By Tom Reopelle

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A Southland high school teacher was on leave Tuesday after a 14-year-old student claimed she was forced to urinate in a bucket after the teacher refused her request to use the restroom.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports school officials with Patrick Henry High School in San Diego are investigating the allegations.

A claim filed against both the school and the San Diego Unified School District alleged that art teacher Gonja Wolf prohibited the unidentified student from leaving the classroom despite her insistence that the request was urgent.

Wolf allegedly directed the girl to use a bucket located in a “small room adjacent to the class”, according to a statement from principal Patricia Crowder.

The girl said she was unable to wait any longer and complied with Wolf’s instructions.

Wolf has been put on administrative leave while the district conducts its investigation.

“Please know that as a district we are taking this very seriously,” said Crowder.

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  1. Dee Egg says:

    The teachers union will back her as long as the bucket was union made.

  2. tbrew says:

    My wife is a teacher, and the “I gotta go” scam is the most common ploy that students use to get out of class and roam the hallways. BTW, her district has a “strict” policy of no restroom breaks during class. But naturally it’s the teacher who gets roasted if the poor baby complains to Mommy that mean Mrs. Soandso didn’t just let them go pee…this has happened to her many times.

    1. juztees says:

      Who cares if she’s a teacher and who care’s if she’s going by the book. It’s the school & their system that is not working. When children speak , adult’s should listen. It’s not her place to keep a child from going to the restroom. That’s why the school has hall monitor’s, no? Wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. parabellum says:

    Looks like Gonja, in addition to ill-fitting dentures and a bad hair dye job, also had a little “reassignment” surgery.

  4. shoppegirl says:

    DISGUSTING! I hope this “teacher” is fired.

  5. glenp says:

    the teacher will sue for TRANSGENDER DISCRIMINATION!!!

  6. Scott Whiddon says:

    IF it is true, THEN the principal needs to b disciplined. I’ve seen MANY MANY cases of students making up stories…. so let time sort this out.

  7. Pynckone says:

    “Hey,teacher…..leave those kids alone!”—-“-Holy Moly,…just another brick in the wall!”

  8. Kathie says:

    From the time our children are starting to walk and understand what is happening to them in life,we teach them to start caring for themselves. One of the things in life for them to care for is evacuating their body as needed. Potty training starts at a young age and then they go to school, are humiliated ( by having to get PERMISSION) to do a natural needed task. Then you have a HUN like this to make things even worse. The worse thing other than now embarrassing this child, we paid her sallery and have allowed this to continue.
    I hope this opens a lot of eyes in the school programs!

  9. Raquel says:

    So many idiots teaching from grade school through college. And too many of the admissions offices are loaded with idiots as well- don’t know what is worse gatekeepers or teachers like this. Fire this unsanitary slob- pee in a bucket sounds like oliver twist. Talk about a control freak- get her to a psychiatrist. I remember looking back meeting alot of alcoholics who were teachers and professors just wondering about this- this story if true sounds real crazy!

  10. Rick OShea says:

    To bad kids are so dumb, she should have thrown the contents of the bucket on the teacher.

  11. Gary Allan says:

    I think it would be funnier, if it was the son or daughter of a liberal.

  12. mell says:

    The school administrators set the restroom policy. If you’re a teacher, never get your picture put in the school yearbook- otherwise the media will get it in order to string you up for being mean to the b lack folk.

  13. Knot Jammin, Jr. says:

    A very high limb and a short piece of rope would pretty much take care of sick teachers like this one. Unions!!!

  14. Smack Dab says:

    Wow! Lots of crazy people posting comments on this one! Stick to the subject! Some of you make this teacher look like a perfectly sane person.

  15. Sarah of North Carolina says:

    I was floored when I read this and read the teacher’s name…..I interned at a school in San Diego in 1997. I actually worked with Gonja and be-friended her at the time. We worked together at an alternative school and I have to say that she was one of the best teachers to work with those kids—-she was also just a really good person in general. This is one of those situations where if you probably walked in someone’s shoes and put up with all of the stress that goes along with working in the public schools you might understand why/how someone can possibly be so exhausted from all the demands from the students, parents and admin that he/she makes a decision to do something that he/she wouldn’t normally do.

    1. Gonja tomorrow says:

      And you know Gonja is a man, a not-operated transexual – who is tenured but still worried about her job. She’s been transferred in the district before for her difficulties in class and for some odd behavior.

      The teacher might have felt obligated to keep order and had no confidence and resorted to humiliation by example to keep students in line. Never having been a teenaged girl the need for privacy and modesty Gonja is probably not capable of comprehending through memory and experience.

  16. Wally says:

    I am a high school teacher. I always tell my students, at least once a month, that if they ever have a problem with my classroom management or anything I do in the classroom, they are always free to go speak to the principal, without my permission, as long as they go directly to the office. I don’t want problems with the principal, and neither do the students, so we are pretty respectful to each other.

  17. Moonbeam says:

    I have experienced teachers who are on quite an authoritarian power trip and need to be knocked down a few pegs. Some are like that with all races, and some target individual races. My friend who was a grammar school student in the late 1940s or early 50s, and was the only Jewish student in her class, had turned in a homework assignment to her teacher. This was a little girl with a genius IQ and who loved school. The teacher simply crumpled up her paper and threw it into the trash. The little girl grabbed it back out of the trash and rushed off toward the principal’s office, with the teacher trying but to unable to stop her. The little girl showed her crumpled paper to the principal and told him how her teacher had just thrown it away. I’m glad to say that teacher was fired. More parents of children abused by the school system need to sue to force schools to be more careful in their hiring practices and force them to take parental complaints more seriously. Conversely, there are those teachers who are incredible people, and who have left us with fond memories of their teaching abilities and moral support. Some even buy classroom supplies from their own meager salaries.

  18. Sarah of North Carolina says:

    Guys, I hate it that this whole board is reducing Gonja to the level that it is. But, I have to truly say that I do not believe that Gonja is a man—I think we are getting a little out of hand with even discussing her situation with that type of a slant.

  19. Lisa says:

    Miy assumptions are the kiid was unruling and the teacher fed up got smarfed up sarcastically told her to “go in the buket” an it back fired. stupid kid!

  20. Lisa says:

    My assumptions are the dumb kid was unruling and the teacher sarcastically told her “to go pee in the bucket an it back fired. stupid kid!

  21. Howard Gottlieb says:

    Surely there’s a line between this kind of discipline and there being no discipline in our schools.

    Howard Gottlieb

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