LENNOX (CBS) — The local little league that got a big donation from a nearby strip club has now decided they’d rather not accept the cash that would have helped save their season.

The Jet Strip donated $1,200 to save Lennox Little League from having to put away their bats following an increase in fees; The school district recently hiked the league’s fees to use its fields.

The league has approximately 300 players.

The league claims it didn’t know exactly where the money was coming from until reports surfaced Monday that the source was Lennox Entertainment — the parent company of Jet Strip.

(credit: CBS)

The club has also given money to other Lennox causes.

But this little league isn’t striking out just yet. A CBS2 viewer saw an earlier news report and offered enough money to resuscitate the league.

“We saw this story on the news about you guys having to give back that money,” said local paramedic Joe Chidley. “We wanted to present you with this check for the $1,600 you had to give back.”

It was $400 more than the league returned.

One of the league’s coaches used to work for McCormick, the ambulance service Chidley owns.

“We have people like you, great hearts, giving back to the community. And, especially, to these kids, the big picture is helping these kids, keeping them off the streets, keeping them safe,” Lennox Little League president Roberto Aguirre told Chidley.

Chidley said, “We’re happy to do it. It’s a great feeling.”

Aguirre doesn’t regret the decision of giving back the strip club’s donation.

“One door closes and, look, another one opens,” Aguirre said.

The league is now working to open a snack stand so that it can become self-sustaining.

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  1. AM says:

    Wow! Who are the idiots making the decision to return the money?

    1. jkl says:


      If you cannot resond to the news article with relevent comments, don’t waste valuable comment space with your rants!!!!!!!!

    2. Tyler says:

      I would use the money for lap dances

    3. Just Me says:

      I thought it was a GREAT idea to give it back!!! Good for them!!! Whoever decided to do that has guts!!! They are in fact setting a good example.

      1. ty says:

        yeah, the example being that it is better to let the kids hang out in the streets witht eh drugs and gangs instead of playing little league baseball. They had no idea that someone else would step forward when they decided to give the money back and effectively end the kids seasons. I am a staunch conservative republican…but whoever gave that money back is a moron. Adults trying to make a stand on the backs of preteens…yeah, that is courageous.

    4. The Right Way says:

      The reason they returned it is because the league is also responsible for a Girls Softball league. What kind of example does that set for girls?

      I agree with the decision 100%. If you cant do something honorably and respectfully, dont do it at all.

  2. Marty says:

    Great now the kids can just “Hang Out” on the street.

  3. MANNY says:

    Just because it came from a strip club doesn’t mean it was tarnished ncame out of their daddy’s pockets so they should ave kept it WHAT A BUT OF MORONS

  4. ReginaM says:

    The guys who decided to decided to return the money were probably regular Jet Strip patrons.

  5. Tiff says:

    during an archery tournament one of the sponsors was from the local strip club. no one cared than….

  6. Dirk says:

    This is why the league is going under. You have group of narrow minded league board members that don’t have a clue about what it takes to run a league with sponsorships or fundraisers to keep the league going.

    The sad thing is the real losers in this whole thing are the kids.

  7. Joe says:

    Agreed, self righteous morons…The kids are not going to know where the moeny came from and frankly who gives a rats behind. It is a legal business, that pays its taxes and is run according to local and state laws…what makes their money any less useable than money from a tavern or pub.

    1. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

      Shuuuut up!

  8. John says:

    Did they stop to think that either some of the owners or some of the strippers probably have kids that play in that league and that’s why they wanted to donate?

    1. Cathy says:

      That’s what I was thinking. It may have been a parent that works for Lennox that wanted to help the kids. Money is money and returning it was foolish. This money didn’t come from drug sales so I don’t see the problem.

      If the media hadn’t run this story, there would have been no pressure to return the money. The league board members need to zip it and realize they are not perfect.

  9. Phil says:

    Was it $1200 in one dollar bills?

  10. Murphy says:

    Just as the people making the donation are likely better Christians than the ones returning the money and many of the youths are children of those making the donations and the ones returning the money are trying to hurt those children, there is another facet to this. The club is getting MUCH more publicity and business by the mere fact that the donation was turned down. If the ones returning the money wanted to make a political statement, it would be FAR more effective to accept the donation and consider it anonymous.

    1. Murphy says:

      After all, as all good Christians know, Jesus himself consorted and spent time with prostitutes, the lepers and poor Note that stripping is not prostitution). To ostrasize them because they are deemed “unholy” is blasphemy in itself as it is going against Gods will and to do so is to place yourself above him.

  11. Viper1j says:

    ““We saw this story on the news about you guys having to give back that money,”

    Uh no. They didn’t HAVE to give back the money, they CHOSE to give back the money.. They would do well to remember that every single stripper in that place has a son, kid brother, or cousin that might be playing little league. They don’t deserve to have the money replaced.

    Conservatives are primarily motivated by the sneaking suspicion that someone, somewhere, might be having fun..

  12. bjk says:

    The real insult is ignoring the first donors and praising the second:

    “We have people like you, great hearts, giving back to the community. And, especially, to these kids, the big picture is helping these kids, keeping them off the streets, keeping them safe,”

    Obviously, the strip club cared more as they donated first.

  13. tokenbrotha says:

    “Only a white person”

  14. smartmusican says:

    What an insult.These people gave you the money when you needed it for the kids.And now a group of ungrateful holier than thou adults don’t like where it came from and are giving it back.What a slap in the face.So what if it came from a strip club,they were just trying to help the kids have a place to play and be off the streets.The so called board for the baseball should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. Joe S. says:

    After reading the comments posted to this article, I am impressed more by the posters than the people running the league. These are intelligent and right on the spot comments, in most cases. I believe some of the posters would do a better job running the league.

  16. John says:

    Too many people in positions of control have their heads stuck up their …..

    These are not monies that are illegally obtained, nor are they monies that have been extorted (taxed) from the general population. Rather, the monies from the club are from people and parents, and possibly parents with children in the “little league”, very appropriate contributors. The little league exec needs to get rid of their holier than thou attitude and thank all parents and people for their support of the program.

  17. twang says:

    In a round about way, the money probably came from their dads

  18. retphxfire says:

    Reminds how up until around the time movies were getting fans all actresses were considered ‘soiled goods’. Not just burlesque and traveling shows, but even Broadway actresses. After movies they were given a couple of rungs up the ladder. Families disowned daughters, etc. Prejudices is a wonderful thing, at least it gives fools something to obsess about. The money was not obtained through extortion, drugs or an illegal operation. Only thing being taught to these boys is intolerence and prejudice. sheesh

  19. JJ says:

    You gotta love a strip joint shaming the conservatives in town, who apparently didn’t care whether the LL went broke. Where was the moral indignation that these kids were going to go without this opportunity. I kind of like that this isn’t the first time the strip club got there money back. Now they can give the money to another deserving group that our morally righteous friends are too busy to support. Who knows if done properly the strip club might be able to leverage their $1,200 four or five times.

  20. AllisonM says:

    WOW. Why the hell would you return the money. They did an awesome thing by raising the money to save the little league. They arent asking that their name be present on anything. They need to get down off their high horses and see that this business is just trying to help.

    To the new person who donated 1,600. Thats an amazing gift…but they didnt have to give it back. They were sticking their noses in the air to where the money came from. Its a really poor lesson to these children.

  21. bobington says:

    Way to not apprecaite a donation. You may not approve of the business or what they do, but they put forth a nice effort to help the community and you shoot them down like that? That is truly shameful.

  22. Dave says:

    If the club is doing well enough to donate the money, maybe they should consider putting a pole in the snack stand to drum up more business.

  23. Umatilla says:

    Umatilla Oregon has a strip club where it is a couple of blocks from the schools and they donate TONS of money to the Highschool every year and the owners wife even helps coach the cheerleading team and the owner has coached little league teams (my son was on his team once)…and NOT ONE member of the community or school board member has even bat an eye at them…so I don’t know what the big deal is…in today’s society I though anything goes anymore and nothing is shocking? I mean people have to make a living and they have to scout out the local talent right…and donate their “hard” earned money 🙂

  24. JUST SAYIN says:

    The mothers are probably the ones who wanted the $ returned…to set a so called “GOOD EXAMPLE”. They are ppl too with kind hearts just trying to help out the KIDS. The money probably came from the fathers of the kids anyway; when their at the strip club suppporting the strippers.

  25. kelly says:

    That is stupid to return the money. Money is money, it was helping the kids.

  26. Chrissakes says:

    I wonder how many kids on the team have a mother working as a stripper?

  27. Lorri says:

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