By Tom Reopelle

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A Southland high school teacher was on leave Tuesday after a 14-year-old student claimed she was forced to urinate in a bucket after the teacher refused her request to use the restroom.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports school officials with Patrick Henry High School in San Diego are investigating the allegations.

A claim filed against both the school and the San Diego Unified School District alleged that art teacher Gonja Wolf prohibited the unidentified student from leaving the classroom despite her insistence that the request was urgent.

Wolf allegedly directed the girl to use a bucket located in a “small room adjacent to the class”, according to a statement from principal Patricia Crowder.

The girl said she was unable to wait any longer and complied with Wolf’s instructions.

Wolf has been put on administrative leave while the district conducts its investigation.

“Please know that as a district we are taking this very seriously,” said Crowder.

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  1. rich says:

    GONJA?? that is just to funny!!! if this teacher really made the girl use a bucket then he/she must have been smoking what their name suggests

    1. schwartzer says:

      she looks like one of the actors on swindling the goyim on YT-watch both parts.

      1. Joe Bite-me says:

        this is just another daily made-up story, intended to distract from the real issues, such as the fact that obamma’s economic policies are a total failure.

      2. ColdForThisTeacher says:

        Garbage fills the daily news cycle and the Drudge Report has been linking to cbslocal for the last 3 weeks with some real ridiculous stories. Much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      3. freshwind says:

        So, all the haters who want to outlaw birth control think this is okay?

    2. Dr Phil says:

      Tom Reopelle needs to lay off the horrible plastic surgery & botox.

    3. Dr Phil says:

      See you there at sunrise…

    4. fiscusd says:

      What if I just kick you in the nuts instead? See if it makes a man outta you.

  2. Jus says:

    Omg. why can’t these kid’s just speak up? I always counsel my kid’s to speak up and yes be respectful, but speak up, and yes my daughter know’s better to txt me from class if “anything goes wrong”.
    What this teacher did is a racist move and abuse.

    1. rich says:

      wrong yes racist NO you can not claim race when no one has stated the race of the child involved

      1. Republicrat says:

        Not only is the race of the child AND teacher unknown, even if the races were stated here, there is no evidence regarding the motivations of the teacher to suggest racism.

      2. Evan Carr says:

        Was just about to say that. Maybe Jus knows the school and the students. even so there would have to be another incident at the same time where the teacher let someone of a different race go the the ladies room. She is smart to have her daughter txt her. I told that to my daughter as well, some of these public school teachers are insane with power.

      3. ED says:

        Of course you can claim “race” without knowing ANYTHING about ANYTHING. Race hustlers like The Rev (where’s ma luv chiialll) Jesse Jackson and the biggest fool of all Rev Sharpton and a half — have made millions off of claiming “racism” for everything!!

      4. Bill says:


        Not only is the race of the child AND teacher unknown,

        They posted a pic of the teacher

        Just say in

      5. michael says:

        thank you! was thinking the exact same thing…the only racist here is the stupid person that claimed racism…what an idiot..

    2. FED UP says:

      This poor excuse of a human being should be FIRED! i have ALWAYS told my children if they have to go to the bathroom during class and the teacher refused to let them go, to get up and walk out and I WOULD DEAL WITH THE TEACHER! Now this child will have to live with the humiliation of this because some power hungry pathetic looser educator who feel entitled to degrade these kids because they themselves are miserable.

      1. aj says:

        The union won’t let anything happen to the teacher. She will prob get a raise.

      2. ella funt says:

        The teacher just wanted the girll to feel at home.

      3. juztees says:

        so true

      4. Sam says:

        Agree! 1946 , 8 yrs old, a lillte girl in my fourth grade class kept going to the teacher’s desk to ask to use the bathroom. Time after time she went. Finally the little girl began crying and couldn’t hold her urine. I still remember seeing that, and the urine running down under her desk into the aisle. The Teacher made a couple of boys to mop it up. The little girl had to wear those wet clothes all day.

        Back then, we didn’t tell anyone, we just took whatever was dished out. There was always the threat of the Principal’s office and a “supposed” rubber hose he’d beat you with.

        Many of those teachers deserved no respect, some were downright cruel.

    3. algoa456 says:

      You need your head examined. Racist. Looks like anything now is racist.

      Maybe it was a white kid you fool.

      1. Trump says:

        Are you positing that White’s cant be racist against another White. Etc etc..

    4. Tacitus7 says:

      You may be respectful but your education is evidently inadequate..

      In the English language we usually for plurals by adding the letter “s” at the end of the singular form. NOT apostrophe s. The apostrophe is for the POSSESSIVE form only. You may have “kids.” You do not have “kid’s,” unless you have a noun to go with it, like “my kid’s educating is sorely lacking.”

      Same with singular third person verb forms. “I know,” but “she knows.” NOT “know’s.”

      1. Ms. Loretta says:

        Wow, your first sentence doesn’t make sense. The second to the last sentence is also incorrect;. “my kid’s educating is sorely lacking.” ? You must mean education. Just a thought…

      2. duh says:

        This was just filed under “The Blind Leading The Blind”.

      3. Randy Bobandy says:

        Thnaks Grammar n@zi, the world may continue to revolve around its axis now.

      4. Lipstick says:

        Thankee Thankee Thankee Oh Wise One.

    5. George Johnson says:

      Because they’re taught by the system, not to speak up.

    6. grizz says:

      The story didn’t mention a name or show a picture of the student, so how could you imply that she’s racist.

    7. LM says:

      Wow, thanks for showing the internet that we have another stupid black person in our ranks. Only black people throw the race card around like that.

    8. linda says:

      lol, i have to laugh at you Jus……i do feel this teacher was wrong, the student was not treated well at all. my question Jus is, what makes it racial? i mean, come on, if ya gonna pull the race card, at least make it believable!!!

    9. stan says:

      How do you figgure it was racist? The article made no mention of the race of the student.

    10. umm says:

      Of course its racist. This is why we still need Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.

      Freedom to use the Bathroom for ALL! We need to organize a sit in immediately! you and me Jus you and me!

    11. Bob Ballou says:

      Definitely. EVERYTHING is racist and abusive to dumbed-down idiots.

    12. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

      How do you know it’s racist, stupid? Loser. The race card only makes you look like a DF,. You will always have an excuse for your failure, won’t you? You are clearly a democrat.

    13. Halloo says:

      Forget texting home. Various teachers deny bathroom requests due to constant abuse, so I told my child that if this happens, and it’s absolutely urgent, to leave the classroom anyway and go to the washroom, and eat the detention if need be.

    14. Avenger says:

      If a child REALLY HAS TO GO, then they should go to the restroom in spite of the teacher’s refusal to “let” her go. I don’t know of any parent who would have a problem with this. This teacher better read the story about the father who beat his daughter’s coach senseless because he “made” her run laps.

  3. Jon says:

    By golly, this teacher is union executive material!

    1. darryl says:

      She’s probably president of the local CTA chapter…!

    2. beazr says:

      can we just kill her? too far?

  4. Hedley Lamar says:

    Well, Good heavens, look at her picture…. she looks dumb as a rock. Public school is no place to send your children, people. Wake up.

    1. Evan Carr says:

      You got that right!!! My Daughter came home confused in third grade once because of one wrong answer on a math exam. I did the problem quickly in my head and her answer of .40 was correct. I called the teacher and was told she was marked wrong because it appears in the “answer book” as .4 not .40?! I could write an essay on how many ways that teacher’s answer to me was wrong. Needless to say, my children have not gone to public school since.

      1. george says:

        THAT is a howler!

      2. herrdoktor says:

        Significant figures for third graders? That’s a bit much.

    2. Curious that says:

      Really? From a picture you can judge one’s intellect? Please tell me YOU don’t have children!

    3. Sheila says:

      She LOOKS dumb as a rock? REALLY?? How does one “look” dumb? Kids interupt class all day long with can I go to the restroom (if they are even that polite about it) and the teachers have a certain amount of material they are MANDATED to instill in the kids…… There comes a time when enough was enough. I would have peed in the bucket too, JUST to ge t the teacher in trouble when I was a kid. I was one of the ones who constantly interupted and am siding with the teacher in this one.

      1. juztees says:


  5. lee says:

    you know….I’ll bet the did was a constant pia….constantly disrupting class….I’m almost always against the teachers and their communist union, but we all know we’ve had fellow students that would try the patience of Job…..

    1. lukuj says:

      What this teacher did is wrong – no matter what. But I have to admit there have been years in my 30 years of teaching when I felt I should just teach in the bathroom and wished I could have all the kids catharized. Kids know that the bathroom is an excuse to get out of class that teachers will believe, and many overuse it. Yes, you can sometimes tell that a request is bogus – but not always. And what about the child who was always in the restroom to the point where I informed the parent who actually took action and discovered he was diabetic? I condemn the teacher’s actions, but part of me sympathizes with the fact that she may have been pushed to the breaking point and lost control.

      1. Toni says:

        That’s true and part of the issue/s. Good points! There has to be a solution.

      2. herrdoktor says:

        Catheterized is the correct spelling. Spelling counts, teach. We also never begin a sentence with a conjunction (but, and).

      3. lukuj says:

        You are right about the spelling, but it is acceptable to begin a sentence with ” but” and “and” according to some grammar books and style books.

      4. Chancelarue says:

        .lukuj, there is no rule about conjunctions as starters in the sentence except for ES and ms. Lots of these end up sticking though which is why texting was a big deal . U no it Getz in the way

      5. juztees says:

        If she could’nt handle the heat, then she should get out of kitchen. She need’s therapy .

  6. freecheese says:

    Ridining to the RESCUE — the TEACHERS UNION. The teacher will not be punished severly. Maybe have to double the union dues for 6-months, and it all will go to the democrat party! End of story.


    It is about time the parents and students stop suing the taxpayers and START SUING THE TEACHERS UNIONS

    1. grizz says:

      That’s what I would do. If the union gets in the way of disciplining the offending teacher, file a suit against them claiming collusion in the act and seek $2billion in damages.

  8. abinge says:

    abuse and sexual harrassment…….fire, fire, fire her

  9. LIBERTY NOW says:

    Just another example as to why children should be taken out of the government prisons… called schools.

  10. george says:

    “Wolf has been put on administrative leave while the district conducts its investigation.” I presume the individual who wrote this story intentionally left the word “paid” out of the sentence — i.e., just before “administrative leave.” Your tax dollars never stop working.

  11. Marbran says:

    Wow…everything is ‘racist’ now. When did that happen, friends? Isn’t this the “post-racial” era? I think if the government would just get out of our way, we’d all get along just fine. I look out my window right now and see kids of all shades playing together and just enjoying this day. Simple pleasures.

    It’s our adult ‘politics’ that get in our way, making us all miserable.

    Hate, and envy, and jealousy always on display, yet we demand that our kids be taught ‘tolerance,’ ‘inclusion,’ and ‘diversity.’ Hypocrisy that is! We expect more of them than we expect of ourselves.

    We all must restart with taking care of our own, then our neighbors and friends, then community, and on to sovereigns. The time of big government must wane, for our very own survival.

  12. Dirk Diggler says:

    Well, at least the principal wasn’t molesting or raping male students!
    Make no mistake about it…..Barack HUESSIN Obama is the ENEMY WITHIN!

  13. Toni says:

    The fact is that California public school do not have an official rule of conduct for this paticular issue. They leave it up to each indivdual teacher to set rules & standards of using the restroom foir each individual class room. California school boards need to do something about this issue before they are sued. Most kids have to hold it until breaks, ie recess & lunch time. Ovbiously that wont work all of the time and paticularly younger kids who have less controil of these organs that older kids and adults. And what about urinanry tract infections. holding it definitely can cause them. It’s not healthy. On the flip side i can symphathize for the teachers as there will always be kids that don’t really need to use the rest room, or the younger ones who need assistance and not enough staff to assist them.

    1. phillysmart says:

      but thats my point….teachers use to have solid judgement…not anymore they need the school district to tell them in deail what is right and wrong …now if the teacher doesn’t know what message are you teaching the children

    2. Nice Nancy says:

      My daugter has it written in a 504 plan that a teacher MUST let her use the restroom whenever she has to go. She is on a medicaton that requires her to drink a lot of liquids or she could get kidney stones. If an incident like this ever occurs at our school, I will pull her out and homeschool her.

      1. Toni says:

        That’s a great idea! Good for you!!

  14. anonymous says:

    mental illness? keep electing more democrat liberals to teaching positions.

  15. 22 Year Veteran says:

    Many of the comments expressed here demonstrate how very little the public at large understands the dynamics of the classroom. Students are given appropriate times to use the restroom in order to keep distractions at a mimimum. The fact is that many students would rather use that time to socialize than to take care of the business at hand. Then the bell rings and a student wants to go to the restroom because he or she was too irresponsible to use the appropriate time wisely.

    In addition, permission to use the restroom leads to an epidemic. One goes, then another wants to.

    I am amsued at the parents who do not understand these issues, yet want their children to receive an education. An education is difficult to accomplish when there is a steady stream of students going to and from the restroom–pun not intended.

    Teachers are not “crazy with power” but rather exercise authority to maintain a semblance of an academic environment. Parents need to raise their children to be responsible so these issues are of no concern.

    To those who maintain that teacher unions are the problem, it should be noted that in my state, there are only two municipalities who are union based. The rest have no union at all. This is true throughout the United States. Unions are out of control–but do not blame the entire profession.

    Further, this story makes no sense. Why would a teacher refuse to give a student permission to go to the restroom, then instruct her to urinate in a bucket? More likely, the student was a pest who continually disrupted class because she did not get her way and then fabricated a story to get revenge on the teacher.

    This happens all the time. And the parents of this type of student are the worst.

    If this story is true, the teacher should be terminated. We will see that this is entirely fabricated by a student and a parent who do not get their way.

    1. phillysmart says:

      Hate to differ with you as I’m sure their are many good teachers …but frankly there are way too many that are verifiable lunatics…the facts are out there

    2. I. C. Upee says:

      Philly is right, just like police many no power losers are drawn to the profession so someone is forced to listen to them. It will cost 1 million to get rid of this teacher. Instead I say we make her teach a health class on proper urination techniques. This should finally prove that all the beautiful people do not live in California like hollywood would like you to believe.

    3. Bob Preston says:

      Let the kids go to the bathroom. Maybe they’ll fall in. After five minutes, call security and report the kid for ditching class. Then the weak-bladdered dummy can explain it all to the VP — who has nothing better to do anyway.

    4. Chancelarue says:

      Don’t you find the principals role in the situation unnerving?

    5. Frustrated says:

      Frankly, do you have anything to back that up? I have also taught and the majority of the teachers I have met are like you. While from their students they demand rational well sourced answers and polite respect, they return none. As a serious student of education I can tell you that there is no “restroom epidemic” in America, there is a boring bad teaching epidemic in America.

      While there are dozens of charlatan think tanks, many commissioned by teachers unions, that crank out studies and statistics proving your point I bet that you don’t know them, nor do you think that you should in order to teach. What sort of environment do adolescents learn best under? Are desks and rows good? Does homework really work? Do detentions curb rule breaking? Your anecdotal evidence is not even close to an acceptable way to answer these questions. I would point you to the work of John Taylor Gatto, a published former NYC teacher, for advice on how to start learning again.

      I make this final point, while it is like your first point and has no proof. Most of the order obsessed teachers I have met do not do these things for students though they convince themselves that they do, they do it for themselves. Most of the time when kids start this bathroom processes, in my experience, the teacher is utterly bombing beyond words. The lesson is failing, stop blaming kids because you aren’t doing well and get better. The sort of behavior the article highlights occurs when teachers are embarrassed by their own failures as educators and lash out at the students.

      A young educator surrounded by this persons clone.

      1. Mike says:

        You have just renewed my faith that there are good teachers out there amongst the many…keep speaking up

      2. Toni says:

        Wow! I learned something! Thanks!

  16. joe says:

    sounds like my 4th grade teacher… she was warped…
    used to make us do insane things like:
    caught spitting on the ground? spit in a trash can until you fill it up.
    forget to shower the night before? 10 swats
    and it went on and on…

  17. Mike says:

    But there’s a hole in the bucket dear Gonja, dear Gonja.

    1. herrdoktor says:

      We have a winner! Best comment in the thread.

  18. phillysmart says:

    I’m convinced California ha gone off the deep end too many lunatics in that state

  19. Marty says:

    I wonder if she videotaped it? Seems like allot of stuff like that going around the school system these days.

  20. bobby says:

    She’d be dead. Period.

  21. phillysmart says:

    This is the kind of garbage you will see in your health care…people will die….the government can not run anything even something as important as educating our kid….democrats are mentally ill and are a disease to the country…no common sense or critical thinking skills

  22. George Johnson says:

    And the amazing thing is, this probably STILL is not enough to get her fired.
    I look at it like this. Either she is too stupid to be a teacher, to force a kid to pee in a bucket, during class. Or, she’s a pervert with a urine fetish and is going to take that bucket home tonight (or planned to) and shouldn’t be in the class room.

    Which is it?? Is she just that damn stupid? Or that damn perverted? Either way, she DOES NOT NEED to be in a class room!!!!

    1. Chancelarue says:

      I find the fact a principle is telling this to the press to be disturbing.. True or not, the breach is clear. Did the principal have it in for the teacher? This is not uncommon. Nor is teenagers who make up or embellish events to get a teacher In hot water. He principal my school makes daily rounds to the deans office, where he quizzes miscreants about who sent them there. If he dislikes that teacher, the kid gets to back to his office and file a complaint he helps him or her write. First thing rookie must learn is to discipline studens on Their own. Maybe the girl did it to make a point and the teacher said it for the same reason. It takes some kinda mony to squat in front of your Perry’s and let go like that. I would have disobeyed and left. As a teacher, I never say no to RR pass, even though I am told to. Teens are old enough to come and go as far as that goes. Sure they are lying 90% of the time but it’s not my call. I don’t interfere with bodily functions unless they’re mine. Teachers can hold it in for 4 hours and be fired for dashing off before they wet themselves. This happens more than you know . Teachers get fired for less.

  23. carl says:

    is there another side to the story? did this student have a history of wandering the hallls or smoking while pretending to go to the restroom? has the teacher been reprimanded in the past for letting unattended students go and do what they want?

    keep in mind, the teacher may have felt compelled to do what she did for reasons we are no aware of.

  24. JamesKarol says:

    Seriously, if you are STILL sending your kids to a public school, you don’t love your kids enough. My wife and I both worked 4 jobs to send out children to private school. Because we loved them.

    1. glenp says:

      don’t you realize that a NUCLEAR FAMILY is passe? to be a parent now you have to have an unknown absent father, collect welfare and earned income credit and clear a welfare equivalent of $50,000 from us producers .

  25. grizz says:

    Here is a result of a “zero tolerance” rule in the public education system. These stupid rules do nothing except allow the teachers and administrators to be lazy decision makers. They excuse it as saying “my hands are tied” instead of taking the time and effort to come up with a constructive common sense solutions.

  26. Annette says:

    the teacher is totally wrong of course, but what kind of kids are the schools creating who don’t even know not to obey ridiculous orders like that?. the kid should have just walked out the door.

  27. Billy M says:

    The same thing happened to me. I told my teacher I had to take a dump and she told me to stick my thumb up my butt. After a while, I pinched off a loaf in her bottom drawer.

    1. juztees says:

      i remember when I was in third grade in Downey, Ca. I had to go to the restroom bad,. I had a bad cough with flem and the white teacher in his sixties refused to let me be excused, so I let it out in the desk. Yeah I was the only hispanic child. Kid’s never forget. No one better do that to my kids , And we are americans. My mom being a widow, I never dared to talk back to grown ups and so I kept my mouth shut. I will never shut up again.

  28. Allen says:

    Useless public teachers, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  29. M Bauman says:

    Hope she get’s Crohn’s.

  30. michael says:

    Bush advised the teacher to invoke these teaching methods. Bush’s fault.

    1. angryinco says:

      right so easy to blame one dude rather than the teachers, the teachers unions the school boards the school administration the waste of funding in our schools, or heaven forbid the parents who drop darling off at the vomunity cresh each day who are shocked to find thier kid is being raised in a matter not of thier choosing. we are all to blame for the schools not just on man. btw listen to the song blame canada from the south park movie the irony is not lost.

  31. Mialco says:

    This teacher is a creep. She is probably saving the bucket of urine for later….

  32. Ned Stark says:

    Wow, “she” looks sane. She really is a she right? I mean, in CA everyone likes to pretend along with the deluded. I feel like a dolphin. Akakaakakakakaa squeeeeeeee

  33. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    You can bet the teacher videoed the bucket encounter.

  34. Stacy Harris says:

    This sounds like reprehensible behavior. On the other hand, only one side of the story is being presented. I’d like to at least read the other side before forming an opinion.

    Stacy Harris
    Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
    Stacy’s Music Row Report

    1. Chancelarue says:

      It’s clear there’s more to it.

  35. Calvin says:

    When did our kids become such wussies. I grew up in a time where the students listened to the teachers or they got paddled but if something like this had happened I think most of the students would have just got up and went to the bathroom. The consequences would be dealt with later. Of course we were all farm kids and maybe that’s the difference.

  36. Bob Preston says:

    I’ve been a public school teacher for many years. I always let the kids go to the bathroom whenever they want, even though I know they’re just going to wander around and visit their friends. So what? Give ’em all A’s and B’s and tell their parents the kids are going to get into Harvard. Once the state stops pretending they pay me enough and care about me, I’ll stop pretending too. If the parents really cared about their kids, they wouldn’t have them in public school to start with. You know the saying — “If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them.”

    1. rich says:

      I agree that teachers should be paid better HOWEVER you can NEVER complain about your pay for this simple fact. WHEN YOU OR ANYONE APPLIES FOR A JOB THEY OFFER YOU X-AMOUNT OF PAY FOR THE JOB. IF YOU ACCEPT THE JOB AND THE STATED PAY THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. the only time you can complain is if they offer you x-amount and later change the amount

      1. eyah says:

        “the only time you can complain is if they offer you x-amount and later change the amount”

        Like the pensions?

    2. Bob Ballou says:

      Obviously, some teachers do have working brains. You sound like one of them.

  37. Miss Berger says:

    does the union sue the school and give the teacher a promotion for this lol

  38. Vina Sestonari says:

    I live my life by one simple principle. When I do a thing, I ask myself, “Could this end up on the Drudge Report?” If the answer is “yes” I don’t do it. lol

  39. Carly Rothman says:

    One of many mentally stable teachers holding children captive in a classroom- go unions go!

  40. Tommy says:

    Jail teachers that commit illegal acts!

  41. gofer says:

    Ever hear of the “rubber room”? In NY, teachers that can’t be fired but aren’t allowed in the classroom sit in this room all day long….getting paid to do nothing. One man did this, at a cost of over a million $, until he finally retired. It’s criminal not to be able to fire corrupt or incompetent teachers.

    1. Chancelarue says:

      Rubber Rooms are degrading ordeals for teachers.they have no influence on the scheduleingbof hearings . No one wants to sit there being a side show for years. The truth is. MAny are in because they are tattle talex, victims of hater pricipals anD because they cost too much

  42. Bob Ballou says:

    When I went to school we didn’t have washrooms. We used buckets all the time. No toilet paper either. We used newspaper and the Sears catalog. Big deal. What whiners!

  43. Ima Stoned says:

    Smoke more medical marijuana Gonja!

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      So how does banning Prop 8 personally affect all you puS$y dumbf**ks, especially that limp d!ck aS$breath that is always talking about Fullerton P.D. and licking balls? It’s not like any of you do anything with your balls except play with them.

  44. mamawati says:

    Obama and Brown’s American Exceptionalism. Get used to it. They are indotrinating our young to think its OK. Add TSA and inside the border random searches…well you get the drift. This is the futrue.

  45. wbaranowski says:

    Can’t we just all add this to our bucket lists?

  46. eyah says:

    I really don’t get it. When a soldier or cop does something stupid or straight up wrong, there are all of these disclaimers about that person being a “bad apple” and not being representative of all soldiers or cops. However, when a teacher does something stupid, ALL teachers and the education system as a whole gets lambasted.

  47. Harleyxx says:

    That teacher is definitely a dude! Fire this disgusting tranny asap!

  48. PEE WEE URINATOR says:


    1. Moonbeam says:

      No, that would more likely be a conservative politician who cut funding for the public school system, while promoting $15K per year private schools where their own little darlings attend.

      1. carl says:

        don’t forget that obama sends his daughters to the sidwell friends private school. sidwell friends school costs more than most of us earn in a year. why is it that liberal politicians rescue their OWN kids from the public school monopoly that they expect the rest of us to go to?

        the last HONEST democrat was jimmy carter. he sent amy to the d.c. public schools.

  49. JeremiahJohnson says:

    what does it say about America when this girl wouldn’t go use the restroom anyway, simple common sense seems to have been bred out of today’s Americans, you must respect authority!!!!!!

  50. Dee Egg says:

    The teachers union will back her as long as the bucket was union made.

  51. tbrew says:

    My wife is a teacher, and the “I gotta go” scam is the most common ploy that students use to get out of class and roam the hallways. BTW, her district has a “strict” policy of no restroom breaks during class. But naturally it’s the teacher who gets roasted if the poor baby complains to Mommy that mean Mrs. Soandso didn’t just let them go pee…this has happened to her many times.

    1. juztees says:

      Who cares if she’s a teacher and who care’s if she’s going by the book. It’s the school & their system that is not working. When children speak , adult’s should listen. It’s not her place to keep a child from going to the restroom. That’s why the school has hall monitor’s, no? Wake up and smell the coffee.

  52. parabellum says:

    Looks like Gonja, in addition to ill-fitting dentures and a bad hair dye job, also had a little “reassignment” surgery.

  53. shoppegirl says:

    DISGUSTING! I hope this “teacher” is fired.

  54. glenp says:

    the teacher will sue for TRANSGENDER DISCRIMINATION!!!

  55. Scott Whiddon says:

    IF it is true, THEN the principal needs to b disciplined. I’ve seen MANY MANY cases of students making up stories…. so let time sort this out.

  56. Pynckone says:

    “Hey,teacher…..leave those kids alone!”—-“-Holy Moly,…just another brick in the wall!”

  57. Kathie says:

    From the time our children are starting to walk and understand what is happening to them in life,we teach them to start caring for themselves. One of the things in life for them to care for is evacuating their body as needed. Potty training starts at a young age and then they go to school, are humiliated ( by having to get PERMISSION) to do a natural needed task. Then you have a HUN like this to make things even worse. The worse thing other than now embarrassing this child, we paid her sallery and have allowed this to continue.
    I hope this opens a lot of eyes in the school programs!

  58. Raquel says:

    So many idiots teaching from grade school through college. And too many of the admissions offices are loaded with idiots as well- don’t know what is worse gatekeepers or teachers like this. Fire this unsanitary slob- pee in a bucket sounds like oliver twist. Talk about a control freak- get her to a psychiatrist. I remember looking back meeting alot of alcoholics who were teachers and professors just wondering about this- this story if true sounds real crazy!

  59. Rick OShea says:

    To bad kids are so dumb, she should have thrown the contents of the bucket on the teacher.

  60. Gary Allan says:

    I think it would be funnier, if it was the son or daughter of a liberal.

  61. mell says:

    The school administrators set the restroom policy. If you’re a teacher, never get your picture put in the school yearbook- otherwise the media will get it in order to string you up for being mean to the b lack folk.

  62. Knot Jammin, Jr. says:

    A very high limb and a short piece of rope would pretty much take care of sick teachers like this one. Unions!!!

  63. Smack Dab says:

    Wow! Lots of crazy people posting comments on this one! Stick to the subject! Some of you make this teacher look like a perfectly sane person.

  64. Sarah of North Carolina says:

    I was floored when I read this and read the teacher’s name…..I interned at a school in San Diego in 1997. I actually worked with Gonja and be-friended her at the time. We worked together at an alternative school and I have to say that she was one of the best teachers to work with those kids—-she was also just a really good person in general. This is one of those situations where if you probably walked in someone’s shoes and put up with all of the stress that goes along with working in the public schools you might understand why/how someone can possibly be so exhausted from all the demands from the students, parents and admin that he/she makes a decision to do something that he/she wouldn’t normally do.

    1. Gonja tomorrow says:

      And you know Gonja is a man, a not-operated transexual – who is tenured but still worried about her job. She’s been transferred in the district before for her difficulties in class and for some odd behavior.

      The teacher might have felt obligated to keep order and had no confidence and resorted to humiliation by example to keep students in line. Never having been a teenaged girl the need for privacy and modesty Gonja is probably not capable of comprehending through memory and experience.

  65. Wally says:

    I am a high school teacher. I always tell my students, at least once a month, that if they ever have a problem with my classroom management or anything I do in the classroom, they are always free to go speak to the principal, without my permission, as long as they go directly to the office. I don’t want problems with the principal, and neither do the students, so we are pretty respectful to each other.

  66. Moonbeam says:

    I have experienced teachers who are on quite an authoritarian power trip and need to be knocked down a few pegs. Some are like that with all races, and some target individual races. My friend who was a grammar school student in the late 1940s or early 50s, and was the only Jewish student in her class, had turned in a homework assignment to her teacher. This was a little girl with a genius IQ and who loved school. The teacher simply crumpled up her paper and threw it into the trash. The little girl grabbed it back out of the trash and rushed off toward the principal’s office, with the teacher trying but to unable to stop her. The little girl showed her crumpled paper to the principal and told him how her teacher had just thrown it away. I’m glad to say that teacher was fired. More parents of children abused by the school system need to sue to force schools to be more careful in their hiring practices and force them to take parental complaints more seriously. Conversely, there are those teachers who are incredible people, and who have left us with fond memories of their teaching abilities and moral support. Some even buy classroom supplies from their own meager salaries.

  67. Sarah of North Carolina says:

    Guys, I hate it that this whole board is reducing Gonja to the level that it is. But, I have to truly say that I do not believe that Gonja is a man—I think we are getting a little out of hand with even discussing her situation with that type of a slant.

  68. Lisa says:

    Miy assumptions are the kiid was unruling and the teacher fed up got smarfed up sarcastically told her to “go in the buket” an it back fired. stupid kid!

  69. Lisa says:

    My assumptions are the dumb kid was unruling and the teacher sarcastically told her “to go pee in the bucket an it back fired. stupid kid!

  70. Howard Gottlieb says:

    Surely there’s a line between this kind of discipline and there being no discipline in our schools.

    Howard Gottlieb