LONG BEACH (AP) — A former Long Beach fire captain convicted of drunk driving has been sentenced to four years in state prison for violating his probation terms by making alcohol in jail.

John Hines was ordered to serve the sentence Friday.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that Hines filtered hand sanitizer at the Huntington Beach jail and drank the ethanol it produced.

Police Capt. Russel Reinhart told the newspaper Hines used salt to filter toxins out of the cleaning solution before drinking it.

Hines was convicted last year to driving drunk when he hit a bicyclist and left the man critically injured.

As part of a plea deal, he was allowed to serve probation and a year in jail where he worked as a janitor.

» Former Long Beach Fire Captain Serving Time For DUI Found Drunk In Jail
» Long Beach Fire Captain Pleads Guilty To Hit-And-Run DUI
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Comments (4)
  1. ginny says:

    This drunk will never change, just lock him up and let him kill himself making more alcohol via hand sanitizer. What a piece of work.

  2. Chuey says:

    Alcoholic..in case anyone is wondering. I bet you he still thinks he doesn’t have a problem.

  3. Joey Dense says:

    lol, OK so what are they going to do? Throw him in jail? rotfl.


    1. bounce says:

      Reading comprehension fail.

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