WOODLAND HILLS (CBS) — Police say a hospital employee fatally stabbed a man he had told to leave the facility’s property.

The stabbing happened about 3 a.m. at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center in the 5600 block of De Soto Avenue, Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman said.

Eisenman says a male employee told the man, who was apparently a transient, to leave the property. However, the man struck the employee, who then pulled out a knife and stabbed him several times, KNX 1070’s Margaret Carrero reports. 

The fight was outside the hospital.

The wounded man, who was in his 40s, died at the hospital, coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter said. Authorities withheld his name, pending family notification.

The employee was not arrested, but an investigation was being conducted to determine if he would face any criminal charges in connection with the death, Eisenman said.

Kaiser officials told the Los Angeles Daily News that its not clear whether the employee or the transient pulled the knife.

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  1. ze forte says:

    At least there’s one less transient on the streets. It’s sad because what else you going to do when a transient goes berserk on you? At work we sent one away who was trying to sleep in our lobby, he made it a point to urinate at our front door at night every day for several weeks. Not to mention the trash he’d bring.

  2. Average Gal says:

    All life is valuable.

    This man didn’t deserve to die like that, what gives the hospital worker the right to take this man’s life simply because he was less-well off?

    The hospital worker needs to go straight to jail and should be convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

    1. Joe Dionne says:

      READ THE STORY…Maybe the transient pulled the knife. If so, he deserves what he got.

    2. RJ says:

      I believe the story reads that the “man struck the employee.” Why do you think the hospital worker took this man’s life simply because he was less-well off? Additionally, the story ends saying that it wasn’t clear who pulled the knife. There’s something called self defense, and if this transient had of hit me first, he would have gone out the same way.

      1. Average Gal says:

        He “struck” the man is the point. You cannot return non-deadly force with deadly force. This is still worker, plain an simple because the hospital worker intended do and did inflict serious bodily harm on the man when he stabbed him with a knife. This is a not a case of self-defense, when someone uses non-deadly force the returned force used must be reasonable. The hospital worker returned deadly force and stabbed the man, killing the poor man and exceeded any amount of reasonable force that he was justified in using to protect himself.

        The hospital worker could have left and went to go call security. Did he? NO. He pulled out a knife and stabbed the worker just so that other people in the hospital wouldn’t have to deal with someone who they felt was a “transient.”

        The Kaiser employee is not justified in playing God and deciding who gets to live or not, and dispense “street justice” …this is what we had a legal system for. The worker should have phoned the police if the man was becoming a nuissance, the killer in this case is not a police officer nor was he even a security guard, and stabbing someone and inflicting deadly force is murder. The worker needs to be prosecuted straight up FOR MURDER.

        In which hospitals do the workers walk about carrying knifes on their person? Sounds to me like the Kaiser hospital worker was looking for trouble and was clearly looking to kill someone, and in this case, he killed the man.

        There are security personnel for a reason.

      2. Dave Ockun - REALTOR® Keller Williams Realty Westside says:

        I agree with Average Gal. There’s a reason hospitals have security and there is no reason an employee should be involved to the extent of this guy dying… To hear that other Kaiser employees were not involved in the incident really makes it sound like it was personal…

        It’s actually very sad as the chances are the transient was seeking medical assistance and was most likely turned away. Everyone in crisis mode has a different way of communicating and there’s got to be more to the story…

    3. Family friend says:

      I know this worker who is a 65 year old man who is 5 ft 6″ and 150 lbs. He had to be fighting for his life..There is no way he would have purposely try to kill anyone. He lost his son to a sudden death and that is just not who he is. I pray for the man family that lost his life but most importantly I pray for my friend who went to work (something he does faithly) and was caught by a strange destiny. Now a man that have never been to jail is up for murder and he was attacked..

    4. friend says:

      Average gal,
      If you don’t know the whole story don’t say anything. This transient had been wondering the grounds make threats to employees saying I’m going to kill you. he was a large man apushin 300 pounds full of anger and agression. If the empoyee would have defended himself we would have found him dead out there in the morning. You aviously have never worked or had to deal with mentally unstable people … The empoyee is a kind hearted little old man, that feels awful for what happened. You should not pass judgment you are not God either. the transient was fighting with everyone…

      1. Average Gal says:

        The hospital employee at Kaiser murdered this man and he needs to be sent off to prison to atone for this crime. Plain and simple.

        There was no immediate threat of harm to anyone’s life. A future threat to someone of “I’m going to kill you” is not justification for an employee to pull out a knife and stab the poor man repeatedly simply where there is no immediate threat of harm and the threat is one in the future, as was the case here. A reasonable person would have phoned the police if someone was really threatening others, did anyone at Kaiser phone police at all? Absolutely not. They acted as if this poor man’s life was absolutely nothing and the worker took the law into his own hands and viciously stabbed the man to death.

        People go to a hospital to be treated. Not to be stabbed to death. In fact, if the hospital staff have routinely dealt with violent individuals then they were on notice that they should have extra security to staff the hospital, even in the wee hours of the morning. Did they? NO. That’s why this case is a simple case of a hospital employee who wanted to and did specifically play God and murdered the poor man because he was deemed as undesirable and was just “disturbing” the people of mind of others.

        If the poor man was going around “starting fights” as you say, there was plenty of time to pick up a phone and call the cops. What hospital worker carries around a knife on his person? A hospital is not a prison and a hospital worker does not get to dispense street level justice, and get off scott free.

        You MURDER someone you go to jail. If everyone in a hospital who doesn’t like someone kills the person, this sets a strange precedent as to what someone can do in a place of treatment, simply because a worker doesn’t like someone.

        He feels awful for killing the poor man and he should. The murderer is out free right now when he should be sitting behind bars right now facing murder charges. its only a matter of time before he’s arrested and the DA files murder charges against the hospital worker.

        The dead man’s family should hire a lawyer and sue Kaiser and the murderer for this vicious massacre of the poor man. No kind hearted person viciously murders someone in a cold, calculated way and can expect to remain on the streets to kill again.

        The worker will be locked up very soon and sitting in jail for 25 to life.

  3. Marshall Tucker says:

    Self-defense rules again. Don’t start something you can’t finish!

  4. mike in san diego says:

    One down, several hundreds to go.

  5. Karen says:

    There is this concept in the law of justifiable force. It was not justifiable to stab the man. The Kaiser employee could have just gone back inside the building and called security. I am so angry at people like this Kaiser employee who feel they make the decisions left for God. In Florida, a neighborhoood watch idiot killed a young boy for no good reason. I want that one in jail for the rest of his life. This Kaiser employee needs a charge of some level of murder.

    1. Family friend says:

      He attempted and was attack.. Did you not read that part? This man had a family to take care of. There was no way he work up and said I can’t wait to kill someone today. He was walking back into work and was attacked..

      1. Friend says:

        The transient was the one looking to hurt someone that night. Kaiser is lucky it wasn’t a female nurse getting rapped and beaten to death. It was skef defense and going up against someone much younger and wAy bigger. He is lucky he serviced.

  6. Karen says:

    Since you don’t know – if someone hits you, the justifiable force is a hit in return. It does not mean you can stab someone with a knife and kill them.

    1. Also an ex employee says:

      I work at this Facility and if you saw the Security here you would laugh. i know this man and have worked with him. all i know is that at the end of the day IAM GOING HOME! people out of the loop like yourself are stupid and ignorant to the situation. so please dont comment if you dont know.

  7. April says:

    damn shame

  8. DLh says:

    I don’t think the employee should have confronted the guy without someone else there or without security. Who knows how some of the transients are going to react. Who know a lot are mentally unstable like possibly this guy might have been. They should have some type of security there, why weren’t they called first. Now he has to sweat out a police investigation and probably a lawsuit, who knows.

  9. Keeping says:

    Wow, everyone jumping to conclusions, but none the less, one less bum off the streets

  10. Wally's girl says:

    Why wasn’t hospital security involved?

  11. Stevenson says:

    My brother-in-law is the employee in question. He was attached while out on a break. He fought to save his own life. This man has a heart of gold and would not do anything to take another person’s life, but only to save his own. He knows what it is to loose a loved one. Him and his wife lost their only son and would not wish that pain upon any family, not even the person that attached him. My brother-in-law went and got security and called the police and is taking full responsibility for what he encountered that night. Know the facts and don’t post judgement until you’ve been put in that position to have to make a decision that you will have to live with for the rest of your life in order to save your own life. Only God can judge!!

    1. LA Sinecure says:

      The headlinse should read “Kaiser Employee Defends Self From Attacker”. That’s how it went down at 3:00 a.m. outside the emergency room.

      1. A Damn Shame says:

        Well we all know how the media put their own spin to it.. Isn’t that how Hitler got tons of German followers using the media againt the jews..

        It was graveyard shift and not enough staff to assist. He was caught between a rock and a hard place..

    2. Friend says:

      My heart goes out the the empoyees family. He is a good sweet caring man, who didn’t deserve to get jumped and attack going back into work. That transient was looking to hurt someone and ended up picking on the wrong old man.

    3. A DAMN SHAME 2 says:

      let solomon know that the ones that he waved hi to in the hallways and was always friendly to are shocked and saddened by what has happened here and want to thank him for his daily smile and are relieved that he survived this horrible act that someone else put him in. people knew the transient in question, not by his name mentioned in the article but by the way he acted on the grounds. Security was called, they did nothing, they never do. i wonder if the employees will ever feel safe now that one story finally made it out into the public, but without seeing security out and about beyond that “security” office…we won’t.

  12. Friend says:

    He did the right thing and he is a good man.

  13. dont miss a thing says:

    kaiser…i always thought they was a topnotch hospital…and seem there should have been security around the grounds where employee”s gather.

    1. friend says:

      They are a topnotch Hospital Valley’s best… At 0250am there is less staff, and they where already dealing with another situation in the Hospital. There was 2 security on sight right after the fight broke out, and it took to large security to restrain the combative man feel with aggression.

  14. Justin says:

    You lay hands on someone in violence, then you better be prepared to go all the way because you don’t know how far they will go. I know of many incidents where what started as a fistfight ended up with someone getting stabbed or shot. That transient should have been more aware of that than most. I won’t weep for him. I just hope that hospital employee has a good attorney because someone in the DA’s Office is going to take issue with him using a knife unless he can prove that said transient pulled the knife first and/or was attempting to either kill him or do him grievous bodily harm.

  15. A Damn Shame says:

    @ Average Gal, your theory sounds great but the reality is he was working graveyard and step outside an employee door to take a break. Were security available at the time yes but on the other side of the building. The homeless man that same day was just kick out another hospital a few minutes before going to that area. At the time, he was attempting to protect his job and other employees while attempting to get help from security. Face the facts here most homeless people are mentally ill and are prone to aggressively attack at any moment when spoken to. The worker a 60 something man, small built 147 lbs and 5 ft 7 in was attack attempting to go back into work. He was ambushed by the homeless man. He was fighting for his life. Mentally ill people sometimes have super human stregnth. Obvisously, he had nothing to hide if he went in for questioning. It’s unfortunate a typical day of work went this way.

    It’s easy to say what you will do if you are not part of the situation. If I felt that my life was in danger I will definitely do the same.

    1. Average Gal says:

      It is your position that all mentally ill people deserve to die horribly because someone else renders them unfit to live in society.

      You have law enforcement for a reason. If the man was out of control, there was ample time to pick up a police and call the police who are trained to deal with a situation like this. Did the hospital or its murdering employee who murdered this poor man make any attempt whatsoever to place a call to police even those there was ample time to do so, and there was no immediate threat of harm at the time, until the hospital worker escalated the situation by stabbing the man who happened to be a transient? No, plain and simple.

      According to your analogy all people who happen to be mentally ill deserve to be stabbed to death or die a horrible death at the hands of someone who feels that person’s life is worthless.

      A hospital is not a prison, the poor man went to the hospital to be treated because he needed help and in the end he was murdered by a Kaiser employee who was playing God and who will end up in prison for MURDER.

      1. ToledoCliff says:

        Average Gal – You make some rather fantastic leaps in logic. “According to your analogy all people who happen to be mentally ill deserve to be stabbed to death…” WHERE in his analogy does he say THAT??

        You also come to conclusions based on certain assumptions about which you have no direct knowledge. You ASSUME he had time to call for the police, and you ASSUME he could just walk away. But you don’t know the facts of the case. Perhaps this man attacked the hospital employee and was beating on him. In that case, how is the employee to step away, get a radio and call for police? If he was actively engaged in a physical confrontation, he may have had just one option – reach for and get his knife and try to subdue the attacker.

        Please, Average Gal, use a little intellectual honesty. Otherwise you just make yourself look ignorant and your views become irrelevant.

      2. A Dame Shame says:

        LMAO.. You take one small point then suggests I want all mentally ill people to be killed? Yes.. you caught me that’s my theory and now my sole mission in life is to kill all mentally ill person. I will use a Kaiser employee (oops already have), then a Marina Del Rey Hospital employee, then I will use a UCLA Hospital employee then all the hospitals around the world. There is no stopping me. Thank you for finally showing me my mission.

        How dumb are you? Really?

        Of course, I don’t think anyone deserves to die. The guy that died had just as much right to live vs. Solomon. I’ve known Solomon for over 30 years plus and his character speaks beyond this act of self-defense. He is a Southern man who was raised in the bayous. He has been caring a small pocket knife (Swiss army knife) on his waist and visible to all for years. He uses it for daily activities such as opening a box since he works in the maintenance department.

        Let’s be realistic. If you work at a hospital you are exposed to all types of people even those who agenda is not to get help but to start problems. I am sure that is not the first time Solomon has ran across an argument there. He doesn’t have a history of violence, he worked on the job long term, he is not on drugs, he is a valued employee , a loving father and husband; yet this incident occurred.

        Security was dealing with another incident as he was in danger therefore he defended himself. Ironically, if you were in a similar situation I am sure you will fight to live especially if you argue your opinion of righteousness here.

        I am sure he was in the heat of the moment and may have not known he stab the man multiple times. He did not set out that work day to come home a killer or as you say a MURDERER. Plain and simple he was attack from behind. He choose to use a weapon to defend himself. Security came to the rescue and the man was still violent to them. If he would have just stop his violence he would be alive today.

        He created that incident which lead to his death. There was time where he could have received help.

        It’s unfortunate and a true freak destiny on both sides.

  16. Timothy McGarry says:

    A similar case happened many years ago, 1980 or so, when a deranged man killed a hospital scrub clad man on Ventura Blvd. near the medical offices by DeSoto Ave. Since he was wearing scrubs, the guy thought he was “after him”.

  17. eugene says:

    It was clearly self-defense.

  18. A DAMN SHAME 2 says:

    sad all around,sad that security didnt do or did do their job too late.i blame security.They aren’t kaiser employees, they don’t get up and do anything..they aren’t present. you would think after this incident they would be more present..NOPE

  19. Big_Fat_ Jim says:

    Sounds like self defense to me, and one less parasite on society.

  20. KILLER_K says:


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