LA MIRADA (CBS) — A substitute teacher at a La Mirada school was arrested Monday on suspicion of committing lewd acts on a child.

The mother of a female student told deputies at the sheriff’s Norwalk Station on Thursday that Ted Nishihara had touched her daughter in a sexual manner during class, Deputy Mark Pope said.

Detectives interviewed students and staff members at Los Coyotes Middle School Monday morning.

Nishihara, 29, was then interviewed at his home and arrested, Pope said.

Nishihara was booked at the sheriff’s Cerritos Station. Bail was set at $200,000, Pope said.

Detectives said they are looking for other possible victims.

Nishihara previously also worked in schools in the Garden Grove, Cerritos and Long Beach school districts, KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports.

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  1. BIG JOHN says:

    is there really that many pervert teachers out there or are these kids just making up stories . if these teachers really are doing these things they will have a hard life in prison & maybe never make it out. if one or more kids do this to a teacher that was innocent then they should face everything that the teacher would have faced. if the teacher did do it then he will get his. it is just so hard to think of teachers like that in my day no such thing.

    1. ginny says:

      I agree Big John. I would be careful to not make assumptions because people are coming out of the woodwork reporting inappropriate actions toward their children. It’s to the point where if a teacher places a hand on childs shoulder or back to guide them into a classroom they need to worry about charges being brought. I can remember teachers doing just that when I did a good job on a project or test and saying, ‘good job’. But today that could end up with me being arrested the way things have become.

    2. Brian says:

      I say one thing have a hiden cam on you at all time cya cover your ass
      it seems there are more stories about teachers doing odd things some proven some not I think it is the parents are looking at big pay checks if your a teacher and a kid comes to you just have them aboout 4 feet from you if any kid makes an allegation and knowing you didnot do it and the school district fires you and your not reinstated after you been clear sue sue sue

    3. Chancelarue says:

      I think it’s both . This guy looks the part and cops usually don’t arrest them unless they got real reason. Mark Berndt had all the pics and sperm spoo n DNA and he languished a year after he was taken outta Muramonte. This knucklehead probably admitted it. The fact he was at so many districts seems suspicious too, of course subs have to get work where they can , however they only let you turn down a certain number of calls and most subs are busy. But then again these are pretty good districts. Not perv friendly like Lausd

  2. smash44 says:


    1. icecream says:

      You mean Typical out of touch with reality- Republican pedophile/rapist !!!

    2. Chancelarue says:

      Who knew you guys had so much in common.

  3. Joey Ders says:

    What do you think this guy was thinking? I say off with his head!

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