By Pat Haslam

UPDATE: Sheriff’s deputies said Monday afternoon that the victim was shot by someone firing an air rifle and that he suffered a superficial skin wound. The victim drove himself to the hospital and was later released, according to Riverside County sheriff’s Lt. Paul Bennett.

LAKE ELSINORE (CBS) — A Canyon Lakes man was recovering from a wound he suffered Monday after he was hit while playing a round of golf near Lake Elsinore.

KNX 1070’s Pat Haslem reports Riverside County Sheriff’s investigators are looking for three men who have been suspected in the attack on golfer Scott Wade.

Wade was about to chip onto the 17th green at Canyon Lake Golf Course on Sunday with a foursome that included his 12-year-old son and his golfing buddy Matt Gerken when a loud shot rang out from a wooded area just off the fairway.

“I turned around to the right and I saw three people running off in the wood line,” said Gerken. “The people that were back there were definitely laying in wait, waiting for someone to come up and come along.”

Wade was directed to a nearby medical facility to treat the wound in his arm.

Gerken said they later found out that the golfing group ahead of them on the course had also spotted three people, one of whom had a rifle outfitted with a scope.

“It was very much so intentional, there was nothing accidental about it,” he said.

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  1. juztees says:

    No one is safe in these day’s. 🙁

  2. Golf bro says:

    Yo, man .. a brotha can’t even get in a round a golf widout gettin capped! fo shizzle!

  3. LOS ANGELES says:

    The people who saw the 3 guys before didn’t call the authorties to report them? Could of helped stop someone maybe getting shot

    1. bounce says:

      This is the only intelligent comment on this story so far. Why would someone who sees a guy with a scoped rifle on or near a golf course not immediately call 911?

  4. Joe says:

    Wow I was supposed to be out their yesterday with them. The 17th hole is an incrediblble 175 par 3 downhill in a private community they will catch the guys who did this !!!

  5. Bruce (Columbus) says:

    He (Wade) probably shank his tee shot so badly that the guys in the woods were hunting and shot back at Wade in self defense!

  6. tiger says:

    Hole in one,

  7. Lyn says:

    We did call it in! We called the clubhouse and they called the police. I was with the group that called it in. I was visiting friends and playing on this course and was told how awesome this 17th hole was. Really amazing huh, I hope they find them. It was three males and one female, not four males as the media tells it.

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