EAGLE ROCK (CBS) — Although legal in Eagle Rock, not everyone is on board when it comes to having medical marijuana clinics so close to homes and businesses.

And on Friday night, one man’s proposed plan to create a shuttle bus for medical marijuana patients was put on hold.

In an email to the Neighborhood Council, Cannabis Clubs United with the Community founder Tim Ryder cites DMV restrictions, permits and licenses as a roadblock.

Ryder’s plan, which was expected to kick off Saturday, was to make the parking lot at the base of Eagle Rock near Figueroa and the 134 Freeway the meeting point, where a shuttle would then take patients to collectives and drop them back off.

The plan’s aim was to alleviate parking troubles brought on in some locations.

“The other businesses can’t get their customers in there and everybody’s taking their parking spots and just going for those clinics,” said one man who did not want to be identified.

Michael Nogueria with the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council believes — in some cases — cannabis clubs are being misused by those without legitimate medical reasons.

“There’s all generations, all young ages running in, running out with carloads of people. I think it’s being abused,” Nogueria told CBS2’s Juan Fernandez.

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  1. lon heart says:

    no wander why the schools test scores are dropping ,…

  2. Rick says:

    You may want to hit a Sativa, it’s “WONDER.”

  3. Jason Lauve says:

    Less than 40% of Americans are capable of reading above a 4th grade reading level. We must abolish the Department of Education and allow real learning to take place. Back around the beginning of the 1900’s our literacy rate was over 95% at a 6th grade reading level or higher.

    Look it up!

  4. Ace says:

    Why are comments on news forums always so derogatory? Calm down about the education, it has nothing to do with this article, other than the fact that uneducated people demonize Marijuana Patients anytime they get the chance. However; Jason, I agree with you, more American have to learn to read, so that they can read the facts and prevent their uneducated selves from termination “God given” rights and liberties from others.

  5. MIKE says:

    anybody that believes in jesus/religion is being controled by the zionist agenda.

    1. Bently Hathaway says:

      So says St. Mike of moronica.

  6. Soverign Soldier says:

    Mr. Nogueria, you can’t identify a legitimate medical use by an age group or whether the person can “run in” and out of a dispensary alone or with a group. Mind your own business and I’ll stay out of yours.

  7. Syzlak says:

    I admire his efforts to be civil in working with the community, but the bigger problem I have with the MMD’s in Eagle Rock is the smell that surround each MMD and the ‘security guards’ that make walking by unpleasant and uncomfortable. Why are security guards even necessary? To keep people from smoking in their parked cars?

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