GLENDALE (CBS) — Two former employees of a BMW dealership in Glendale will not face jail time for a high-speed joyride last year.

Vacheh Margoussian, 21, and Artin Yazidjian, 22, were ordered on Thursday to attend traffic school and each pay a $150 fine

The pair was charged last November for racing a newly-delivered 1 Series M coupe on the streets of Glendale and videotaping their exploits back in August of 2011.

A complaint from the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Margoussian was the driver while Yazidjian videotaped the joyride down East Windsor Road.

Both men pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges.

Comments (3)
  1. antiarmo says:

    stupid armo’s. they could have caused a major accident. the judge should throw the book at these idiots!

  2. Suzanne says:

    So these #@!&#’ ‘s paid less than I did for my speeding ticket on Laurel Canyon.

    My ticket was $360 plus the cost of traffic school and I hadn’t had a ticket for 25 years.

    I was clocked at 51 mph.. Probably much less than their speed and the distance I travelled was probably much less than their’s as well.

    I wasn’t purposely speeding either. I was distraught over an unexpected death in the family and the way that the death and arrangements had been handled..

    When I realized I was speeding I immediately slowed down and hadn’t even seen the motorcycle officer until he was behind me at the traffic light, He didn’t even turn on his lights until after the light changed and I proceeded on, no longer speeding.

    Where is the justice in our ‘justice’ system ???

  3. Decent American says:

    I bet the judge was an Armo too

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