LONG BEACH (CBS) — Boeing’s new Dreamliner 787 will take time out from its world tour to make a stop in Long Beach on Wednesday.

Gov. Jerry Brown is among those who will greet the airliner that Boeing has dubbed the “plane of the future” after a stop in San Diego on Monday.

The twin-engine jumbo jet has been touted as revolutionary for its expanded interior space with aisles that are two inches wider than in a typical passenger aircraft, as well as wider seats and larger windows for improved passenger viewing.

The Dreamliner 787 also is entirely made of carbon fiber barrel construction, resulting in lighter weight, less drag and maintenance and improved fuel efficiency.

“Now you have the same speeds on final approach, the same speeds on takeoff, you can take off out of the same or smaller runways, you have higher lift, you get to altitude quicker,” said Boeing’s Ken Hiebert.

A fully-redesigned Rolls Royce engine allows more air pass through, which makes for a quieter ride for passengers.

The Dreamliner has already made stops at airports around the globe including in New Delhi, Toronto and Dubai.

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  1. Chuey says:

    Two inches wider? What will they think of next? With Jerry Brown there I figured it was powered by spores and fungi.

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