All this, and 28 mpg Highway? Oh, behave!By Kent Shocknek

The list of automakers selling 4-door sedans, yet calling them ‘coupes,’ continues to grow. Mercedes started the trend with its CLS-class. Let’s be clear: a ‘coupe’ is supposed to mean 2 doors. But if a manufacturer wants to squash down the roof of a 4-door and call it a coupe, we wish them well.  Audi is the latest, and perhaps the most effective. The A7 is basically an A6 sedan, with a lower roofline, and a higher price line. For those who can afford it (starting around $60K), it’s one gorgeous car.  Audis have some of the most eye-catching  lines this side of a fashion catwalk.  Besides, tell yourself you’ll save on fuel: with the standard 3-litre direct injection supercharged V6, uncle Sam says the A7 is good for 18/28.

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