GLENDALE (CBS) — A black bear found pawing through an refrigerator in a resident’s garage has a Glendale neighborhood on edge.

A resident in the 3700 block of Beechglen Drive heard a commotion at about 3 a.m. Wednesday when he found the bear in his garage, according to the Los Angeles Times. The animal had entered the garage through an outside door that had been left open.

The homeowner made eye contact with the bear, then went back inside, locked the door and called the police.

“The police arrived in time to see the bear leaving the backyard and leap over the fence,” Glendale city spokeswoman Vicki Gardner told the Times.

Wednesday’s bear sighting happened not far from the neighborhood where a bear was spotted in November, when it was seen rummaging through garbage cans near Frederick Avenue and Santa Carlotta Street.

It’s not known if two sightings were of the same bear.

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