HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Los Angeles police Sunday were investigating an attack in Hollywood as a possible hate crime.

The incident took place near North Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street.

Los Angeles police Officer Gregory Baek of Media Relations says the victim — identified as a 39-year-old Hispanic male — was reportedly approached by three suspects who asked him if he was gay about 1:30 Sunday morning.

After answering in the affirmative, the man was subsequently attacked and, according to Baek, lost consciousness momentarily.

Police said the men only stopped beating the victim when a passerby intervened.

The victim reportedly took a cab to the hospital upon regaining consciousness, Baek said.

The man was released from the hospital Sunday morning. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Resident Daniela Castro told us she was shocked that something like this happened in her neighborhood. “I hate that people have to think that way. People need to be more open-minded.”

She walks through the intersection where the attack took place often, going to and from acting class. “I really hope they get caught. If they keep doing that to people, it’s just not right.”

Police say they only have a vague description of the attackers.

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  1. AJ says:

    What was he doing on street at that hour? Nothing good ever happens on the street aft 2:00AM

    1. Get off your high-horse says:

      Well genius, it happened at 1:30AM, not after two. And either way, what does it matter?

    2. James C. says:

      So he deserved it because left a bar around closing time?

  2. Glock Lover says:

    Well your sadly mistaken. Some of us are straight and can live the high life in Hollywood. Sounds like your from a Arkansas trailer park.

  3. sheri says:

    Joey…..your last name says it all

  4. sheri says:

    AJ….maybe finishing a 12 hour shift? Maybe coming home from a relative’s house after helping out through the dinner and bedtime hour? Who are YOU to ask. This is bumf*ck AK…..people are actually up at all times of the day or night

  5. I care says:

    This is serious, the same things have been happening and I know of another person it happened to last weekend. The cops questioned them and let them go. It will be a little to late after they are allowed to continue to harass anyone they wish or feel like they don’t look or act the way they think they should. People this is a hate crime and everyone needs to stand up for each other. It could happen to you or someone you love just because they don’t look or act the way these thugs think they should. Wake up, pay attention, watch out for each other, make a difference in the world we have so neglected.

  6. Munster says:


  7. Joe says:

    We all need to leave gays alone. They have the right to be what ever they want. Let our God be the judge of that!!

    1. Keith says:

      I asked my God to speak, and she said “Gay is Good and Pure” and only those who hate them are condemned to eternity in hell. So, there is “the judge of that!” Glad we got that resolved for you.

  8. bob t says:

    You’re probably thinking of F r i s c o.

  9. justice says:

    so if someone asks someone if say, they’re christian, and then attack them, is that considered a hate crime? Or are gays given special treatment?

    1. Bernie says:

      Of course its a hate crime, moron… Just add sexual orientation to the already existing federal hate crime protections, which already include your religion of choice, and level the damn playing field.

      1. trish marbury says:

        well put. the person who calls him or herself justice is anything but.

    2. George says:

      Hate crime laws cover attacks based on religion, sex, ethnicity as well as sexual orientation.

      1. boyle Heights Baby says:

        Hey George, don’t forget to add AGE to your list.

    3. heard says:

      Yes that would be a hate crime, and you already know that. Stop acting stupid! And stop falsely equating equal rights for gays to “special rights”. Its the same rights straights have when it comes to hate crimes.

      1. trish marbury says:

        if a gay person beat up a hetero for being hetero-which is hard to imagine happening- i would be equally outraged. however if someone slapped a hater upside the head for hating? meh…not so much.

  10. bubbles says:

    Description of the victim given, but no description of the 3 attackers? Keep an eye out for gay latinos in their late thirties.

    1. Joe Dionne says:

      They did give a description of the attackers, it was vague. Read the story!!

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