CHATSWORTH (CBS) — Police Sunday continued to search for a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a motorcyclist in Chatsworth.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

The accident, which claimed the life of a 25-year-old Porter Ranch man, happened at DeSoto Avenue and Nordhoff Street about 1 p.m. Saturday.

The name of the victim has been withheld pending notification of relatives. A coroner’s official says some of the victim’s family members are out of the country.

The suspect vehicle is described as a 1999-2000 white Ford F-250 or 350 with front-end damage. The driver of the truck is a Hispanic man in his 30s, according to witnesses.

One witness says she was driving behind the motorcycle south on DeSoto when a white pickup truck turned in front of the victim, colliding with the bike which also hit a pole.

“We followed him up the street in our motor home. The guy was about 30 years old, black hair with a mustache wearing a white T-shirt,” Witness Helen Kelly said.

“He just should have stopped, it was an accident,” she added.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (818) 644-8032.

» Motorcyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash In Chatsworth

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Comments (14)
  1. Ramon Martinez Lives says:

    Motorcycle drivers need to slow down!!

  2. Felipe says:

    Larry Parker got him $2 millions.

  3. Salvador says:

    that’s why they have photo cameras in white neighborhoods cuz white people drive like crazies.

    1. Rick says:

      No, you are wrong. It is because all the “SALVADORS” don’t pay their tickets anyway.

  4. Cil Gedillo says:

    It was Gil Cedillo. He’s in Mexico now. You can thank Cedillo, Veeyaaragosa, and Beck.

  5. TK says:

    in the USA ONLY white people have accidents. everyone else is guilty automatically

  6. GC1008 says:

    Bet he didn’t stop because he doesn’t have insurance or a driver’s license.

  7. j says:

    so sad… I was driving by and noticed the motorcycle on the ground and then saw the guy on the ground on the corner. He was not moving.. he appeared dead but was hoping for the best. 😦 so sad……….. what inhumaine person would hit someone and take off and leave them for dead? Whoever it is, please come forward… the family will need closure. Do the right thing.

  8. bader says:

    His name was Ahmed,
    he was a Saudi student.
    He was graduating next month, been married for 3 years, and has a 2 year old child
    hes only 25
    I hope the man that caused this gets caught

  9. HAMAD says:

    Yes Bader is correct. RIP AHMED

  10. mostafa alngeeb says:

    انا لله وانا اليه راجعوون الله يرحمه ويفرله ina lilah wina illah raje3oon

  11. خالد الحوثري says:

    الله يرحمه ويتغمد مثواة الجنه وبصبر ذويه ان لله وان اليه لراجعون

    ادعوله بارحمه والمغفره

  12. todd says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    At the corner of Calaveras and N. Park Victoria in Milpitas California two corrupt DEA allmost caused the death of an elderly lady while they where harrassing a suspect.
    The elderly lady was crossing the street about 15 yards ahead of the suspect’s car that was going west bound on Calaveras after having just pulled out of the Shell station. One of the DEA in the bus stop near the Shell station tried to gain the attention of the suspect thereby almost causing the car to hit the elderly lady. The other DEA was at the Shell station.
    They have also recently, on several occasions, entered my home while I was not there so that they can get better access to my vehicle and loosen steering linkages, remove wheel weights, tamper with breaks, tamper with transmission linkages, etc… Every time I detect that they have entered my home, my dog looks like he is not feeling well. Why take my insolence out on a dog?
    They are also shooting BB guns at my car while driving. One instance they shot a BB gun at my car in a very busy intersection of highways 680&101 while I was traveling 55+ mph.

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