136. bruce says:

    We need to fight back by listing all liberal companies and plastering them all over the internet you bloggers know who they all are but the average joe doesn’t list them and keep listing them till we know them by hart. So we can push back by boycotting on a daily basis, ya we know some of them but we need to know all and we need alternatives.

  137. Dan says:

    Isn’t a resolution merely a suggestion? Doesn’t a resolution have about as much power and authority as my and everyone else’s comments have? Resolving to curb free speech is just another step toward socialism.

  138. David says:

    So does this in any way affect the rappers and folks like Bill Mahr or is it just attempt by the left to further their socialist anti freedom agenda? Gotta love all the idiots in LA LA land they rival SF and Chicago for low to no IQ!

  139. Cagey says:

    Well according to coroner report coke was in W.H’s system. While ho may not have applied, crack certainly did.

    Everyone get off the PC b.s. already.

  140. Hippolytus says:

    Why do liberals often behave like fascists, showing no tolerance for opposing viewpoints? You never hear conservatives calling for liberal talk shows to shut down. This is about free speech. End of story.

  141. Dean says:

    May God help us all.

  142. rock says:

    Is “Slunt” a word? If it’s not a real word than it’s not a sexist slur…right? Time to dust off the ole Sniglets.

  143. rock says:

    S_L_U_N_T…Slunt; Is this sexist?

  144. TMay says:

    It is truly horrible to see how the internet destroys history.Yesterday the story was that the LA City Council was considering passing something, it was unclear whether it was a resolution or legislation that they were considering. There was about 700 comments posted on that article which was a good discussion on the 1’st Amendment. Now that has DISAPPEARED- the article,the discussion.
    History will not exist in the future. At first with the internet I was upset that people posted about lost cats and dogs and that the postings disappeared after a week despite the fact that lost animals can stay lost a lot longer than one week. Then a crime happened in the neighborhood and it was interesting to read the responses of people in the community in the comments.That disappeared before the defense attorneys could read what people in the community were thinking. Now I see the further downside. In fact, I guess I have to reconsider bothering to write something that disappears from last night to this morning, and before I even see a response. Plus it leaves me with the question: why is it that when the government is being criticized, like the hundreds of people who verbally attacked the LA City Council yesterday regarding the proposal, that the article and the comments disappear, but something disgusting like Dan Savage on the Left attempting to destroy a good man’s name as when he google-bombed Santorum’s name, that stays up for years? Government certainly manages to change history.

  145. Jim says:

    Let’s face it, the Left are Fascists.

  146. John In Michigan says:

    Question. Even if the “Resolution” does not rise to the level of actually banning speech, does it not carry an implied threat that those broadcasters who refuse to toe the line might be subject to some form of government sanction, or even that they will have access or privileges refused?

    I don’t see how one can possibly deny the potential for chilling speech that those politicians see as undesirable.

    Congratulations LA you’ve just thrown out two hundred and twenty five years of First Amendment history. Remember, as liberals are so fond of saying, “The First Amendment was not designed to protect popular speech, but unpopular speech. Generally those seeking to ban speech must do so because they can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas. I guess the LA City Council just admitted defeat.

  147. Ground Pounder says:

    I don’t the late Miss Houston but from press accounts and according the online Urban Dictionary she fits the description posted there .Crack-ho 27 up, 7 down

    A member of the female sex who delights in the pleasures of illicit drugs, espically cocaine of a cheepened baking soda variety.
    “Hey Jim…look over there that crack ho is so nasty. damn!. why were they suspended for telling the truth ?

  148. DaveM says:

    Well, as an “outsider” I may not know enough to comment on this but I’m guessing that all the problems of LA have been solved and this is what the city counsel has left to deal with. Good Job LA!

  149. urdrwho10 says:

    Are these communists elected by the people? Are they going to curb the lyrics in rap songs. Oh no that would be racist to consider the demeaning lyrics and how woman are portrayed on rap videos.

  150. ADM says:

    Two adults(maybe) on the LA City Council…..Figures…..

  151. Jim Busse says:

    looks like the council is pre “occupied.” I think the public is quite competent to turn the dial if they don’t like something. The council seems bent on playing mommy.

  152. Bailey says:

    CBSNews Alert? And I quote:
    CNSLA:”LA County Coroner says Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system when she died.” http://cbsloc.al/GS8Bvc
    Mar 22, 2012 2:40PM
    It is sad she had such a horrific problem. What is more sad is that the LA City council decided to belittle her death by voting on such a despicable subject. Were these guys showing a lack of class? Absolutely. But no less class than I’ve heard on all sides of the political spectrum on these kinds of things. The term Crack in my mind has never brought to mind color as I know plenty of people who got mixed up with crack from all ethnic backgrounds. Nor do I associate The term Ho strictly with women as there are plenty of dudes out their selling their back side for money. Put away the pettiness and go back to balancing the city budget! It’s what we PAY you for. If I ran city government I’d collectively fire all of you! Maybe there are still enough voters in each of your districts with the collective brain power to figure out just what a lousy city government they’re getting for their money and come election time they WILL fire you. Stop wasting the publics time and money!

    1. Bailey says:

      Sorry for the typo it’s CBSLA:

  153. 1RLI says:

    Well, I guess we won’t be hearing any more rap music in L.A. since the council doesn’t want racist and sexist slurs.

  154. Steve says:

    There’s only one problem with this (well, actually several)…KFI is located in another city–Burbank. The actions of the Los Angeles city council have no effect on other incorporated cities.

  155. So they try and restrict ”FREE SPEECH” When its the councils free rein and speech that should be restricted. Perhaps a flash mob at the next council meeting will teach these communists a lesson!

  156. ALan Richards says:

    oh ,you mean like that racists little spear-chucker, Chris Rock.

  157. George H. Kubeck says:

    Down with pollitical correctness!!

  158. Mr. Truth says:

    Goodbye “Hip Hop” Music!

    They also announced Whitney Houston’s cause of death: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/22/coroner-drowning-heart-disease-cocaine-use-killed-houston/comment-page-1/

    Looks like the comments were accurate after all!

  159. Principal Ed Rooney says:

    Do it again, and it’s going on your permanent record!

  160. Allen says:

    The capital of punk rock and RAP is ok by their standards. But a talk radio show is over the top. Interesting indeed.

  161. sam says:

    They should VOTE to make L.A. paradise on earth….and then it will be so by decree of the deified town Incas….less the billions in debt, worst school system in the nation, and dare I say, leadership that lacks focus…he he he…or the very least intelligence beyond that of an amoeba.

  162. Bailey says:

    I guess my foolish Crackhoemunists comment didn’t make it through the CBS censors….. Maybe if I tweak it a little and send it a different way…..

  163. JJ1970JJ says:

    Well those morons just earned their taxpayer funded paychecks this week! A meaningless piece of politically correct nonsense. Good job LA Council.

  164. Principal Ed Rooney says:


  165. rlo says:

    How would you enforce this?
    Who determines what is “hate” speech?
    What happens if the stations leave your city and locate outside of LA?
    Why stop at “local” radio? What about Satellite radio and internet?

    ID 10 TS candidates.

    1. cat cat cat says:

      Q: How would you enforce this?
      A:Only enforce it against conservatives.
      Q: Who determines what is “hate” speech?
      A: Liberals do.
      Q: What happens if the stations leave your city and locate outside of LA?
      A: Sue at the federal level. The DOJ will gladly accuse them of hate crimes.
      Q: Why stop at “local” radio? What about Satellite radio and internet?
      A: See previous answer, but substitute FCC for DOJ.

  166. mamawati says:

    Well then, what was Whitney Houston?

  167. mamawati says:

    Wasn’t Whitney what they said??

  168. pokey says:

    Only 2 who support the Constitution? Pretty sad!
    Remember for whom you vote!

  169. Rush Ambush says:

    The People’s republic of California?

  170. jkl says:

    Based on the recently released Cororners report, she was a “CRACK HO”!!!

  171. Dave says:

    Here’s how Free Speech works.

    I seriously INSULT a prominent politician, or threaten same. Hey, I said it, my Free Speech was not twarted.

    However, I’d best be prepared to deal with the result of that when the authorities come pounding on my door!

    That’s how it works. Yeah, say whatever the hell you want. Just be prepared to deal with the fallout.

    My 2 cents

  172. average Bob says:

    I predict someday I will be labelled posthumously an insurgent.

  173. Steve says:




  174. jkl says:

    Based on the recently release Coroner’s report she was a “CR@CK H0”!!!

  175. MikeN says:

    So now the LA City Council is OFFICIALY comming out against the 1st ammemdement of the United States constitution. Sounds pretty unamerican. They should all be charged with sedition. It’s a shame being really stupid is not a actionable offense. Book ’em Danno.

  176. charlesL says:

    A long-simmering war of the sexes was renewed across Earth, as each sex was attempting to gain power over the other. The established agreements were no longer applicable; their concomitant rules no longer applied. A focal point developed in the conflict: It was only the ownership of life itself…its conception, maturation and termination.

    A tenuous understanding had been made in the preceding millennia to keep the peace. The men would retain an advantaged position, but the interests of women would be insured through contract. The men were expected to ensure their material needs. The men were expected to protect them from harm. The contract was enjoined in a strange rite of passage, renewed and reviewed throughout the cycles of life. The men would still have the ownership of the women, but the women would control the ideal of the man.

    The yin and the yang are now incompatible. Find out more in the new book “Fixed Stars Rise.” Read the first chapter free by clicking the bookcover image on Amazon.

  177. cd says:

    Please READ Headline,Whitney was FOUND to be a CRACK-WH0RE and DIED from it!

  178. David Moore says:

    My fervent wish is that Kalifonia slides into the sea
    It is an abomination on this earth

  179. john says:

    What’s going to happen to all those rap “artists”?

  180. Jay says:

    This is an unenforceable law and will be laughed at by all commentators both liberal and conservative.

  181. isnrblog says:

    The City Council approving a resolution calling on local TV and radio stations to limit any “racist” and “sexist” comments on their broadcasts.

    So what?

  182. mrsharfer says:

    First of all, Whitney Houston WAS a crack ho!!! And any station that censors their talent, will lose me as a listener. There are enough of us that it will make a difference. Liberals are dolts!!

  183. Bobby Brown says:

    Well it’s official – Whitney was a Crack Ho!

  184. The Shortender says:

    Well: seems like John and Ken were right!!!

    1. George H. Kubeck says:

      Please cancel the e-mails to me

  185. Bob says:

    Frack YOU City Counsel….you are all a bunch of ho’s….now, come and get me….please, I dare you…..

  186. sw says:

    only the FCC can regulate radio airwaves.

  187. RJB says:

    I assume the movie studios are next?

  188. BewareofDrudge says:

    Media Matters are trying to shut down Rush and the Drudge Report is trying to shut out Rick S. in support of the ever changing Romey. Funny to see these two doing their best to control the people.

  189. Truth Detective says:

    Blacks say trash about whites in LA all of the time. Where’s the outrage? Crickets.

  190. jim hayes says:

    Here come the Nazis—-we will tell you what you can say

  191. Robbocop says:

    Finally, an end to arguments for affirmative action.
    Byebye Jesse jackson, sianara Al Sharapton. See ya, Gloria Alred.
    No more racism or sexism allowed.

    If that is not the result of this ruling, then our free society has reached that point where only the powerful are free.

  192. pemullen says:

    Egregious. Stupidity. Abounds. LA has reach a level of stupidity previously reserved for the Board of San Francisco Supervisors.

  193. Restless says:

    State and local governments are not allowed to regulate the public airwaves. Because radio signals cross state lines, regulation of the airwaves is strictly the domain of the federal government (through the FCC).

  194. Wayners says:

    Not having absolute power drives liberals NUTS! Enjoy the NUTS MORONS!

  195. Bot says:

    Love it….Truth is something liberals just don’t want to face!

  196. SteveP says:

    The vote was 13-2 and you wonder why the rest of the country thinks most of you are idiots?

  197. Paul O says:

    Shouldn’t these feckless morons be fixing the broken budget?

  198. John Towers says:

    This started with 2 radio show hosts calling Whitney Houston a “Crack Ho” 2 days after she died. They were suspended for that. Now today we find outthat Whitney Houstondied from drowning and complications from Cocaine. All the have to prove is she used Crack versus powder and this would be a true statement. I personally believe she was a Crack ho.

  199. Tony Kondaks says:

    Seeing as the L.A. coroner just released his autopsy results on Houston declaring that cocaine toxication was a contributing factor to her death, I’d say the two talk show hosts were at least half right…

  200. Partizanas says:

    Just remember dissent is the highest form of patriotism that applies to left wingers. Freedom of speech only applies to Occupy Wall Street turds and the Lefties. The liberals are making utter fools of themselves and can’t take a taste of their own medicine. They are simple little weenies.

  201. JG says:

    Have these dummies ever heard the stuff that comes out of the Latin stations ??

  202. Isaac Bickerstaff says:

    The problem is that we have let liberals make up words and imbue them with magical power.

    “Racism” just means “ideas about race that do not conform to liberal orthodoxy”.

    “Sexism” just mean the same thing about sex.

    These words certainly don’t mean “non-discrimination” or “lack of prejudice”. Liberals derive much of there power from racial and sexual spoils systems.

    Liberalism ruins everything, but the first thing it ruins is the language.

  203. jb says:

    Ms Perry, I can’t believe as a fellow woman of color, you would be so blatantly hypocritical. If you’re going to pass a resolution like the mockery of the Constitution that you passed today, and not even MENTION that rap music is much worse as far as denigrating women (and include THOSE RADIO STATIONS), you expose yourself as nothing more than a partisan with no actual interest in helping women – only in helping your own career. The hypocrisy is shameful and I think it’s wonderful that this insanity may finally clue people into the uselessness of the LACC’s political resolutions – and, for the most part, the council itself.

  204. dj says:

    YEA ! Council…You gave us a hammer !!!!
    But…Talk Show? There is no such thing as a talk show or talk radio. There is only radio. Radio with lots of music, radio with some music, and radio with a little bit of music. The announcers are al DJs. Disc Jockeys. But you might classify religious sermons broadcast over the radio as talk. So…Farrakhan ….. WATCH OUT.
    ISLAMIC Imans preaching just about any “paragraph” in the Koran would qualify as “racist” and “sexist” comments.. So WATCH OUT Imams….
    YEA ! Council…You gave us a hammer !!!!

  205. Gerry says:

    What a colossal wast of tax payer time and money by a ridiculously worthless city counsel. Where is your resolution on bill mahr and ed shultz. They air on LA TV. Oh that’s right, they are liberal.

  206. MadBag says:

    Does this mean MSNBC is going to be banned inside the LA city limits? How about Maher on HBO? Or will it be a one-way street on who is guilty and who isn’t?

  207. TMay says:

    Excellent point about “chilling first amendment rights”. Maybe someone will sue.
    Yesterday this website did not publish my comment because it contained a link to a website and they said they needed a moderator to look it over before posting it and then today they abolished all the comments as well as the original article, so this time I will list what you need to find the website without giving the website. If you want to see ugliness on the Left of which Pres Obama and Media Matters, given money by Soros, and the LA City Council are unaware of or are indifferent to, look up Youtube and Bill Maher and Dan Savage and Santorum. The title of the Youtube is “Dan Savage takes on Michele Bachmann, Rick …” dated July 17, 2011. Dan Savage is one of the biggest lowlifes in the USA and he is a repeat guest on Bill Maher’s show. He google- bombed Santorum’s name and then Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pushed it and then Google refused to take down the link. Dan Savage is still proud of it as youc an see on the excerpt. Watch as he says he would like to rape Santorum and Bill Maher smiles gleefully and makes a comment about what a great show it is turning out to be. (BTW I like to use some karma and make Dav Savage’s name mean what he tried to make Santorum’s name to mean by using the words dansavage as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and as an expletive eg Dan Savage dansavaged Santorum’s name.) Maher’s show is in LA. He is running scared. He supported Rush. Then he came out with a “can’t we all just get along statement.’ Pres Obama would not give back the one million $’s that Maher pledged. Then you can read an article by Burt Prelutsky an LA columnist, who has his own website, and the article is called “Will $4 a Gallon Gas Do the Trick?” in which he names the Dem politicians who routinely use disgusting words to attack Republicans. Then of course we have to remember the racist comments of Pres Obama attacking the Tea Party. Then there is the Playboy List of Top 10 Republican Women to be violated. then there is Michelle Malkin’s article about the Dem “War on Conservative Women.”
    Then we have to realize that the LA City Council is racist in assuming that people with different skin color or a different sex will necessarily have a political view that is different than the person they are standing beside. If we applied the logic of the LA City Council to the census, we could dispense with all descriptions of people as Asian or White of Hispanic of Black and just have 2 categories Democratic and Republican and all the census taker would have to do it to look at the color and sex of the person at the door or see their name to decide whether they were Democrat or Republican. Anyway it is my belief that this all comes from Pres Obama with his “punish the enemy attitude”, meaning His enemies, and he considers Talk Radio his enemy just as he thought FoxNews was his enemy and a year later Murdoch was in big trouble. He probably assigned the task of pushing on the point of trying to get rid of talk radio, that he thinks he can make into an issue for the 2012 election,.onto his Czar in charge of Propaganda.. Freepress has a similar silly petition that they are having people sign and sending to the FCC that minorities and women should be required by the FCC to have ownership of radio stations “for diversity’s sake”. He’s had General Wesley Clark try to blame George Bush for the failed Arab Spring. His other policies have been a disaster. He can always fall back on the Leftist technique of polarizing and mockery and sneering and tilting at straw men. The Left loves to distort the truth so that they don’t have to deal with issues. Now they are making out the GOP to be a party that wants to take away birth control, when what Rush was objecting to was “who would PAY for Ms. Fluke’s sex life”, which is not a health issue. Gov’t can use $penalites and fines and taxes as well as police power to coerce individuals and companies to do what they like, the same way that the LA City Council came out with the rule that someone throwing a frisbee on the beach during certain months in the LA area has to pay a $1,000. fine. What is offensive is decided by the listener not the speaker, which is why our forefather had the foresight to create the First Amendment rights on speech..

  208. jim bob says:

    Apparently, freedom of speech is being usurped by the right of some people not be offended anywhere at anytime.

  209. Eric Sherwood says:

    So… if people in LA hear a radio station from outside the city, the radio station is inviolation of this. I suggest that LA build a huge dome that completely filters out other radio stations, lest LA liberals become offended. Once it’s built, I’m sure I can get enough people to contribute money to have it filled with water.

  210. PROUD RINO says:

    LA Talk Radio is populated by tea sipping neanderthals who are to the right of Genghis Kahn. With the exception of Geraldo Rivera and Michael Medev you are stuck listening to the likes of Sean Hannity.

    1. Ralph says:

      What? No highly popular Air America?

  211. Mike V says:

    I have heard this resolution doesn’t apply to comedians.

  212. F. Stephen Masek says:

    Mr. Limbaugh was out of line, but I wonder if he did it on purpose to stir-up the radical leftists who are trying to ruin the USA? If so, it seems to be working.

    Of course, these leftist politicians are ignoring the horrible roads, high crime, and other matters which are their actual responsibility to waste time on this baloney. How typical. Just as they do with pandering to renters by supporting “rent control” and anti-landlord inspections which make apartment buildings worse and worse for the good renters, while allowing the bad ones to get away with just about anything.

  213. TGC says:

    You can always tell when the libs are losing…they start passing “resolutions” and holding “protests”. Idiots!

  214. Mike V says:

    Would this be a racist or sexist statement? What do atheists yell during sex? Just wonderin’ out loud.

  215. jubal says:

    Ever listen to the LA ‘latino’ radio stations? Yup, racist kind of covers it. Betcha that no-one is going to lean on those guys.

  216. bill says:

    Don’t adhere to there communist ordinance and tell them to stuff there ordinance up there rear ends, or sue the city for 1st amendment discrimination rights of free speech.

  217. IraqVet says:

    Communist Jan Perryis a hater and a threat to constitutional protections of free speech and should be immediately tried for crimes against the natural rights of all Americans…personally I don’t care, she is just another self loathing liberal hag.

  218. holdem poker chips says:

    Nice little tool, I like it! How hard would it be to also have it mirror the menu bar icons? My monitor recently broke exactly around that region, so I can’t use any menu bar icons since i can’t see them. It would be nice if I had a copy of them on the second display.

  219. cat cat cat says:

    Looking for the ACLU to intervene. No, wait, this would be protecting free speech for ‘them’, so ha, they’ll watch from the sidelines while the 1st Amendment is gutted.

  220. bob-0 says:

    Political Correctness Is Social Dementia ,,,
    Unless plain speaking is allowed, clear thinking is denied.

  221. Rick says:

    Does the ban include comedians and politicians?

  222. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    The danger is that if Obama is reelected to another four years rulings like these will get to the Supreme Court and be upheld because Obama has stacked the court with far left liberals who see nothing wrong with abridging freedom of speech or religion.

  223. Gregor Stephan says:

    Ahh, my heart is breaking here. No fan of PC, no great fan of Obamaman the Betrayer, no fan of the loony religious wingnuts who have co-opted the GOP, but definitely a fan of common sense and decency. To me, “free speech” means the freedom to express my views on issues without fear of punishment. The kind of ‘freedom’ I see defined here, the freedom to call other people names, is something else entirely. Insisting on this kind of Freedom will only see you folks tearing your once-great nation into even smaller pieces. Other than letting you get some life-stresses off your chests, exactly what good do racist comments entail?

    1. Ed S says:

      HAHAHA ROFLMAO is that today’s “nuance” of the moment? Well, I’m quite sure you will be happy to see all the left leaning television shows removed from the airwaves as well, GBC, Bill Maher MSNBC, Alec Baldwin (who wanted to see conservatives’ families stoned to death) among others, that similarly denigrate various social groups, incite violence and cast WILD aspersions against conservatives.

      Or is that just “real freedom?”

      Too many people have come to believe that freedom of speech means freedom from being offended, you’re one of them.

    2. Osamas Pajamas says:

      “Racist!” is the charge thrown mostly by black racists and by white fascist Democrats who think that they can mau-mau their critics into fearful, guilty silence. This fact suggests its own solution. All Democrats should be sterilized. This takes the issue of OhBummer’s stolen contraceptives off the table and it means that after a couple of decades, the lying, bloodsucking, tax-eating Democrat hoodlums, thugs, and gangsters will be on their way to a well-deserved extinction. Call it “ethical cleansing.”

  224. bomber7090 says:

    It is a resolution. It is not a law. Means nothing.

  225. GLEN says:

    LA City Council needs to diversify, obviously too many communists

  226. Mrspotty says:

    Turds…all of them. They are attempting to stifle free speech.

  227. BeverlyC says:

    In the past people on TV and radio were decent and had manners. They were people we looked up to.
    Now most act like they are talking to the local prostitute. No class and no decency.

  228. timmeh says:

    The city is going down the toilet and this is the main concern…sad.

  229. Osamas Pajamas says:

    We are Americans. We say what we think. We know what to do to censors who try to shut us up.

    Do WHAT, exactly?

    Well, it isn’t pretty, and it isn’t nice — but it IS “right” — and the recipient of that countermeasure will never, ever censor anyone again.

  230. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Censorship is the hallmark of a fascist dictatorship.

    But we don’t have to listen to the politicians and bureaucrats and public servants, we need only to remember this —-

    “The only good censor — like the only good dictator — is a ‘dead’ one.”

  231. Jeremy Cuthair says:

    Cali has always been working on their do as I say but not as our liberal friends do.

  232. Ralph says:

    The land of fruits and nuts

  233. jim bob says:

    /sarc. Since radio waves don’t stop at geographic boundries….unsensitive broadcast may be heard. Therefore, to protect the people…we must make it illegal for anyone to listen to anything but approved radio stations…for their own protection./sarc

    While ridiculous this is the type of the track taken by authoritorian regimes. What happened if you were found in the Soviet Union or in modern day North Korea listening to an unapproved radio station?

  234. killerbee says:

    Can we still play the “KILL RUSH” song really loud in the hood?????

  235. Sam Cat says:

    You may not like racist & sexist “slurs” but they are free speech. Our kids should be told that words don’t hurt them not that every “slur” is the most hurtful thing. With this action LA has shown they only care about agree speech and loathe free speech.

  236. tdrag says:

    Don’t just blow this off people. This is a first shot by Liberals at censoring speech that they don’t like. You may hate Rush Limbaugh but remember your speech may be next.

  237. Tbirdsz says:

    I wonder what this is going to mean for Howard Stern

  238. Donrange says:

    Like this will have any effect, since KFI’s studios are in Burbank, and have been for 5 years. This just makes the city council look , once again, stupid, and symbolic, Figureheads for the government unions who actually run L.A.

  239. VancouverAndy says:

    Ouch! That’s really going to hurt Air America. – “What’s that you say, Air America no longer exists?”
    In Rosananna Rosanna Danna voice…….NEVERRRR MIND!

  240. Mark Dargus says:

    She WAS a crack ho!!!!

  241. Johnmann says:

    This symbolic gesture has no teeth, no means for punitive or legal action against the slur makers… if it did, the law would equally have to apply to ALL slurs on rap songs. The music industry, as can be, is based in L.A. and would not go along with having to sensor their money making rap stars… this gesture is meaningless and one of 100 made by the city whenever there is an opportunity to make a headline on a famous person’s demise. Yawn… snooze… next meaningless resolution…

  242. Crosscut says:

    And who decides what is improper speech? What next? Thee libs and leftists are scary people. Buh bye Kalifornia.

  243. Ric says:

    I am heartened to know that rap music has just been banned from the LA airwaves. How are they going to go about enforcing this ban?

  244. sam says:

    OH SNAP she was a crack H.
    Singer Whitney Houston’s use of cocaine “exacerbated her heart condition” and played a role in her accidental drowning in the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel suite, Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey said.

    The long-awaited autopsy results were released Thursday after weeks of intense speculation over how the 48-year-old pop star died. It marks another high-profile Hollywood death connected to drug use, coming less than three years after Michael Jackson died suddenly at his Holmby Hills mansion. Jackson’s death resulted from intoxication involving a powerful sedative, and his doctor was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

  245. grace says:

    The City Council goes after Rush and not all the gangs that run LA. I’m so glad there is no racism there!

    City Council, your pants are down.

  246. Justin says:

    How can you poor folks in Cali stand living there???

  247. kimdi01 says:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    If you do not recognize this, it is the First Ammendment to the Constitution.
    LA and Limbaugh hating people, what part of this do you not understand?

  248. billindallas says:

    So Howard Stern and Bill Maher are safe because they are on satellite / cable?

    I’m free to NOT listen to either of them, and many others. I’m also NOT being reached by their advertisers.

    That is what the free speech in a free market is about.

  249. CGIven says:

    Liberal elites. Everyone has the right to free speech, unless you say something they don’t want to hear.

  250. TroyG says:

    I sure am glad I moved in with the rednecks!
    There are still a few places where a citizen can speak his or her mind without worrying about the “Thought Police”.
    Looks like Sly Stallone’s “Demolition Man”, might not be Science Fiction after all.

    I’m sure there are good folks in CA, but they seem to have allowed themselves to be silenced, or shouted down by the loons among them.
    With businesses leaving CA, it won’t be long till CA is just a bunch of LA LA Land Losers telling themselves that the Feds need to do more for them.

    Enjoy the trip down the drain CA!

  251. Gregg says:

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:

  252. Johnny says:

    John and Ken likes to trash the local government (they are idiots at times). Makes sense to put a muzzle on them. Side note…..News about our federal government can be easier sometimes to find outside the USA. We are looking more like China everyday.

  253. carl says:

    who gets to decide exactly what is racist or sexist?
    this is just an attempt to bring back the fairness doctrine.
    under the fairness doctrine, conservative speech could be squelched if it offended anyone.

  254. Steve3 says:

    There goes all the liberals on TV and radio then. No one spews more hate then a liberal.

  255. Bob says:

    Interesting, when are they going to go after the music that is being played today? hateful, porn, demeaning to women, shoot policemen, etc? Lets go after & stop all of it.

  256. Spirit of 76 says:

    Anti-racist = anti-white.

    Don’t believe it? Just look at the ones belly aching and complaining all the time. All they can do is demand the White Man fix their problems for them, just like children.

    No wonder it’s a White Man’s world. Go back to Mexico if you don’t like living among your betters.

  257. Joy says:

    Now the sheeple are being told what they can listen to, or watch on tv. What we can eat, and what car to drive. Very sad times for our once free beautiful country

  258. JD says:

    Turns out, Whitney Houston WAS a crack ho.

  259. Michael Jiroch says:

    Kfi radio free Los Angeles happens to be in the city of Burbank and the silly little Los Angeles city council has zero authority to extort or control them. The real reason for this measure isn’t because J& K called Whitney Houston a Crack Ho, which was proven to be true, but because they are on top of all the local idiot politicians and their unreasonable taxing and unlimited corruption. (no other media outlet in California has the courage to do so, that includes the owners of this news website) That is why these council members would like them silenced.

  260. tom says:

    Let these liberal extrimists do their jobs for they from newspapers, networks, cables, radios have been peeled out one layer after another by Sir Rush Limbaugh in the public which they are just rotten inions. Don’t be affraid to deal with these animals and this is a gold oppotunities for those young people who want to work in media in the future by collecting all what these liberal animals, including democrat politicians and obama. Put these footages of these people to expose their real cruel, cold and calculated of these animals on the internet so that other people could learn and know who exactly they are.

  261. phocusplease says:

    Well, we can start in November, by throwing open the windows and letting fresh air in by electing President Romney. Sure, LA will still be run by children, but at least we will once again have a grownup leading our nation.

  262. pj says:

    So I when are they going to stop comments sections like this one on the internet? Have to keep this area civilised. Negative comments go unchecked here all the time. Or maybe this is the epitome of kindness and charitable discourse. Silly me.

  263. david5300 says:

    This is a great idea, lets keep track and see what the score is at the end of the year. My bet is that the democraties, progressives will run away with the # of offences.
    Bill mahr
    Obseen maxcine Waters
    etc.etc etc

  264. fergy says:

    They should do something about those people who call for VIOLENCE (Al Sharpton), and REVENGE (Farakhan).

  265. Jim50 says:

    Well, there goes the Liberal media then like that potty mouth Bill Maher just as ONE example.

  266. charley nash says:

    If you’ve ever driven on LA City controlled streets it’s like a 3rd world experience. Somehow nearby towns like Glendale, Burbank, Simi Valley and many others are well maintained. So LA City stick to your real busininess,

  267. Eddie - The Sarge says:

    Will these same geniouses,who apparently love to waste taxpayer’s money of silly resolutions,call on “Reverends” Wright, Sharpton and Jackson to quit flaming race baiting speech and Racist Farrakhan, NOI and the Black Panther organization to repeal their anti-white and anti-Semitic, mysigionist, separists and militant race policies?

  268. pompey says:

    …….the lawless and chaotic LA barely resembles an American city. They will soon be Detriot….!

  269. Jim Sweet says:

    I’m no fan of this, but it’s over the top to claim this is restricting free speech. It’s simply a pointless waste of council time and resources.

    High dudgeon from left or right is simply wasted on this nothingburger move.

  270. John Smyth says:

    Yeah, that will fix everything.

    I hope the are monitoring all the middle east speaking stations as well.

  271. Udo says:

    SO this will of course apply to rap songs that use this kind of language as well, right?

  272. Roger says:

    Sieg Heil mein Führer!

  273. SameOldStory says:

    What about racist and sexist comments that are in the lyrics of the music played over so many stations? The city council is trying to outdo their brethren in Sacramento for top stupidity honors.

  274. Disgusted with libs says:

    I guess teh city is going to jam the signal for Howard Stern also. That is only “FAIR”. Isn’t that what libs are all about.

  275. bobover says:

    Coke Ho….thats what she was!

  276. bobover says:

    The left coast is full of crack hoes. Pelosi is there dealer and Arnold is is the muscle> Cut off the entire state, float it out about 30 miles, and call it what it really is…A broke ass third world country!

  277. rick says:

    Ben Franklin said it better than I can: Those who will trade freedom (of speech among others) for security (money extorted from taxpayers) will end up having neither. (Does $16 Trillion mean anything to you dummies in la-la land?)

  278. Baseball chick says:

    Hey city council people.. how about cleaning up the mess that this city is in???????
    Sanctimonious dimwits……

  279. Malinse says:

    Every true believer-progressive, such as those in the LA City, County, and State government, I ever debated with always ended up trying to yell over me so they won’t have to hear what I’m saying. Why are they afraid to hear what conservatives think? Are they afraid some of their club members might see them listening to conservatism and they might be ostercized by the group? What is with the so-called “tolerant” left. They need to man-up and stop letting the mob dictate their thinking.

  280. Malinse says:

    It’s unfortunate I don’t live in the city so I vote against these imbeciles. They are intolerable and need to go. From the Mayor on down they are only there because LA is full of parasites, idiots and illegals who vote for a living. That’s right they vote for the free handouts and welfare programs these cretins approve to keep their seats of power. So if you are a voter and vote for people like the LA City Council you might want to go back to school and finish the sixth grade.

  281. SWG1 says:

    And now for the good news….. while the City Council weighed in on this subject with some non-binding resolution, at least they were not creating new taxes or devising new ways to waste taxpayer dollars. Well, beyond their own salaries.

  282. rhonda says:

    These MORONS can’t think of ONE thing to do to fix what is a cesspool (LA COUNTY/CITY). WHY ARE WE PAYING THESE PEOPLE????!!!!

  283. marco says:

    the council made cocaine illegal. therefore they are responsible for the bullying of people who use the drug. legalize it !

  284. mojo says:

    The very same people calling for an end to racist and sexist language say NOTHING about rappers calling women B!tche$ and other vulgar comments. They say NOTHING about the name calling and hate speech from elected officials like Maxine Waters who SHOULD be held to a higher standard but are not. It starts from the top and unless they are going to include the music and entertainment industry then this piece of legislation is nothing more than a bunch of dog doo

  285. whazup says:

    Wm Wright is RIGHT. Bill Maher IS a disgusting piece of humanity if you can even call him human. I think the main reason he makes sexist jokes about women is because he probably can’t get any and has a little weenie. Men like him usually have a complex and need to inflate their egos by calling other people names. I don’t understand how anyone could watch him on HBO without throwing up. IN fact he is probably a closet conservative pretending to be liberal to create controversy so people in the entertainment industry will like him. Blech puke. Can’t wait for his EOL

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