SOUTHGATE (CBS) — A high school sophomore was shot and killed Tuesday after a dispute erupted between her boyfriend and another group of men, authorities said.

Roxy Borboa Galeno, who had always been a popular girl in her community, had just turned 16 and always stayed out of trouble, according to her classmates.

Many Southgate community members were stunned by the shooting and could not understand how this could have happened.

“I’m really in shock. Some of her friends did not come to school today and neither did her boyfriend. He is really sad,” classmate Karla Gomez said.

Galendo was killed in Southgate’s industrial section at Dakota and Gardendale Street. Family and friends believe she was an innocent victim who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police said she was with her boyfriend and one other friend when a group of men approached them and started a fight.

Galeno and the two men she was with reportedly left. One of the men involved in the fight, fired a shot hitting Galeno in the head while she was sitting in the back of a sedan.

The teen was rushed to the St. Francis Medical Center Hospital and died early Wednesday morning.

Authorities were continuing their investigation, but no arrests had been made as of Wednesday night.

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  1. Totti Johnson says:

    Such a beautiful girl. What a tragedy. Wow.

    1. Quagmire says:

      What if she wasn’t a “beautiful” girl? Would you care then? Azz. pretty people with problems need to die. the world worships pretty people. Why not say, how sad, a person innocently died. That would be more sensitive.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    Why did the men fired ONLY 1 shot? She probably provoke ’em?? Usually when people fired, they fired many shots to take ’em all out.. Ofcourse the boyfriend’s not cooperating and telling the police what really went down..

  3. CALIFORNIA = 70% MEXICANS says:

    Pinchy Phuta, what a waste of a nice name “Roxy”. Surfer girl or not.

  4. LIsa says:

    Who cares how many shots, they fired you IDIOT ! Watch what you say, sounds like you’re not cooperating with the police?And if she did say something,WHAT KIND OF A BIG SHOT SHOOTS AT A GIRL?It”s a tragedy for her and everyone who knew her.She wasn’t a trouble maker,she didn’t have problems,she went to school ,now what?She’s was loved by all of us her knew her !

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