LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new community development program is making sure the Southland’s wealthiest households aren’t the only ones going green.

KNX 1070’s Brian Ping reports the Green Grants Program has retrofitted nearly 90 homes in East Los Angeles with solar panels, attic insulation and a tankless water heater.

Funds from the Community Development Block Grant program have made the panels available for free to single-family households that earn less than $67,000 a year in the county’s 1st District.

The solar panels eliminate an estimated 1,200 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over their 30-year lifespan, according to the grant’s operator, Enterprise Community Partners.

Homes must meet specific structural requirements for the energy-saving add-ons, which also include under-floor insulation and earthquake safety gas shut-off valves.

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  1. Denny Schneider says:

    If in the City of Los Angeles or other areas served by LADWP beware of your expectations. There is a $10/month fee for not using enough power which is then subjected to the 10% City Tax and more. If you produce more than you use you will NOT be paid for it, but instead you receive credits toward future use. HOWEVER, credits are NOT TRANSFERABLE so you lose it all if you move and cannot pass it on to a new home buyer.

  2. Wetb@cks says:

    And of course you have to be an illegal alien who is already on welfare to qualify for this. God forbid Los Angeles help regular people.

  3. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

    IT’S NOT FREE!!! I PAID FOR IT!!!! The Program is funded directly by the federal government’s U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  4. Linda says:


    We should all appreciate our nation’s support for “Going Green”. This will help our environment now and for our children. It will financially help those who need assistance by lowering their monthly power bills.

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